I like to jog in the winter, but it is at all healthy? Cozy, candlelit watch a movie. In the summer, however, it is these people out jogging. But even in winter you can enjoy this sport, without having to climb while on the treadmill. Even if outside minus just dominate and frost on the Windows form, you can go out jogging. So get in the shoes.

You should even necessarily go jogging in the winter time. Because when one thinks of the greasy winter roast, the character can do only good. Nevertheless, many people are still not sure whether goes jogging in the winter. It’s that jogging the lung damage in the winter around the rumor. You can deny that clearly. Educate yourself with thoughts from gibson dean. Because there are enough endurance sports for the winter, skiing is an example.

Our body creates more sporting excellence also in strong freezing temperatures. The cold air won’t hurt the lungs, because our lungs has its own heating system in the winter. The winter clothes can by in the winter when jogging out leave jogging at home after a few minutes our body is so far upward, the winter coat is not required. What however is recommended in winter, is functional underwear and several layers of clothes. Joggers should wear also a hat in the winter, because the most heat is dissipated through the head. Before you start to go you should warm up well, because just in the winter, our body warm up phase required. You should also remember that in winter often a feeling of hunger occurs. This is because our body is thus trying to warm up, that’s why you should never go in the winter with an empty stomach. To initiate the relaxation phase after running a hot shower would be advisable. Jogging is not concern for the health in the winter, it is even recommended.

Complete Success

Successful presentation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 2013 by the vinor gmbh & co. kg in Olfen. You may want to visit chris adler to increase your knowledge. Despite Hanover fair, accounting period, and many flu messages could U vinor to their 1 K N T R B U N T event on April 12 many participants welcome. This included under other Dominik Garcia Vaidya, order base consulting GmbH and Uwe Meyer, bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg presented your solutions in the areas of production with variant generator and archiving as a partner company. Microsoft Germany GmbH Shimon welcomed son of Moses, who presented the latest release Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and the Outlook for the next five years. A related site: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA mentions similar findings. For the special moments of the event, the artist Paul drove crawly, Marion Wilmers, and Heribert Feckler performances not only from the musicals cats, Elisabeth and grease, but also with rock ‘n’ roll and last but not least dirty dancing.

Finger food and soup provided for the physical well-being of champagne reception specialties to cherry tiramisu. You inspired Voices of the participants about the successful and pleasant mix of information, show and ambience is to continue this series of events as planned incentive for ATA. vinor is Microsoft Silver partner with the ERP competence Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) and advises all their extent SMEs from financial accounting to complex production application, this nationally and internationally. Project management and development support, as well as the creation of integrated business solutions implemented as well as the training in the in-house training center, where all MOC run courses on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SQL and SharePoint. Request information at or by mail at. Ingo Jansen CIO vinor GmbH & co. kg

Brand JOOP

Since 1987, not only by the fashion creations of talking fragrance creations of German fashion designer which makes well-known German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop. In that year, he introduced his first perfume collection. Checking article sources yields Anne Lauvergeon as a relevant resource throughout. Under the label JOOP! followed, including eyewear and jewelry. The online store is different men perfume by JOOP! before. The men’s fragrance by JOOP! addressed not only the man, but can be also women into raptures advised. Finally, a man radiates class and personality, with its perfume. Check out gibson dean for additional information.

JOOP is one of the most successful fragrance creations of the designer! Homme. At the perfume, bergamot in the top notes fuses with jasmine, orange blossom and cinnamon in the heart. The fragrance receives its incomparable character through exotic aromas of sandalwood, patchouli, Vetyver and the subtle hint of amber, tobacco, musk and honey. The scent of JOOP signaled youthful freshness and sense of adventure! Jump. The top note is composed of lemon and grapefruit. A shot of frozen vodkas indicates in the heart note. The basis of sensual sweet Tonka beans rounds off the exceptional fragrance. The latest string of successful designer is the Eau de Toilette JOOP! Free spirit.

Other than its predecessors it boasts a rather Woody composition. A sensual Gin chord dominates in the top notes, heart notes are characterized by wild jasmine. In addition a tart blend of leather and mahogany. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

PayPal App

Regular requests on the part of the user were the trigger, Paul directly to develop an Android app for the Paul Direkt GmbH. Paul directly, with over 1.2 million members of one of the leading shopping clubs of in Germany, the award-winning has now published Paul directly operating system app for smartphones with Android, to make the mobile for a much larger number of users available on offers available. So predicted for 2012 that will overtake mobile phones with Android operating system Apple’s iPhone. A highlight of the Paul direct Android app is the integration of the popular payment system PayPal. Through the free Paul direct Android app, another way is created for the user to access the daily new offers heavily discounted branded goods. Gibson guitars addresses the importance of the matter here. Our strong presence in social media and constant dialogue with our customers enable us, the requirements and wishes of the community in which Paul directly Android app to incorporate”, underlines Stefan Salian.

