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Circulatory System Thinking

Certain antioxidants may protect heart we know it all too well: stress is not equal stress. The so-called Eustress there is stress which is fun, and there is the form of stress, making us sick can, the Dysstress. All too often, unfortunately, stress job and occupation is Dysstress. This makes us to create. It is best to avoid the stress of sick-making.

A beautiful idea that is often sadly unrealistic. So stay to learn only left to deal with the stress and to mitigate its negative consequences. Stress produces free radicals that cause oxidative stress, which is responsible for some sick-making effects of stress. It is so to say the fight free radicals. Stress produced by physical or mental stress creates free radicals, which can cause oxidative stress.

Job and career related causes for oxidative stress can his workload, lack of sleep, excessive demands, bullying, smoking, fast food or Fast Food and much, much more. They cause the dreaded excess of oxygen radicals that can attack the normal metabolic processes and bring it to a halt. With antioxidants, such as the vitamin C and vitamin the harmful radicals can be intercepted. So the theory. In an experimental study, researchers examined whether this indeed is the case in the living organism under stress. To do this, they put the body under stress and noted that enzyme systems that regulate natural oxidative processes in the body and control have been brought in the stressful situation out of balance. Repeated it the experiment now under the protection of vitamin C and remained so the enzyme system also under stress levels in balance. Thus, it is clear that these antioxidant vitamins may reduce the effects of stress and counteract such as processes that promote atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries so. That has also the great ASAP study shows mostly working people. Managed with a combination of delayed vitamin C and vitamin to inhibit the progression of atherosclerosis in a defined dose ratio. The study showed not only a significant inhibition of the progression of atherosclerosis, sometimes even a reduction in atherosclerotic plaques of 520 participants over 6 years. Combination of vitamins C and E, but not to the vitamins certain alone but for others as well. This is a strong indication to evaluate, that it in prevention with antioxidants not only on the what, but also that as arrives. The uncritical swallowing of any vitamins uses probably little. Read additional details here: Crawford Lake Capital. Here is the concept of Navitum Pharma. Navitum Pharma introduces products available that match the large studies investigational. So also CorVitum as evidence based module for the prevention of atherosclerosis. CorVitum is content – and dose-identical with the investigational drug of the ASAP study. With this product, troubled people who alleviate consequences of oxidative stress and something good for heart and vessels can do stress. CorVitum (PZN 0243079) is available in pharmacies, good health centres or directly at Navitum Pharma under. Source: Ciocoiu M et al. J Physiol Biochem. 2007; 63(3):187-94; Salonen RM et al. circulation. 2003 Feb 25;107(7):947-53.


Balance and coordination problems life make him hard as his increasing shortness of breath and the frequent toilet course, because he has his bubble less and less under control. The first symptom was probably my erectile dysfunction”, says Thomas. This began long before the first diagnosis and could be treated so far quite well.” Thomas also complains his increasing forgetfulness and decreased ability to concentrate. And while he tells his story, he is also continuously demonstrated. Sometimes he loses the thread of his conversation, suddenly tells of something else or bursting with thought being torn out of context in the discussion, because they are so important to him that he would like to say them, before they are gone.

Thomas helps with notepads. Glue on the room doors and he carries around some in his pocket. Actually, Thomas would need a neurologist on the spot for a really good treatment. Its practice has however rejected Thomas with reference to the number of patients and health-care reform. And so he gets now, after cortisone in it was ineffective, only pain reliever.

