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Unique Content

Let us now discuss the most important topic for the promotion of the site is now online huge quantity of information, all of its sites abound, but why is it that some are in the top (top Yandex, for example), and others where it is 20 or 30 pages? I will not consider the factor of promotion, which invested a lot of money. So you made a site, write code or set it to what the thread free engine, in general you should be ready, with only his untwist. I say if you're already a website drove into directories, search engines are added, now you need to fill the site with information. Now find the information very easy, for instance, to tear off with a thread of the site and shove on his own. This called. kopipasta from England. Words Copy / Paste, which in Russian sounds Copy / Paste. All of this would be good, a lot of disk imaging, take it where you want, but there is great nuance.

The fact that your young project will not be able to get out due to this because same infa have on so many sites that have at least what the ratings are, therefore, for the same query in the search engines will display the site, which has the most significant rating, and so on down the decrease. And as much as they have your site only just begun to breathe, so to speak breathed carbon monoxide the Internet, then he will simply be on the most recent pages, and it can not be at all. Unique content, this is something which does not exist on other sites.

World Wide Web

In recent years, the rules of content sites, rather, placing them on the articles dictate SEO. This was the reason that the intellectual component of the network longer keep pace with the growth of word "trash" that does not stop producing copywriters. Most of these writers, unfortunately, little ignorant about the intricacies of literary work and take no skill, and the number and penny prices. The good thing, low-grade paper for site promotion is still demand for SEO-companies. The problem is incremented when he promoted a Web-based resource information subject to adjustments, and incredible order of articles is performed only in order to improve site in the search engines.

But the psychological nuances of human perception of information no one has been canceled. And Internet users is the perception of special. Common belief that design – the basis of the site, no more than myth circulated, perhaps, by the designers. Repeatedly conducted studies show that only 25% of visitors consider "odezhku" site in the first place. The remaining three-quarters of first grasp the text, as already After eyeing the decoration.

This is understandable, because the user is worn on the vast expanses of the World Wide Web in search of information he needed. To praise or criticize the design of your site Guests begin approximately the third call to the resource. This is the case, if the visitor found that your site is worthy of his precious attention, thanks to posted information. As a result, we come to realize that text component of a thematic content above all else. But need more information and to submit correctly. Read articles on the site first appeared on it by the user in a way similar to an inverted pyramid. First guest "photographs" title, after which he reads a sentence or two. Next, read the subtitle already and the subsequent sentence, and after the visitor runs his eyes only some subtitles. In the When he is in those parts of the text did not saw anything of value for himself, the guest will say your resource "goodbye" and go to another site. The more you will not see it. Specificity of the Internet lies in the fact that you are available to a maximum of 10 seconds to convince visitors to stay on the site. Thus, when filling the site with information important to its well-structured. Next, you need attention are pretty informative captions and subheadings. The point is, admittedly, quite difficult. But if re-classified from a random visitor to permanent, depending on the competence already posted the data.

The Internet

You not tied to your home, to any particular city, etc. You can live anywhere, it is important to make it home, a notebook on hand and access to the Internet. In order to travel the world with a laptop with me so far that the income not much, but I think it is now. On the plus talk, now let's talk about the disadvantages. Most of them as is often the reverse of the pros. 1. Difficulties with motivation. Greater freedom has the opposite direction – some people psychologically difficult to work when no one of this does not compel.

I personally was no such problem at all, but I know that for many it can be a serious obstacle. To work like it or not, but to go right. But if work in a home, then the motivation must be found for himself. Education in our society simply does not teach that in order to pursue their own goals and self motivation – first the parents make us go to school, where typically 80% Information rubbed forcefully that we do not need, then the same thing in college, then have to go to work. That's because you have to, not because they want to. As a result, people get used to pursue not their goal to do what he forced to do push yourself, etc. When you start work at home, should have its own motivation, and cause you no one will. This must be very well understood.