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The Reprimand

If they are honest and open with them, they will remain the same with you: however, not respect. * Boredom can bring arrogance in ndigos, so do not let them get bored. If they act with arrogance, means they need a new challenge and new limits. Feed your brain and keep them occupied in the best way possible. * Parents teachers and trainees must be able to establish and maintain clear boundaries, and yet flexible enough to change and adjust those limits when necessary, based on emotional growth / mental, as ndigos grow fast. Be firm, but fair, is necessary for their sake and ours. * The message given and transmitted by adults should be more pleasurable than painful, and more based on love than fear. * Keep your child informed and involved in the issues.

* Avoid misunderstandings by simply providing explanations. * Do not lose patience with your child. * Avoid giving commands (verbs in the imperative). Instead of using verbal commands, use touch to get their attention. They are very sensitive to touch (tap on the shoulder, shake hands, hug, etc.).

* Word * Keep your business in every situation. * Do not hide anything or use offensive language. * Let your emotions show you love, not hate. * Discuss the situation generating the reprimand after. * After all, acerquesele always the child and see if there was a learning and growth after the reprimand. * Important: Please remember that punishment does not work with these children.

The Child

He quickly responded and did so with great pleasure, carefully rubbing my hands with soap, rinse every finger under the tap, and even wiped my hands on a towel. It is clear that after such a concern for the Pope the need to encourage your child to wash their hands disappeared. Interestingly, the desire to self-sufficiency is easily transformed into a desire to care for adults to help them. Comments seemingly superfluous. If we want to persuade the child wash your hands, we can run into stubbornness if we want to make a child's hands clean, we have revealed a number of ways to do it.

It can be any activity related to water. Better if the child is at that help parents to make meaningful for the family business, for example, wash vegetables, dishes washed. Well, really all alone baby can bathe your favorite toy. Moreover, if he already knows how to speak, he could explain a bear or doll, why should we wash and wash your hands. Adults can only send the situation and in time to play up the child. Scenario 3: "Let's walk again!": Each trip with his son perceived me as an interesting journey, filled with discoveries. The child pays attention to much of what we perceive as a simple and ordinary things. This occurs because of an innate ability of the child wonder-minded. Unfortunately, this amazing ability with age, dull, and only our children can teach us to look at ordinary things and events as if we see them the first time.

International Trade

Were also represented by linguistic and Educational Centers Meganom "," intellectual ", Canadian Education Centre, the US-Canadian consortium of private boarding school. Guests who came to the exhibition can not only communicate with represent the interests of their organizations, but choose the language course or vocational programs, visit the various presentations and workshops. Schools participating in the main satisfied with the exhibition. So, on the stand Gymnasium Socrates told us that for them the event was fruitful, and probably they will continue to participate in it. For them, the exhibition – it is, above all, able to convey information about themselves to regular customers, and they have this task is done. Representatives of the private schools of the Institute of International Trade and the right to withdraw on the "very positive. According to them, it came to the exhibition visitors who are interested in high quality of education.

Indeed, among the schools submitted School scpi is perhaps the only one that implements a program of continuing education by the "school-university" and has long established itself as an institution with high level of language and business training. Also, representatives of the schools noted a very good organization of the exhibition and plan to participate in it in the future. But representatives of the school "heir" in the first place wanted explore with their parents, to learn their preferences. Because, according to representatives, a contingent each year a little different, and the school important to be "jet", watch the changing requirements. Slightly dissatisfied remained in the US-Canadian consortium of private boarding school.