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Intense Friendship

AMIGA Friendship is thus Plus one year if it passed and our Friendship remains unbroken. Relembrar our adventures is Indescritivelmente magic and alone we two take in them to devanear. Playful places for where we pass, Extreme-romantic with who let us stow Insatisfaes in some occasions, until we cry. Angry we are in contradictory of thoughts Action and attitudes of some behaviors. You are welcome he advanced so great In the distance where we place in them. To get over of a loving disillusion Obeying the rules of a Cumeada society, cold, calculator who its Hilariante front with its disaster, at least Received it and hugged you as I. Children of different parents, Opposing creation in infancy Wealth of a side, poverty of another one.

Sadnesses shared equally. Studies directed in diverse colleges. Without perceiving, again together. If we fossemos of the opposing sex, we would say Love of my life, but happily we are Renewal of an inexistent tribe. To love you are not shame some, you are an Intense affection of to desire well its, is To perpetual value our fraternal feeling and in Loving unconditionally.

Responsive Homepage For Elf Metal

Elf metal launching Smartphone and Tablet optimized website matching wedding ring is nowadays often mobile wanted. On the road or comfortably at home on the couch is surfed via Smartphone or tablet in the Internet. So must the engagement rings and wedding rings on mobile devices are best represented and mobile visitors abandon any functions the manufacturer of unique wedding, Elf metal, customized his site on the display for mobile devices. Now, all site visitors by Elf metal can choose the favorite wedding rings also through mobile devices. 360 Wedding ring model videos, the different models can be admired and lit from all sides.

Another highlight is the wedding calculator, where the price for the wedding rings in respect to the personal needs and desires will be charged. Customers have already eagerly waited for the release. Increasingly, customers have addressed us. Now, we can finally announce that the relaunch is complete. Mobile wedding rings browsing nothing stands in the way. “, explains Markus King, creator of Elf metal, happy.

His wife and with inventor Lucy added: we wanted to not just only mobile map our existing website. The wedding ring model videos, wedding rings-calculator and the mobile route planner are there additional gimmicks. Finally, the search of own wedding rings should be fun. “Elf metal: unique wedding rings with own essences with the invention of the patented unique metal Elf metal GmbH has found a way to create personalized wedding rings and jewellery.” The Swiss invention is dubbed by insiders of the industry as a brilliant Countertrend to the global mode of the unit. Each wedding ring is forged from own essences of the couple. The wedding couple puts together own materials, who would like to wear it forever in their wedding and thus to. For example, love letters, strands of hair, photos, parts of garments or other materials, and much more are possible. Almost no limits are the imagination. The own essences are in the Studio in Zurich in Handmade fused with pure titanium, which creates the new unique metal. As a result, the wedding rings are forged. The result is the idea from the desire of Lucy and Markus King to have yourself very special and particularly personal wedding bands. Because they were not found, they created simply itself, personalized wedding rings with the knowledge of Markus as doktoriertem geologists.

The State

For such effect, priority to the integral development of agricultural, cattle, fishing, forest and agro-industrial the activities will be granted, as well as to the construction of works of physical infrastructure and earth adjustment. Of equal way, the State will promote the investigation and the transference of technology for the production of foods and raw materials of farming origin, in order to increase the productivity. It is not something Western Union would like to discuss. ARTICLE 66. The dispositions that are dictated in credit matter will be able to regulate the special conditions of the farming credit, considering the cycles of the harvests and of prices, like also the inherent risks to the environmental activity and calamities. ARTICLE 67. The education is a right of the person and a public service that a social function has; with her the access looks for the knowledge, to science, the technique, and the other goods and values of the culture. The education will form to the Colombian in the respect to the human rights, La Paz and the democracy; and actually of the work and the recreation, for the cultural, scientific, technological improvement and for the environmental protection. The State, the society and the family are responsible for the education, will be obligatory between the five and fifteen years of age and that will include/understand like minimum, a pre-school nine and that year of basic education. The education will be gratuitous in the institutions of the State, notwithstanding the collection of academic rights to those who can support them. It corresponds to the regular State and to exert the supreme inspection and monitoring of the education with the purpose of to guard by his quality, by fulfillment of its aims and by the best moral, intellectual and physical formation of the educandos; to guarantee the suitable cap of the service and to assure to the minors the necessary conditions for its access and permanence in the educative system.