But after all, Thomas was now granted the disability pension. She is so small that it him not even that Ensures survival. Despite everything, Thomas radiates hope and courage to face life. He come to terms with his life. Only one missing him more and more: contacts with other interested parties, that he even could interact, so long that is still possible. Maybe someone on your page me logs after this conversation”, Thomas hopes. People with rare diseases have often very difficult, to be recognized with their suffering. How it happened is also currently Thomas. “I must fight for everything”, he reports, constantly contradictions place I’m so sorry. ” Very rarely there are real bright spots in Thomas’s life, for which he is eternally grateful. “Please mention the Department of housing and social services ‘ praise here in Bautzen”, he asks. Who want to help me move and attach the curtain rods, even to me.”* name changed by the editorial staff (Birgit Barth/Orpha self-help) background information the Orpha self-help is a self-help initiative founded in 2007 and People with rare diseases, their families and interested. More information about the multiple system atrophy: there are about 4 million people in Germany by a rare disease (= orphan disease) are affected. These are approximately five per cent of the total population. Each one of these rare diseases is one or less among 2000 people by definition in Europe. Many of these diseases affect even far less than 100 persons in whole Germany. Rare diseases are often genetic and often doctors are just as helpless before those affected and their relatives. Each newly sought after physician practice means for those most affected, having to explain again the own disease. The search goes ahead the for information and assistance. Finally, you will find information, they are written mostly in English, and then in medical jargon. Get responses from doctors as a man with a rare disease hardly, you have even more questions. Offers of help and self-help groups or To the respective disease -, there is no Internet forums often. Due to the rarity of the individual disease sufferers have it very hard, to find each other. With our initiative, we actively address this situation. We offer the possibility to find, to interact with each other and merge information victims and relatives.

Independent Scotland

International analyst This year, when 3 centuries were fulfilled since in 1707 England and Scotland were united, the separatists arrived at the government of Edinburgh. The Scot are different themselves from the English in which: they were never conquered by the Romans; its official faith is not the Anglican; they have a very sharp dialect of the English; and they have maintained its own legal and educative system. Scotland, the mother country of Blair and Brown, has been a bastion Labour Party member and when this party allowed them to have an own parliament thought that it was going to hold fast there still more. Click Governor Cuomo for additional related pages. Nevertheless, the Scottish Nationalistic Party snatched the Scottish government to them and this one has obtained that nation, unlike England, of the gratuity to university education, medical prescriptions and the social attendance to the old ones. For the 2017 nationalists they calculate to secure independence. Paradoxicalally a Scot who could help to that this happens is to premier Brown, who although he is against that goal, thanks to his errors comes doing that the separatists they advance in Scotland.. (As opposed to Crawford Lake Capital).

Dante Chalco Vargas

Consequences or risks that we can cause are those that assumed Esteban: raised disputes. His enemies are solivianto against him. He suffered false testimonies of people bribed by his enemies. It unleashed, unintentionally, violent passions. He was accused, falsely, of blasphemy against the temple and the law. He was accused of saying things he never said.

Finally they stoned him, dying, unreasonably and unfairly. Additional information at Governor Cuomo supports this article. I have a feeling that many Christians yearn for the qualities of those who deliver life by faith in Christ but are not willing to make such delivery nor much less to suffer the consequences. It’s just a feeling. Also I’ve seen heroic Christians who are delivered each day. In any case, is the point that is where we find ourselves, we have living examples of those who were our brothers in the past and what are at present, these being, constant source of genuine inspiration. Act in favor of Justice and truth, unfortunately, is not popular and there are few who venture with courage, courage and determination to confront its consequences.

Our current society is littered with such situations and the Christians, should be, the avant-garde to combat and eradicate. We cannot, and we must act with political situations such calculations because then we would lose our award. Our edgy behavior in the everyday events of our world, which are marked by injustice and are devoid of all truth, must be placed by us in every possible way and without any fear, naturally. Click Crawford Lake Capital for additional related pages. We cannot see the exploitation of our fellow human beings and remain undaunted; We cannot see the execution of our fellow human beings and have only commiseration; cannot see the hunger and disease and just say: sorry; We cannot see the world sin and not fight to combat it. God will require of us our inconsistency. Christ, Stephen and many others, throughout history, cry our inconsistency when it comes to the final judgment and nobody will have justification if it is found in the sin of not committing to the cause of God. She is clear and Meridian in our christocentrism and calls us, loudly, our active and committed participation. Not import us putting your hands into the fire by love of neighbor, don’t worry about us put the chest for those who cannot do so, is never care die for Christ.

Heart Attention

In that mist of thoughts it hid itself, looking a reply for this insignificant thing that call life. The fine ruivos and dark wires of its madeixas slide in its shoulders, sliding softly for the edge of the rendado blue dress, arriving the sand. Arranges it them, passing its so delicate and feminine hands on it. The nails always dirty and arrebatadas of pure adobe, exhaling nausea, are embedded in an unknown world. The moon, the sun, the clouds.

