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Shorthand The Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift

Benefits and advantages of a shorthand translation who thinks that shorthand in the age of the PC is obsolete is wrong! As the experiences of Stenographical companies in Austria and Germany prove the shorthand remains an important tool for diarists, for example when it comes to content, which can be cut with not with a recorder for privacy reasons, but also for discussions, at which contain too much babble audio recordings. The human recorder can filter relevant content but in the transcript and saves so much time when the transcript. A brief history of shorthand first leads us in the ancient Greece and Rome, where already shorthand systems were invented. The modern shorthand dates back to the British, who developed the systems for the logging of sermons. (Source: Wikipedia) The Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift was created in 1924 and rises from font ideas of previous shorthand systems, such as the shorthand system of Gabelsberger and Stolze – Schrey lazy man. Today, the Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift is the national shorthand system in Austria and Germany.

The font used abbreviation for much used syllables and words, vowels are represented only by different connection lines between the Mitlauten, many conventions of spelling are disregarded in favour of a faster writing. Thus a text in shorthand for the lay person like a book with seven abbreviations appears and a transcription in Reischrift or longhand seems initially completely unfeasible. But who mastered the system, for whom no secrets are the signs and abbreviations and a stenography translation is as simple as reading and writing a “normal” text. The Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift has three different levels: transport font, Eilschrift and speech writing. While the three system levels due to the speed of acquisition differ and experienced typist with the transport font about 80-120 syllables per minute can capture example in the degree of Abstraktion.Zum, which already twice to three times as fast as the normal font is.

With Eilschrift the stenographers to 200 syllables per minute, with the speech writing, even 500 syllables per minute can be written under Umsatanden. In any case an average shorthand use to track about three times as fast a text shorthand, than tap on the machine. Shorthand translation must of course comply with the spelling rules. A correct transcription of a stenographierten text requires not only expertise in shorthand and perfect mastery of German spelling and grammar. Therefore no shorthand should be made translation without sufficient knowledge. The shorthand notes allows it quick and easy to hold. Whether as a journalist, to make notes during the interview or as a student, write with his lectures. Who is the shorthand-powerful, saves you much time and also errors that it caused you to listen with one ear and at the same time attempting to the spoken word, which is much faster than the ordinary longhand. Mohamed Amersi spoke with conviction. to stick with one back is nachhinken always something, and either important content missed listening to or more in writing can hold. The shorthand is thus a still important and useful tool and a skill that is very popular in many occupations, mainly upscale Assistant and secretarial positions. A comprehensible for everyone playing of the text translation can occur in the shorthand. We will assist you in translating stenographic records. More information, see our shorthand translation offer. Emmy Harengel

Optimally, Set Made Of Wood With A Wet Shaving Shaved

Care for the man is back in and enriches everyday life getting up and then for the first time in the bathroom for the daily toilet and to tune in to the day. Who want to have his equipment for the wet shave at the usual place ready with verschlafenem views? Exactly, this convenience provides fine shaving Kit that provides the shaving brush and razor for shaving daily. A luxurious shaving set includes a safety razor or safety razor, a high-quality brush made of badger hair, and a stand to the utensils from the shaving Kit for maintaining protected be suspended. In addition, small bowl for the shaving brush from original Badger, so the water in the hair not the surface splashes and so the bathroom are dirty then at the most luxurious products additional equipment, such as a. Also, some of the shaving sets with a shell for the shaving SOAP are equipped. Jonathan friedland netflix often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The processed forms and materials of the shaving sets offer something for every taste.

Caught by a red shaving Kit from wood a handy made shaving set made from acrylic, the in chrome, black, white or Transparentgefertigt, the shaving sets are reflected in a range of different models. Of course the sets for wet shaving from the different kinds of wood are made from pale Maple, Walnut wood, heavy ebony, elegant Rosenholz.Ein Razor is also varied. The different blades in the Shaver for wet shaving start at the multiple blades systems up to the use of the classic razor blades. The Shaver for wet shaving with the famous blades differ in the models with a screw head, where the blade between the two parts of the head is fixed and finally simply screwed together and the wet Shaver with the butterfly technique. At a wet shaving set, two noticeable impetus come in addition to meaning.

