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Training Versus Workshops

Seminar, training, public lectures, master classes – such as terms related to training, we meet quite often. In some of these events we participate because we are interested or need. In some we have to take part, because we need – his boss, leadership, family or anyone – else for training in some of them, we pay the money, somewhere invited free. Sometimes we are happy with the result, and sometimes ask yourself – what are we doing here and what other people do here? In fact, as to understand the mass of suggestions on how to adequately assess what we offer and what we can expect to participate in one or another learning event? Analyzing the market offers training services, most often we are confronted with the terms 'workshop' and 'training'. What they have in common, what is the difference that is more suitable to us in this or that situation? Let deal! Quite often in the practice of organizing and conducting trainings and seminars have to deal with the problem of correct and accurate understanding of these terms. The reasons for this situation are most likely that the concept of the seminar, as the process of obtaining certain information, most of us know virtually from the school or the institute's Bench: going to a group of people who tend to have certain theoretical training on the topic of the seminar, there is a teacher who usually knows more about the topic and information is exchanged between the participants.


Who does not want to have a good and neat things? But sometimes our desire to become an impossible dream: decent product costs money. In addition, popular brands, using their name quality products, designate the goods rather high price, forcing buyers to overpay for a name. Therefore, people often spend time on the heavy shopping trips, looking for places to buy vending thing at the lowest price, and often deny themselves the pleasure to buy the goods at once, waiting for discounts or sales. But with razrostaniem Internet, the question – where did the right thing to buy at a good price – gradually began to lose its relevance. Firstly, a huge selection of products offer an online store where prices are always lower than in the 'real' shops. But there is another way to buy quality goods on the Internet, thus saving a pretty good amount.

That – participate in online auctions. And if in real life, few people can afford the trip up for auction to buy a tv, the Internet provides an opportunity to participate as a buyer with a passion offering the price for the desired lot. Thus, we consider the types of auctions. They come in traditional and nontraditional. Traditional auctions operate on the principles of the world-famous auction, eBay (for information: there are companies that provide mediation services for buying and transporting goods from the auction). At the auctions, built on traditional principles, the seller puts the goods, the participants are bidding. Who are the participants will propose large sum for the lot, will become the owner of the goods offered for sale.

What Is To Be An Accountant In Tula ?

Formerly an accountant took only unpromising young ladies with specialized secondary education. In general, a profession in Soviet times was not considered too prestigious, and very promising. However, Times have changed and after the transition to a capitalist market model in the early 1990's, it turned out that literacy specialists in design of financial records is fairly small, and the number of firms grew like an avalanche. Soon the labor market was clearly visible shortage of staff able to deal with finances at all levels: from ordinary accountants, to the various auditors and experts of relevant departments. Circumstances developed so that the accountant in Tula, moving from the state organization could receive for the same work in the commercial division of wages is even five times higher. This very fact has prompted many people in one way or otherwise associated with work in finance, go for retraining courses, and to study accounting. After this limit the job market, the accounting profession has become much more prestigious, popular, and most importantly – the beginning of adequately paid. However, to this day the need for an accountant in any enterprise is great and a good accountant can easily find a job with normal working conditions and pay.

Car Lease Contract

lease the first person gives the second vehicle for a fee at the time. If the term is not defined in the contract, then the contract is indefinite. If the contractor notified no later than one month, then the tenant and the landlord the right to refuse obligations. In the list of recognized under the simplified system costs pp. 4 in 1 tbsp. 346.16 Tax Code specified rental payments. Thus, the amount paid under the lease contract, reduces the tax base.

Fee rent is determined by the parties and not standardized. But tax authorities have the right to verify pricing. Using avtotranspotrnymi means employees, the company has the right, except for rent, deduct maintenance costs Vehicles (fuel, oil, etc.) according to Secs. 12 n. 1, Art. 346.16 Tax Code. To account for the need to issue waybills. Maybe fill them every day, but, for example, once a month or a week, reflecting each trip.

Incidentally, the Finance Ministry admits that the company used its own forms if they have the necessary requisites. Spending on car rental organization based on the basis shall be entitled to include in the expenses for tax purposes if These costs are documented and economically justified. In this case, the documents confirming the expenditure for the purposes of calculating income tax in accordance with Sec. 1925 Tax Code, are as follows: The lease vehicles; Act round-trip avtotranspotrnogo means; act works performed, services rendered; Trip Sheet. At pow. Registered tenant costs which are associated with the current leasehold avtotranspotrnogo funds are accounted for Depending on where the used the rented object. Under the Plan of Accounts for the firm can use the following account of cost accounting: 20, 23, 25, 26, 29, 44. For tax purposes, these costs are taken into account in full volume and other expenses in the period in which they were implemented. But only if these costs are covered by the landlord under the lease. vat taxpayers recognized the organization and individual entrepreneurs. Nat. Persons who are not entrepreneurs, respectively, are not subject to vat. In addition, services to provide rental vehicles, provided by an individual, not is an entrepreneur, the vat will not be taxed. Therefore, include the amount of value added tax in the amount of rent the company should not be. Payers of income tax nat. Entities are physical. Persons who are tax resident in Russia, as well as physical. Individuals who receive income from sources in Russia, and are not tax residents of Russia. Hence, the income derived from rental or other use of property located at Russia, will apply to income derived from sources in Russia. Thus, the income nat. Person received from the rental of vehicles, subject to income tax under the conditions provided for in Sec. 23 nc Russian Federation. It turns out that you have to remember that schislyaet and keeps the tax firm serving the tax agent. If a company applies usn, awarded nat. face lease a car without a crew, then the rent charge vehicle owners insurance premiums charged should not. If a lease car with the crew concluded with the entrepreneur and his certificate of registration is not specified property letting, the tax on Income nat. Person is held with the employer.