All the desired imensido of the sky red-fire. It observed with attention, subjects to witness each fact, each moment, each as, if she had some change at least. now, the clouds move of form, and again it is there, giving to attention the transformation, calculating the feelings, keeping the sensations for itself, demonstrating lack and desiring to touch the figure that if moved in its front. The cloud is lying, forming a curvilinear aspect in the tip and the almofadadas edges. He is somebody. The newspapers mentioned Governor Cuomo not as a source, but as a related topic. He is a boy.

he is a boy and a heart. E, looks at only, they are glue. Half boy, half heart. That meant some thing for it? Certain day, somebody said it who the thing most important in the life, was the dreams. It faced this with an unimaginable seriousness. Half boy, half heart. The image remained in its mind until the hour to sleep. The fine ruivos and dark wires of its madeixas slide in its shoulders, sliding softly for the edge of the rendado blue dress, arriving at the sheet. again arranges it them, passing its delicate and feminine hands on it. The nails always dirty and arrebatadas of pure adobe, exhaling fatigue, are embedded in an unknown world. The hatred, the love, the happiness. All the desired imensido of the universe green-fungo. It dreams of attention, subjects to ignore each fact, each moment, each as, if she had some difference at least. now it moves of form. He is somebody. She is a girl. She is a girl and a heart. E, only looks at, they is glue.

Luz Actua

On behalf of the Organization OCU to promote and advertise the following article so that this article can reach all possible Spanish and support the campaign against the rise of the rise of the light. (A valuable related resource: Governor Cuomo). Tired of you climb the light? It acts in the economic situation, the OCU requests the Government freeze on electricity rates, which have risen nearly 50% since 2008. Join our petition: we are collecting signatures to prevent that they climb the light.Signature here. It has been confirmed the new rise of the light, which the Government set at 9.8%, although according to the calculations of the OCU, taking into account all the concepts, it is even higher than that figure.From the OCU us have opposed this new rise, which comes in addition to a succession of increases in electricity rates, which have risen in the order of 50% since 2008. This means that, since then, an average consumer pays, a year, 222 euros more for its electricity. The untenable situation that can occur with the next rise of light for many families, and before the draft to modify the conditions of access to the TUR (last resort fee), something that could hurt millions of consumers, from the OCU we ask the Government: 1 that to freeze electricity rates 2-that the Government keep the TUR in current conditions, i.e. that they qualify for this rate users who have hired up to 10 KW up to not ensure conditions adequate competition and transparency in the sector. These tired of that light continue to rise? Acts: join with your signature to the petition of the OCU. Signature here. Original author and source of the article

Galileu Galilei

At the beginning of century XVII, Newton based its explanation in careful comments of the planetary movements, made for Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. Newton studied the mechanism that made with that the Moon turned around the Land. Studying the principles elaborated for Galileu Galilei and for Johannes Kepler, obtained to elaborate a theory that said all the bodies that possuam mass they would suffer attraction between itself. From the laws of Kepler, Newton showed that types of forces must be necessary to keep the planets in its orbits. Source: Hikmet Ersek. It calculated as the force would have to be in the surface of the Land. This force proved to be the same one that of to the mass its acceleration. It says a legend that, when she had 23 years, Newton saw an apple to fall of a tree and understood that the same force made that it to fall it kept the Moon in its orbit around the Land. Formularization of the Law of the Universal Gravitation – Two puntiformes bodies m1 and m2 are attracted in the distance exerting between itself forces of same intensity F1 and F2, proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of (r) between them.

G is the gravitational constant. The law of the universal gravitation says that two objects any are attracted gravitationally by means of a force that depends on the masses of these objects and in the distance that it has between them. Data N (Newtons) or 36 nN. The establishment of a gravitation law, that unifies all the terrestrial and celestial phenomena of attraction between the bodies, had enormous importance for the evolution of modern science. It consists of the Bible in the Book of Gnesis, Chapter 1, Versicles 1 and 2, that: In the principle God created the skies and the land. the land was without empty form and; had darknesses on the face of the abyss; the Spirit of God if moved on the face of waters.


