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EAD Time

We are in the age of the society of the information, where its dissemination and construction of the knowledge became interactive and colaborativa. It was of the virtual world, where people if know, if they relate, they buy, they vendem, they make businesses, they study, they interact and if entretm, everything in an environment WEB, global and without borders. It was where the individuality is each arisen time more, where the standardized approach for all is exceeded. It was where the microtrends are molding each time more the society through small imperceptible forces formed by people who if join in common for interests. It was where products and services are each time more personalized and customizveis, where the relationship and marketing one you one are more than a trend.

The moment is propitious for global innovations in all the scopes, incited the individual necessities are each time more, and the time each scarcer time. Ahead of this scene, and the reality and necessities of the Micron and Small Companies, the great potential of the Virtual Consultoria it appears as an innovative form, being a process of evolution of the actual consultoria, that many times is not so direct and objective how much this new modality. The Virtual Consultoria appears as a form to add to the growth and development of the enterprise businesses, with guided strategical actions, instructed and implanted the long distance, of didactic form and with accessible costs, such as the courses had appeared in the distance, but still faces preconceptions and overcoming of paradigms how much its efficiency and effectiveness in the same ratio of the EAD courses. The Virtual Consultoria is one of the modality of services that is carried through in Web environment, through technological resources of interactive medias, as e-mails and confercias on line, for virtual meetings, without the necessity of the physical presence of the consultant. Benefits of the Virtual Consultoria Reduction of costs.

Reduction of time. Focus in the solution of the problem. Refined and didactic diagnosis. Without limit of borders. Customizados services. Long-distance implantation with personalized support. The main objective of the Virtual Consultoria is to intervine long-distance in the implantation of efficient and efficient actions for each business, being minimized costs and time being a chance for the Micron and small companies to have access the services of accessible consultoria of quality and. Thayane Fidelis de Consulting Aquino of Marketing and Sales thayane@ WING Strategies of Marketing and Sales.

The Historical Evolution

In as, we will present the activities developed for the Directions and the manager of the Institute. In third chapter we will deal with the proposal of management alignment of the IPEM with the Union and the IPEM with the State. E, finally, the final consideraes. The proposal aims at to contribute for the improvement of the Public Administration in the eagerness that the Institute of Weights and Measures can, through the improvement of its action, to find its identity, if to locate in the state structure and to take care of the new demands of the society. Of this form, the past of uncertainties will give place to an agile, ethical and transparent institution, in benefit of the of the state of Rio de Janeiro citizen. CHAPTER I 1.1.

The Historical Evolution of the Metrologia the units of primitive measures were based on parts of the human body, that were universal references, therefore were easy to arrive it a measure that could be verified by any person. It was as soon as had appeared the measures standard, such as the count, the handspan, the foot, the yard, the fathom and the step. In general, these measures were based on the measures of body of the king, therefore these were considered perfect, destined and chosen for deuses. However, as the people have different sizes, the measures varied of a person for another one, of people for people, without it had the standardization. The only accurate international measure was the degree of the angle. Therefore, the metrologia if showed an important activity since of the beginning of the commercial activity. The mercantilism if supported in the profit gotten in the exchanges of merchandises. After the successful Portuguese pioneirismo through the profits gotten with the navigations for the oceans Atlantic and Indian, other countries had initiated its expanses in search of the profit.