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Steuerberater Jurgen Dieter

To deduct commuter lump sum as advertising costs. So, the tax liability can be reduced. Who pursues a profession, must as a rule every day looking the workplace. Unless one has set up a Home Office. For those who drive to work, there is the possibility to withdraw the so-called commuter lump sum as advertising costs. So, the tax liability can be reduced.

That applies to all workers, regardless of which way the workplace is achieved. Just as little plays a role, whether it is a full-time or part-time job. The commuter lump sum, their calculation and refund of tax advisers informed grainy from Mannheim. Income tax reduction the commuter lump sum, the exact distance allowance, is deductible for all who need to commute between work and home. With her you can reduce the income tax.

0,30 EUR can be attached for each workday and each full kilometer between the workplace and the home. There is only one-way. To calculate the exact you can a Commuter calculator use or quickly apply the simple formula, as soon as you know the distance is how far and how many days it has traveled the route. The workers can calculate the lump sum as follows: X working days x X of km easy drive x 0,30 Euro commuter lump sum = X euros after this Bill can assess the employees, how much is the income tax reduced to. The amount resulting, is however not transferred or exchanged for cash. Therefore, the expenditure incurred for the rides are not repaid. Instead, the IRS deducting this amount of the annual income of the taxpayer. Only on the remaining amount, it must then pay taxes. As a prerequisite, the worker must submit a tax return at the tax office. An accountant will help in the creation and in other fiscal concerns. For details of tax advisers is grainy from Mannheim at any time available.

Riester Pension

So easy you can calculate, how much you can save each year for your Riester pension the Riester pension for many people is still a book with seven seals. Very often, this is simply because that many have no idea how to actually calculate is the contribution and the amount of the allowances for the Riester pension. This problem can be solved relatively easily, because as hard as you would think maybe, the calculation of the allowances and the contribution of the Riester pension really isn’t. Riester pension: Height of the supplements first of all you need to know that any person who completes a Riester pension, can get the following supplements: A basic allowance of the Riester pension amounting to 154 euros per year a child allowance for each child, that prior to 2008 was born in an allowance for every child in height of 185 euro per year, that after 2008 was born in amount of 300 euros per year for professional Starter up to the age of 25 a starter grant in the amount of unique 300 euro. The amount of this the Riester pension the highest possible degree of equality is maintained, are not only the benefits but also the calculation model of the contribution for all Riester savers right – no matter how much you earn. To get above that promotions in the maximum amount, it is necessary to pay his Riester pension with 4% of its social insurance contributions prior year gross income in the contract. Earners must pay annually a maximum of 2,100 euros in their Riester pension, to get to enjoy of the full support.

The allowances to be expected are allowed but already of this post when calculating deduction. Example: suppose the simple calculation, a single mother earns 3,000 euros gross and has two children: one born before 2008, then the other. So 154 euro (basic allowance) and 185/300 Euro exceed the allowance, which can get this mother, child allowances. Total 639 EUR of annual allowances available to the sample person so. The contribution would be actually with a height of 4% of 3,000 to quote, since the allowances but are allowed in print, at 120 euros per month are only 66,75 (120-639/12). Saved 120 so, the burden for the policyholder only 66,75 euros. In people with high income and thus connected a high tax burden the possibility is also when calculating the dues from the tax. If this a higher tax benefit would be as the amount of the allowance, the difference will be reimbursed in addition about the payroll tax.