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Microsoft Windows

10 Reasons not to use Windows: 1. Because to use software of Microsoft it produces to you sarpullidos by all the body It is as valid disease as any other. Simply, there is people who cannot nor hear speak of Microsoft and that, in contact with any product of the company, leaves to him sarpullidos by all the body. By all means, I am exaggerating, but that does not mean that there is not a good amount of people who really hate all that with those of Redmond and which, far from it, they are going to use his UNDER. 2. Because you are a happy user of another platform or system If you are contented with any other platform, or Linux, Mac or a scientific calculator, why you go to rascarte the pocket to acquire Microsoft Windows? Or one knows that the more it is worth bird (or penguin) in hand that hundreds of windows flying.

3. Because you are incapable to live without recompilar the Kernel Recompilar kernel is something more than a necessity or a liking, is a life way. Speaking in serious, there are people who enjoy toqueteando until deeper of his UNDER, literally speaking. An operation that can carry out in some distributions of Linux, and not in Windows or Mac. 4. Because he is one of the most vulnerable systems Malware, virus, troyanos, worms, publicity words that you will hear with too much frequency in Windows. When installed being in the majority of computers of the world a too substantial mouthful for the evil developers is from all this type of threats. This, together with the delay of the giant of computer science to patch its vulnerabilities turns, it into one of the most vulnerable systems. 5. Because you do not have nor a duro While the license of Windows already costs a kidney to you and that the new versions require a good computer, that you would have to acquire with the other kidney that you have left, Windows leaves expensive we compared if it for example with gratuitous distributions of Linux.

Canine Rescue

On this important progress has been specifically the city of Sevilla, a pioneer in Spain, approved by Resolution, November 15, 2006, that the method Chest is the formal system of training and intervention to rescue dog teams in the city of Seville, This entailed the adoption of an important preventive measure and consistent progress in the framework of protection and public safety of citizens against various types of claims, a proposal from the Head of SEPEIS (Prevention Service, Fire Fighting and Rescue) Sevilla City Council. Earlier in the same year the Parliament of Andalusia approved unanimously by non-legislative proposal that the method Bunker was the official system in Andalusia. Regarding the Resolution adopted by the Parliament of Andalusia, which recently informed the Ombudsman of Andalusia (Official Gazette of the Parliament of Andalucia n 231) suggests officially to the Ministry of Interior of the Andalusian as soon take on the approval of the Method NLP Chest. This as stated in Art. 37. j) k) of the Law 2 / 2002 of November 11, Emergency Management of Andalusia and the Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia.

And, according to the resolution adopted by the Parliament of Andalucia for the Proposal not of law on approval of Chest Method for training rescue dog units (BOPA No.. 378 Andalusia, February 15, 2006 Page No.. 21 243 .) The method Bunker, on the basis of its high level of efficiency proven by numerous experts (actual location for people buried or other points of extreme difficulty in perceptual) has been also adopted as the official system of training and intervention for canine teams rescue by the governments of countries affected by a seismic risk, such as El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Armenia ( Colombia).

Millionaire Mind

Rhonda Byrne's book entitled "The Secret" has been a sales success and introduced the law of attraction. Under this law, to "attract" large sums of money just by wishful thinking. But wanting wealth is only the beginning of this journey. You need three things: desire the prosperity, know how to achieve and act. Although it may sound strange, very few people want to be rich. I say that everybody wants to be rich.

And here lies the difference. Wanting is not desired. Often people who say they want to be rich only hope the "lucky" touch. For example buy lottery with the hope that they touch the winning number. They want it but it just looked so passive. The first step is desire. Want something mean in an active yearn.

All thoughts and actions of the person are intended to acquire the object of his desire. As a person in love does not rest until it reaches the company of his beloved. Almost obsessed with the object of his desire, the person focuses all its efforts towards your goal. Not depends on luck, but builds his own fortune. The second step is to know it. Here also the majority of people, mistakenly, believe that to be rich have to work hard, commit fraud and dishonesty. So many people avoid this objective because they want to be disloyal to their views and beliefs. Therefore, cross out the rich and dishonest and unfair. Being rich is not equivalent to overwork or deceiving others.

The Lesser

The Enduro the foot is a regularity sport, that is, the winning team will not be quickest, and yes the one that to pass for the PC' s in the time next to the ideal. In each as in advance or been slow it has a loss of determined number of points, being victorious the team that to lose the lesser number of points. Therefore, what it matters is not the intensity or optimum physical preparation, but yes the regularity throughout the passage. The average speeds (in meters per minute) are determined in accordance with the peculiarities of the defined land and/or the climate and in such way that the competitors ' ' apenas' ' they walk, that is, they are not used of the race. This makes with that this sport can be practised in equal conditions for people of some etrias bands and levels of physical conditioning.

Another positive factor, still tells authors Marinho and Bruhns (2006), is referring the low cost for this practical, comparing with the majority of the adventure sports that are necessary technological equipment of high cost, becoming inaccessible for great part of the population. In a general way, for practical of the Enduro the foot of regularity the use of a common calculator is enough, a clock and a compassing, what it becomes greater the possibility of adhesion to practical its. (MAROUN; VIEIRA, 2006, P. 1). To illustrate the diversity of environment and practical of the Enduro the foot of Regularity, Marinho and Bruhns (2006) cite the practical one in the Track of the Indian, in a passage in the agricultural zone of Peabiru? PR, in a stretch approximately of five kilometers. According to authors, what more he is distinguished are the adversities of the place, with existence of rivers with rapids and waterfalls. The organizadores they provide in this test diverse action next to the environment, as ticket of false Bahian on a river, with passages through the edges of the river, until finding the track in the bush; to run in pastures; accomplishment of ascents of mount for steep ways, to go down for pedregosas roads; to adentrar for the grass until arriving at the waterfall, riverbed below, making the submerged handle; to run in agricultural road; to transpose wooden wall; to crawl themselves in the mud, under barbed wire and to cross rivers, having as practicing of this track well heterogeneous groups.