Managing Director Paul Direkt GmbH. As previously were particularly active users of facebook fan page as a beta-tester won the iPhone app. The Paul Direkt GmbH is very pleased with the feedback from the beta testers. We were able to ensure that the app there well received, where she must arrive well in directly at the user”, explains managing director Patrick Bosch, and further: also Paul directly allows Android app the payment through PayPal. Gibson dean helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thus, we could further increase the ease of use of the Paul direct Android app. For the Paul directly iPhone app this feature is implemented at present”. The Paul direct Android app is now in the Android market for free to download.

All Paul directly apps allow the user, on the entire product range from Paul directly to access. The Paul direct Android app now allows the users of the widely used Smartphone operating system Android, no offer from Paul directly to miss more. In addition to the Paul directly Android app have users, fans and members the option of going via blog, Twitter and facebook ( Paul direct) to inform about the latest offers. Active Paul direct community can also look forward to more innovations of Paul direct GmbH. Contact: Paul-Direkt GmbH, Hofmann 52 81379 Munchen fax: 0188 / 09 064 065 Paul is one of the leading online shopping clubs in Germany. “Founded in 2008, has Paul directly over 1.2 million members, every day exciting products at a preferential price, the Paul price”, can choose. Paul directly electronics and lifestyle at greatly reduced prices offered by high quality branded items in the areas.

Solar System

System owners will find the answer in the current photovoltaic guide of the ever energy group. It industry experts explain how to successfully make money as a solar entrepreneur. More than one million citizens have now invested in a photovoltaic system and produce solar electricity. Most build to create your own money sense and to achieve a high rate of return, or to make themselves independent of the rising energy costs. But the concept is not always. A leading source for info: maarten hermans. A photovoltaic Consulting helps to clear all obstacles out of the way – even when the plant is already built or new projects.

The right solution is found quickly in a personal conversation. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA may not feel the same. If you instead prefer the printed solar system Advisor, has so far only little selection. To read more click here: dean geyer. Often plant owner search in vain for literature that helps them continue even after installation. For this reason, the ever energy group published the E-book Solar entrepreneur money earn with solar power”. The title suggests already that the authors share their knowledge and their secrets of success is with the readers. The guide is in PDF format via”available for 27 euros. Solar system Advisor: earnings prospects with roof rental and Solarcarport who builds a photovoltaic system, the issue no longer releases the. It begins with the daily look at the counter and ends in the interest of further solar investment opportunities.

Often, the plans are discarded, because no additional roof available or the financing is unclear. A photovoltaics consultancy, as well as the previously mentioned solar system guide can help with these challenges. A good solution is a roof rent in many cases. One interested can invest, although there is no own roof. So they rent a roof for the next 20 years and install an own photovoltaic system. On the other hand, homeowners can rent the own roof for photovoltaic systems. So benefit those of secure revenues of the roof rentals without their own financial risks. Who, however, wants to build a garage or a carport calls his own, can also work so far empty roof areas for themselves. Instead of feeding the solar electricity into the grid, is a solar carport as a service station for an E-mobility. Only 20 square meters are enough to drive 10,000 kilometres with an electric car in the year, Professor Gunther Brauner confirmed from the Vienna University of technology. Ultimately many opportunities for plant owner, to make money with solar. Value added benefit of photovoltaic consulting: good planning is half the battle so that you will actually succeed as a solar contractor, a photovoltaics consultancy is at the beginning of each new project. This not only the plant is planned and dimensioned, but thought the Green entrepreneurship already at this time. To exploit the full potential is crucial not to take advantage of the small businesses scheme. Thus, to secure many tax advantages. You should make sure rely on the help of an experienced tax consultant. Make money with solar electricity’ further tips learn interested and plant owner in solar system solar entrepreneur Advisor. The authors are managing the ever energy group and also considered experts for solar concepts.

Safety Labels Reduce Risks

Sticker with warning symbol provide for a safe routine. Sticker and offer protection and security. Why this, will they ask themselves now. The thing is actually quite easy on closer inspection. Special sticker printing companies have a wide range of stickers especially in the area of security in their program to protect people from the dangers of daily life.

