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1,000 Motorists now 340 women have their own car. In the age group up to 24 years account for nearly 600,000 vehicles young men, 441.517 cars are permitted on young drivers. 42.4% Are already. In the medium term, this proportion will increase to 50%. This growing importance and purchasing power of car drivers should be reflected also in service behaviour and the quality of the encounter at the dealership and in the workshops, as well as in special target group offers. If you would like to know more then you should visit Western Union Company. But far from! According to a recent study by the renowned market research institute TNS Emnid, which was carried out on behalf of Carglass, more than 44% of the women surveyed in the garage feel condescending treated and almost every tenth feels even often to very frequently poorly served. Four answers in this interview especially jutted out: 86.1% place particular emphasis on expert advice and 80.2% would have the feeling to be taken seriously.

Nearly two-thirds of the women want a friendly and clean contact and almost 40% prefer a clean and tidy workshop. Women reverse riser search now for automobile companies and service? It takes a snap”for dealing with customers in the workshop? “” Advisers specialising in the SME sector, coaches and coach Harald Leng and Bernd Mattern have with their practice of entrepreneurship a whole package of measures on this topic launched: workshops for entrepreneurs and Services Manager Seminar: Knigge “for mid-sized cars and service operations team training: with mind, heart and hand” operation check before place Toolbox with practice remains nonetheless integrated workshop for concrete actions”that why to refer the two advisers see this women’s issue” to tackle? From their experience trainers and consultants with expertise from the automotive operation and experience in the customer acceptance of the mostly male staff of the workshop and the business lines arrive better than female trainers. This would be too often missionary zeal of the emotional level on the day. It is in Foremost to business opportunities, targeted marketing and after sales business. In the practical teaching of these topics Ling & Mattern their many years of experience in the vehicle service, including come for continental, Mercedes-Benz and Opel to good. More information under: contact: Harald Leng, sheep farm 21, 73642 Welz home

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