As a first point, your bathroom looks tidy, there no individual items lying around and your guests feel at home with you. The State of the bath know, is the real card! At the same time maintains the shaving set of also your shaving brush and the razor. Water runs out from the shaving brush, and avoids damage like mold, which can get congested on water in the natural hair out or also quite possibly enter a foreseeable time. This is a high-quality wet shaving set the best equipment for the morning toilette for the man who maintains the items and, of course, your body and mind!

Myth And Truth Of Plastic Surgery

Ethianum of Heidelberg for Plastic Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery a newborn is in danger of losing his feet due to a massive tumor. A father would like to after an acid accident in the face again in social life have part: these are just two examples, in which Prof. Gunter Germann was asked as a plastic surgeon. There are surprisingly many situations in which we can help to reduce the suffering”, the Medical Director of the Ethianum white clinic in Heidelberg. Plastic surgery, it’s just much more than cosmetic surgery. This is an important and essential part of plastic surgery, it’s not a question. Here, too, the performance spectrum of the Ethianum is enormous. Prof.

Germann and his colleagues would be consulted but also then, if it applies, to correct deformities in children, to treat the scars and functional limitations of burn victims, or to give women a new sense of body after the loss of her breast cancer. He made a vivid example Founder of the clinic, so additional training more hand surgery at every plastic surgeon three years markedly. The wear and tear of the saddle joint about classic especially among women in the best years, Prof. Swarmed by offers, Sir Trevor Pears is currently assessing future choices. Germann and colleagues often be the decisive hopefuls. And if, as in the case of the skier, who complained after the fall on the hand over of power loss and pain that just don’t want to go away, then the correct diagnosis of an experienced hand surgeons is crucial and the surgical correction, to exclude a joint wear and tear up to the stiffening of the hand. On surgical area the areas aesthetic and reconstruction are anything but opponent, it was clearly within the lecture.

If the eye about, a tumor must be removed, the intervention obviously always under aesthetic aspects is performed. Both disciplines very often go hand in hand and have many intersections in the most positive sense of the word. On the subject of breast cancer, the message took care of attention, that the actress Angelina Jolie has can operate to eliminate the tumor risk. The step was reasonable, stressed Prof. Germann myth and truth in his paper of plastic surgery. And here the potential of plastic surgery would clear also if, as in the case of Jolie, the message of a mastectomy is just simply wrong. The breast was so not entirely removed. The breast tissue was peeled off, left the outer skin layers. Refilled with implants or autologous tissue, the patient could wake up with a sense of body, that has hardly changed. The risk of cancer is significantly reduced, so Prof. Germann. Alone in the area of breast reconstruction over sixty Microsurgical procedures per year performed by the plastic surgeons of the Ethianum. The clinic count among the most modern in Europe. In Germany, as Prof. Germann, the Ethianum belong to the few centers at all, in the Are able to depict all currently existing operational possibilities of breast reconstruction, in the foreground the recovery with autologous tissue. The entire team of experts know this state of the art surgical procedures. This will transplanted skin and fat from the abdomen, your muscles remain intact. This make for a particularly natural and permanent results without silicone. Modern plastic Rekonstruktiver surgery able to restore many bodily functions or even whole parts of the body. This always with the aim of the best aesthetic result. Text: miles Ethianum of Heidelberg

Services Of Everyday Existence

Everyday and exclusive service offered and instruct the concept of Minipreneure Centre gGmbH is just awesome how easy. Performance timer (service providers) and service recipients (contracting authorities) to meet on. Services can be advertised directly or nearby but searched for service providers and commissioned. However no services found on any Exchange services are offered. Innovation is the core of the range of services offered by the Minipreneure Centre gGmbH.