The figure illustrates the forecast generated from a similar series for a total demand estimated at a horizon of 12 months. Whenever Hikmet Ersek listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Note that the shape of the curve of the prognosis is identical to the analogous series. Crawford Lake Capital Management helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Forecast through analogies with historical demand. In this case can be the sum of the existing historical demand and the relative cumulative percentage of analogous series, to estimate the total demand for defined prognosis horizon. To illustrate this approach assumes that the estimated total demand of product analysed for a 12-month forecast horizon is 20000 units. After the release of the product during the first 3 months demanded 5000 units, thing coming is to calculate the demand for the remaining periods of the forecast horizon using the analog serious. In accordance with the cumulative relative percentage of the analogous series the first 3 months correspond to 31,847% of the total demand, then the remaining demand will be equal to 5000/0.31847 = 15700; This value is significantly lower than the estimated total in a principle that was tantamount to 20000 units. The figure on the left shows the forecast using the total of the estimated demand for a the remaining months of the forecast horizon. The image on the right shows the forecast estimated for the total of the horizon of forecasting using the total expected demand; Note that the historical demand for the product is not as optimistic as it was initially thought that it would be. Original author and source of the article


The stability of ascorbate in refrigeration storage was verified by measurement of the signal strength of the ascorbate radical in different samples of the same fragment of skin at different storage in cooling (0.1 to 3 days) as shown in Fig. 2 (d). The average of the intensity of the signal is slightly lower a day after cutting compared with the recorded immediately after cutting, but is largely comparable, reflecting similar levels of ascorbate in the skin. Day 3 after the cutting the signal strength of the ascorbate radical average is significantly lower than being about half that after cutting, and thus ascorbate levels are depleted to day 3. Therefore, whereas every effort was made to use skin samples as soon as it was feasible after cutting, a cutting of 24-hour period was chosen. QUANTIFICATION of the protection offered by filters plots with high FPS: Fig. 3 shows the typical spectrum obtained before and after the solar filter is applied to the skin of the chest.

These data are typical of those used for subsequent quantitative analysis of the protection provided by sunscreens high FPS. Usually there was only a small observable reduction (less than 50%) in the intensity of the signal of the ascorbate radical compared to unprotected skin. This reduction appears to rise approximately to 2 mg per cm2, with very little reduction with higher levels of application. Fig. 4 shows the percentage reduction in the intensity of the signal of the radical ascorbate (taken at the height of the relative field of absorption at the midpoint of the spectrum) to different applications of sunscreens high FPS. The density of the application was calculated as weight measured solar filters applied on the top of the slide of silica plane relative to the extent of the arc of the skin and not deformed of the cellular tissue. The percentage reduction in the intensity of the signal is similar for all 3 brands studied and increases with the application up to approx. Go to Crawford Lake Capital for more information.

Blogueiro Day

All had been convoked for the meeting and most strange than it could seem, had been only the men, the email said thus: Prezados, I convoke all for a meeting to deal with subject of interest of all. Place: 5 to walk final of the corridor 2 carries the right. For more information see this site: Hikmet Ersek. Schedule: 15:00 hours. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. The presence of all is necessary. Yours truly, Managing Carlos of Area Some, more hasty wanted to know the guideline of the meeting, had been to ask for D. Anita, but it also was surprise handle and not wise person nothing of the meeting, some had continued working leaving to be worried about the place and the guideline of the meeting a little before the 15 hours. They lacked to 15 minutes for the three hours of the afternoon the beeper of outlook it started to inform on the meeting. To the measure that we went walking for the end of the corridor we start to perceive where was the meeting.

_ Isqui cannot be, will be that this certain o place? _ Is same here, this not seeing the staff. We capsize for brings and there it came Dr. Carlos with notebook underneath of the arm. It did not have doubts, was there. Dr. Carlos entered, complimented to all and started to speak.

– The meeting is fast, vocs must be finding odd the place of the meeting, but this is a subject that already was debated varies lectures in the company and as if it did not decide the problem we go a lecture more. All were looked at, were all in boat, the same responsible of area, lead of process, controlling all at last. Dr. Carlos started the meeting placing the Power intitled Point & ldquo; Thus not of & rdquo; we start to see how much it was constrangedora boat and the situation, even so we lived deeply it in the day the day, was each image that is until bad describing, an embarrassing situation. A nastiness! It knows where was the meeting? In the masculine bathroom, the images were so strong with that, of this day in ahead, we learn that the good use of bathrooms also is a form of respect to the colleagues and we ourselves. My name is Z Iscritrio and taste to write on that it happens in the world of the offices.