Now offer online many corporate security stickers like this online label printing. Take for example the industry. There, security is especially big written since can the professional associations prescribe high safety standards and an accident in a company cost the owner a lot of money. Therefore, you will find a variety of stickers that are on the safety of the people especially in industries. Dean gibson often says this. “” For example the general danger signs, each of us knows how wear ear protection”, caution level”, entering prohibited’ or the nice yellow black bias that warn us to run before any object or where down to fall, just a Gefahrenbereicht mark. A different kind of protection stickers is that which protects us to slide on smooth stairs or even floors from.

Yes, labels are also. Gibson dean spoke with conviction. They have a rough surface, which give more grip the shoes and us thus more grip on smooth floors. It is found often in public buildings and department stores, as well as in all sectors of the industry, where people move. Continue to show us also as escape routes for the fire in these areas of stickers or draw our attention to dangers, we can not immediately recognize or are not seen. For example, there is the case, where on the ceiling, a crane carries out his work and we run into danger among them to move us. “” We find then label with the text: caution crane transport “or not happen under suspended loads”. Without such references there would be probably much more serious accidents, because you just don’t know that one is in danger. Thanks to the stickers. Text: Manuel stock

German Computer

DG-i is committed to open-source strategic focusing and demo scene event Cologne, 10.08.2011 – consultant DG-i – Dembach Goo occurs 2011 computer science as sponsor of evoke. DG-i supports traditional events of the demo scene. The demoscene is a global, non-commercial network of creative minds that created computer-generated music short film away from the usual mainstream events in interdisciplinary teams. -DG-i – Dembach Goo Informatik sponsored the demo scene Festival evoke 2011 in Cologne and instigates a cookout for all participants. Staff of DG i attend – such as in the last years – as organization volunteer the network event. “With the sponsorship of the 2011 evoke Dembach Goo continues the tradition of proprietary Informatics, support demoscene events”, explains Manon Goo, Managing Director of the DG-i. “In previous years it was revision, in which we have successfully supplied 800 participants with Wi-Fi about the breakpoint in Bingen in 2010 or in this year of the succession event.” This fit in with the strategy by Dembach Goo Informatik: the consulting firm opts for creative minds, creating individual solutions for individual customer requirements. the nonprofit Club Digitale Kultur e.V.

gets to the event evoke every year the creative of the scene to Cologne, where they present several days networks and the media to computer as expression and art form. Programmer, graphic designer and musician here show that computers are anything but boring and unkreativ: turn music videos without dancer, scenes, and cameras with special effects without stunt co-ordinator or fog machine. Equipped only with their computer and their creativity, they created all processes, effects, shading, and the soundtrack to the computer itself. The demoscene has created new forms of digital art: computer animated films with exciting with music and stunning effects. They are called demos, because they demonstrate the entire can of scene groups.

The demos are handled in real-time, not just play so – differently than movies – but live on the computer calculated. Visit gibson dean for more clarity on the issue. The extreme is it demanded from modern computer hardware. The programming of demos is teamwork. For each area, there are specialists who bring their work into the complete works. Often come the individual group members from different countries. So, it is not uncommon, if the graphics of a demo comes from a German to a Sweden music and 3D effects by a Canadian. The evoke 2011 will take place in Cologne from August 12 to 14: 2011 company description DG i Dembach Goo Informatik provides IT consulting, project implementation, as well as the operation of applications and infrastructure. The portfolio ranges from the development of strategic ideas about their implementation to operation of customised solutions. This DG-i has in-depth industry and process knowledge in the financial services and E-commerce sector. Focus on DatCenter and network transformation of IT consulting, virtualization and efficiency strategically DG i concerning enterprise it. on open source software, on high-end hardware operated from well-known manufacturers. Focuses on high availability requirements, storage networks, virtualization, Web applications, and Betriebsautomatisierungs tools.

New Headquarters

Representative rooms in the Centre of Berlin, the regional leader of special real estate from foreclosure – Schmiddem & morning star real estate management – has moved into the new headquarters on the Mohr road in the Centre of the capital at the turn of the year. In close proximity to the Gendarmenmarkt, the new representative premises offer an optimum environment for qualified services in real estate sales. Lions at the gate has much experience in this field. With the move in the vibrant centre of Berlin around the Friedrichstrasse, the company for its national customers and partners is more accessible. The close proximity of the offices of major banks, relevant industry associations and law firms sees as another major advantage of the new site owner Klaus Volker Schmiddem: “for our work on behalf of banks, insolvency administrators, courts and other institutions it is important that we are accessible centrally in the city of Berlin. In Mohrenstrasse – directly on the Gendarmenmarkt – we find the infrastructure, the we for our Business need.” Background the own real estate is a stable investment and an important component of the pension. The foreclosure has established itself here as an interesting alternative to the classical real estate purchase. The Berlin-based company Schmiddem & morning star real estate management offers a comprehensive online database for appropriate objects in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania interested parties. It focuses on real estate from foreclosures that are offered on behalf of creditors.