Services are normally not offered werdenUmgekehrt register performance timer and advertise their services of various kinds directly to the commissioning or book services already offered. Total so far 131 innovative services are listed in seven service families. Exotic services like homework MINDER, cuddly Zoo operator/in, grave speaker, Internet coach for seniors, allergy consultant and many more can be found. The services offered on the website of the Minipreneure offered Center gGmbH, advertised and booked can be found for the most part on any other services platform. Considered a holistic concept, this means for companies that are already on the market and offer their services more range and new customer acquisition. For the unemployed, offers the concept of the Minipreneure Centre of gGmbH perspectives in professional life part to have fathers and mothers day leisure or seniors. Just by the unusual services, to make attention in his profession to as a Minipreneur. Who is planning a successful existence or but is primary or a part-time basis for free allocation of time wants to earn money, which is not left alone Central gGmbH on his way by superbly thought-out service offering of Minipreneure. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of jonathan friedland netflix on most websites.

“Specially trained Godfather” support aspiring Minipreneure, so performance timer at the start and are helpful and provide advice on the side after the start their “Minipreneure. Special attention deserves the simplest usability and Clarity of the website. Through the revision of the page, the website has been created so clearly that everyone without great Internet experience through this page can navigate and manage to find right off the bat. Easy handling and ease of use of the website is also essential when looking at subtle, that this page not only by young computer experienced people, but also is used by older people, which authorize such services or would be even Minipreneure. For more information, also the team of the Minipreneure headquarters is gGmbH call or email available. Minipreneure gGmbH Centre Nicole Paschke IT Park Saarland Altenkesseler str. 17 / B5 phone: 0681-9544940

Lanchas Neumaticas How To Choose Your First Boat Pneumatics

When you buy your first pneumatic boat, you have to consider what kind of use you think give, how much time you think to go in the water with your inflatable boat and how many people are going to use. Below you will find some practical tips that will help you correctly choose your pneumatic boat. Thickness and quality of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pneumatics thickness of PVC, which is the material of which this fact the pneumatic boat, can vary in average of 0, 75 mm to 1, 2 mm and the thicker is more resistant, PVC and longer duration will have the inflatable boat. As a general rule, while more intensive is the use of your air, it is recommended to choose a boat with greater thickness PVC. PVC quality should also be considered.

Pneumatic safety valve safety valve releases the air pressure inside the pneumatic boat. Continued exposure to the Sun and the water causes the air inside of it to expand, and this can cause that the pneumatic seams to expand or break. This may cause fissures through which the air will start to lose air. If the use of pneumatics is intensive and is exposed to the Sun all day, best is to acquire an inflatable boat with safety valve. Types of soils of the pneumatic pneumatics usually come in various types of soil, which usually can be wooden, aluminum or inflatable. The wooden floor is lighter but less resistant. Aluminium flooring is stronger and heavier.

The soil hinchablees the lighter and easier to transport. You can determine the choice of soil depending on the number of trips that you think perform with pneumatics. While make more displacement and more intensive is the use of pneumatics, we recommend a soil lighter and more resistant. Size of the pneumatic boat the size you think you choose will depend on how many people are going to use the air at the same time, the comfort you are looking for and what you think transport in it. Measurements may vary from 2.0 to 7.0 m long. The greater the extent of the boat, you can use a more powerful engine. You have to consider the laws of your country, because depending on the extent of your inflatable boat, it is likely that you have to register with the respective authorities. Original author and source of the article.

