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This last point is the most important of all one reason much weight, even though all human beings possess intelligence, who each possesses a different of the same degree and at the same time this varies in terms of its kind called spatial, numerical, emotional, etc., however, is not required to make basic judgments, i.e. a man need not be an eminence to possess common senseitself which is basic to the personal growth of the man, and altogether for the society. But what happens when sharing information hurts the interests of those in which lies the power; When a situation is thus presented, the improvement of the living conditions of the people hardly changed, and this is very easy to observe. When a citizen unknown rights many abuses committed against their rights and individual guarantees, coupled with the fact that as it ignores all these guarantees the citizen is unable to cry out for justice by the very fact of ignorance of their rights, an example is very clear denial of health services on the part of an institution or by a private individual in the area of health, between the duties of these entities are clearly marked attend who need it regardless of social or economic status, however in many States this does not happen in practice, and this is due to the ignorance of the population of their rights, and this lack of knowledge is due to his lack of an academic instruction time, and this in turn lies in the situation described above, the State has the obligation to provide education free of charge for the population in general, however to be able to carry out fully the educational process needed several inputs for same useful school students, clothing, transportation, etc. which are not provided by the same what virtually nullifies almost any possibility of access to education for the most vulnerable population, since in general, this sector of the population is which is more numerous, which requires more services and attention, and to be so numerous brings an important percentage of the internal market to perform its consumption of the basic basket not to mention services of transport, drinking water and electricity, of course, this making the assumption that they are accessed or in your community there are. If the State really cared for the education of its people rather than protecting the interests of a few, a lot of social problems would be in way to be resolved, among them unemployment, since having increasingly skilled labor the productive sector would migrated from a merely extractive sector one processing or value-addedwith this level of well-being would rise, since with a production level more specialized increased income for the person who is part of the same, which translates itself into greater security to lower crime rates in an area of misery and turn into a nation that more rapid progress in its development, since a well-educated population is researcher and man, so if the governance model is not the most appropriate, the society would realize and mobilize to change it, all this is a clear example of all the synergy that would occur with the proper formation of the society. Without a doubt, the key in the development of any State lies in the education of its inhabitants.

Leadership And Vision

One well-known trainer in the field of leadership, John Maxwell said: "Smart leaders believe only half of what they hear. Discerning leaders know which half to believe. " Discernment can be described as ability to find the root of any any substantial problems, and it is based both on intuition and on rational thinking. Of course, effective leaders need insight, though not always and in all cases show it. Insight – compulsory and indispensable quality for any leader who wants to improve its efficiency.

With its help it is possible to achieve several important goals: 1. Detection the roots of the problems. Leaders of large organizations each day to cope with many challenges. To cope with it, they just need to rely on his insight. Insight allows the leader to see a partial picture, intuitively fill the missing elements and find the real core of the problem. 2.

Assessment of available options to select the most effective. Discernment is not relies exclusively on one only intuition, nor does it rely only on intelligence. Insight allows you to use as your senses and your mind to find the best course of action for their people and their organizations. 3. Improving your ability to solve problems. If you want to realize the full potential of their insight, the work in those areas where you are particularly strong. 4. Multiplication of their opportunities. People who lack insight, are rarely in the right place at the right time. While great leaders often seem to many lucky lucky, but in reality, this is only the result of their insight. Here are some questions to ponder: Are you a discerning leader? Do you trust your intuition and if you rely on it as much as in your mind and experience? If not, then you need to develop and improve it. As you use your intuition, it will only grow. In order to improve their vision, do the following: 1. Analyze your past successes. What helped you succeed? If you are able to capture the essence already solution and present it in a few words, it can probably learn to do the same and when faced with future challenges. 2. Listen to your intuition. Try to remember those times when you saying something to your inner voice and turned out to be right. Look for the regularity with which you can better understand their own intuitive abilities. 3. Learn to think like a leader. Choose your leaders those whose occupation or close to your talent, and thoughtfully read their biographies. After examining the thinking of other astute leaders, you yourself can become more discerning. Train your vision and let your intuition often helps you in choosing the right solutions. All of the most successful people would not have reached such high results without this quality, based solely on logical calculations. All progressive opening occurred precisely on the basis discernment. Insight will be helpful to you in all areas of your life.