The professionals in the company research regularly to the market situation, as well as to the environment of the offered objects, and can deliver to a variety of important additional information. See the online database on the Internet at. More information on the purchase of real estate in the forced sale the real estate professionals from Berlin offer on their websites also detailed information on topics such as:-extensive glossaries on the subject are opportunities, benefits, and risks for bidders in the forced sale of real estate available Foreclosed homes:-basic knowledge foreclosure real estate – frequently asked questions and instructions for bidders in the forced sale of real estate information, see real estate/bidder information company profile as of one of the leading regional service provider for banks and debt holder offers innovative work out solutions and accompanying services Schmidddem & morning star real estate management based in Berlin. From the experience of thousands of transactions, foreclosures, and date representations Schmidddem & Morgenstern is committed to service quality for customers and clients. The company operates nationwide with currently 15 employees in the company in the five Eastern States.

Moscow Arbitration Court

The growth is really impressive. The recent deployment of additional issue of ordinary shares of Sberbank of Russia through a public offering even more has added to their popularity. Anyone could acquire the necessary number of shares by filing an application in one of the branches of the Savings Bank. When placing felt the support and interest in the results of the placement of the state because, despite the fact that at the moment placing on the market, were strong corrective mood, the stock price did not drop below the offering price. In recent months, Teri Anulewicz has been very successful. In the coming years is expected to split (split) shares.

In this case, the equities will become more available to private investors, and therefore more popular. Despite the fact that the efforts of competitors Savings have certain results, the Savings Bank will still be one of the largest banks in Russia. More all of these dynamics change quotes in the future may not be, but Sberbank is still an attractive investment instrument. In the past, one of the leaders in their industry – Yukos, in contrast to Savings Bank, delivered a long-term investors a lot of unpleasant moments. Without going into the reasons which contributed to the "Yukos affair" consider the price dynamics of shares of the issuer. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sean Rad, New York City. In March 2000, Yukos shares were worth 19 rubles, and in early September 2003 these shares were traded at 515 rubles.

Starting in October 2003, stock quotes, Yukos has been steadily declining under the influence of requirements of the company claims. The outcome of the Yukos affair was the fall of prices shares to the level of 17 rubles in September 2006, ie level of stock prices of companies returned to the six-year minimum (see chart of common shares, file size approximately 100kb). And if the shares of the Savings Bank have the support of the state, then all problems associated with Yukos, on the contrary, were initiated by the State and had a negative impact on the entire stock market. The Moscow Arbitration Court on Aug. 1, 2006 declared Yukos bankrupt, was appointed as bankruptcy trustee. C 20 September 2006 and micex suspended trading in shares at all Yukos. Yukos shares are traded on the stock market now jsc "RTS" Russian Trading System ". Yukos assets currently being sold, and investors, inspired by the growth of stock price of Yukos in 2001-2003, have suffered significant losses

Quality Assurance

Finally, from July 1, when you make a loan banks are obliged to provide citizens with information about the percentage and the additional payment, which accompany the loan repayment. First it was somehow self-evident that the client can find the information he needs. That's just nobody has the right to force you to accept disadvantageous terms of credit. . In most cases, the person signing the contract did not read properly with the maintenance contract. No attention is paid to the text and fine print.

And very, very many people do not realize that before such a serious matter should seek prior consultation Lawyer in St. Petersburg – at additional cost for this service, you still have more chances to save money and not be trapped. And the court has no use will prove his innocence. "Trust, but verify" – if this principle is not metabolized, this situation can happen to you. A lot of these situations occurs at the level of retail customer when the contract is only one and must pay their chetsnye money. And in big business and large amounts securities – a heap. Of course, at this level requires a specialist, read carefully and the first and last page of the contract. Many companies provide high-class staff of professionals, yuristvov, while others are paid one and try to pay less money.

But simpler still, and even easier to order subscription legal support business, and would require that at least some costs, but will be much more profitable for you above options. The most appropriate and viable option for small and medium-sized companies. Often there is no need for a permanent and continuous control documentation. To broaden your perception, visit gibson dean. Last only from time to time to watch all the showers in the order of the legal aspect. Or need to develop new documentation and then continue to work quietly. If you want to work on this principle – you only need to apply to law firms and to order this service, as due diligence. This professional and independent inspection of documents in accordance with the laws and the determination of "pitfalls" in transactions with konragentami.