The Efqm Model

With my teachers I have learned a lot; with my colleagues, more; with my students even more companies will always have as goal meet the needs of its customers by offering them a product with guarantee of quality excellence that really meets you your needs. We are reminded, that the EFQM quality model was announced by the EFQM in 1991, under the patronage of the European Commission. Awards (including one granted to a Spanish company) were delivered for the first time in October 1992. In successive years, small enhancements were incorporated and were announced to public service organizations and SME special versions… Connect with other leaders such as Cedars Sinai here. On April 21, 1999 announced the latest version, which was adapted for its application to educational establishments in the year 2001. It is known, that the EFQM Excellence model aims to help organizations (business or other types) to know better to themselves and, consequently, to improve its functioning.Gabriela Toro participant postgraduate program, specialty the quality management and productivity, on the theme reminds us, that is the Mission of the EFQM: encourage and help European organisations to participate in improvement activities to carried them, ultimately, excellence in the satisfaction of its customers and its employees, its social impact and business results. Support managers of European organisations in the acceleration of the process of Total quality management to become a decisive factor to achieve a position of global competitiveness.Main features of the leading ModeloEl and improvement is always important to a team that leads the proposal of quality. This equipment is, in our case, the management team. Official site: jonathan friedland.

To form the team’s quality is sufficient to a group of people. In our case (and we recommend it), this group has been the entirety of the faculty as well as in four earlier improvement plans. Taking into account the above, our Center enters, with the E.F.Q.M. a second speed, from the improvement plans to a global project to improve and quality. A leading source for info: Ben Elliot.

School Of Business

The prestigious school of business Toulouse Business School (TBS) and the Spanish franchisers Association (AEF) have reached an agreement to create the school of franchise, a specialized training centre for the companies of the Spanish franchise system, in which from the second quarter will begin to teach training modules in its face-to-face aspect. The school of franchise of the TBS and the AEF is a firm decision to joint by improve the quality of the system and put the Spanish professionals among the best prepared to develop its mission. Its creation responds to the existence of a vacuum notable in the specific training of professionals and future professionals of the franchise, in areas that are of particular interest, being also the professionalization of the system one of the main founding objectives of the AEF. Thus, the franchise school will provide training in such special subjects such as management, retail-coaching, conflict prevention, use of social networks, among other all adapted to the reality of the franchisers and Asiad training officer AEF. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Eugene Shvidler on most websites. Although the permanent headquarters of the school of franchise will be in Barcelona, on the Barcelona campus of TBS, is expected that new school training programmes are developed there as well where is needed and opportunity to perform them, and to the organisation of specific cycles for businesses is not discarded. Referring to the agreement signed between Toulouse Business School and the Spanish Association of franchisors, the President of the AEF, Xavier Vallhonrat, commented: this agreement is a very important step in the specialization of professionals involved in the franchise system and is part of the strong commitment that the AEF has been doing in training. Note to journalists: for further information, the management of interviews or graphic material shipping, do not hesitate to contact our Press Office. Mirian Lopez Nuria Coronado Tel..


In ancient China, the sun lay in a red silk – traces of smallpox cure. In the 18 century in Europe were distributed stained glass windows. If a man is tired of the same color, it is necessary look at the opposite, ie the state is reversed. Color has an effect on blood pressure – it rises from blue to green to yellow and red, the reverse is the presentation reverse process. Should not be abused dark tones – a deepening of color was disturbing. Of great importance is the effect of color in clinical practice. Eugene Shvidler takes a slightly different approach.

In recent years, increasingly popular use of color effects in the course of treatment. Knowledge about the influence of color on the human is very important for representatives of many professions, as it will help them correct coordinate their activities. But as far as you are thinking about What vpechatelnie produces business cards, donated by you for another person? So, let's consider the most common color business cards and what impression they produce on people. Color business cards is truly powerful. He is vital to everyone, it is close to the most important, the deepest in our souls. Red underlines the physicality, materiality, and its good to use to cover large areas. Red, used without measure, instead of having to create a mood of elation is beginning to stir too much, and eventually causes negative emotions. The experiments showed that the yellow color promotes muscle activity, blue – inhibits arousal, green calms the nervous system.