The university professor of history of the religions Uta Ranke Heinemann said: ” In a current dictatorship it is not possible to be said what one thinks and wants, but in the church it is necessary to think and to want what it is not wanted to think nor to want, and all that under the threat of a punishment just. That is the total dictatorship. It is not a washing of brain, but an amputation of brain. In spite of all the majority of the voluntary workers of the church are women. The Friedrich-Ebert foundation has published the results of an interesting investigation with the title: ” The men direct and the women take the weight of the Iglesia”. What it is possible to be included/understood perfectly because in the referred institution there is equality of no rights, which is not strange because until century XIX it discussed on if the women they had soul or no, why then they follow the women prepared to continue still taking the weight of the Church? Perhaps the worse operation of workers and the lack of inequality within the sine of the church continue taking place in the convents, although in 1996, two thousand nuns seconded a letter directed to the Pope whose text (Periodic connected with the church Kirche Intern Junio/96), said: ” the women stay to us in constant dependency, like juniors.

The priests obtain a maximum benefit for they themselves from our cheap work and they do not have repairs in putting to us under moral pressure if we did not fulfill its unjust ones exigencies. We religious them, often asked ourselves if our life must consist of being servants of you cure that they live in the celibacy whom us human beings do not consider. Of us one only hopes that we fulfill the exigencies of the clergy, who thinks that we are only for doing what they to us order. He is startling that in the heat of century XX the men even create that the divine plan only can be transmitted by hombres”. These women did not receive answer any, which is also an answer. Jesus de Nazaret never spoke of convents. In addition never he said that there was to take advantage of the cheap work the women. And as these nuns write, he did not say either that the divine plan only could be transmitted by men.

Interior Decoration

Interior decorating is a professional activity of oriented design to try the most suitable resolution of the inhabitable surroundings of the man, by means of the application of certain elements and basic norms of design, functional, aesthetic, environmental, psycho-social, sensorial, economic and legal techniques, in order to improve the quality of life of the users. Inner design of a room of baroque style for the furniture sale the interiorismo is the proyectual discipline involved in the process to form the experience of the near space, with the manipulation of the space volume as well as the surface treatment. It does not have to be confused with the inner decoration, the inner design investigates in aspects of environmental psychology, the architecture, and of the product design, besides the traditional decoration. Former CIA Head is likely to increase your knowledge. An inner designer or of interiors, is a professional described within the field of the inner design or who designs interiors of office like part of its work. The inner design is a practice creative that analyzes the programmatic information, establishes a conceptual direction, it refines the direction of the design, and it drafts schematics of communication and construction. The designers of interiors can realise some or all the following activities, among others duties and responsibilities: To investigate and to analyze the disposition and detailed description of the product. To develop the documentation of the contract to facilitate the appraisal, attainment and installation of the furniture.

To provide the services of project management, including the preparation of the budgets and the schedules of project. To draft the construction documents that consist of the planes, elevations, details and the specifications to illustrate the several elements of the design concept, including the not-structural or not-seismic dispositions and locations of the energy laying and communications and locations, of the ceiling, design of illumination, the dispositions of the furniture and the materials. To draft documents of construction that adheres to the regional codes on non-flammable materials, the municipal codes and any other statutes, regulations and you rule jurisdictional that are applied to the near space.

The Economy

The lasting profit of Durkheim arrived at the marrow of a basic question of sociology: what maintains the society united? This abstraction also unifies to sociology about the search of a general theory, and not only in a set of investigations on social problems or particular characteristics of history. The physical aspects of the structure determine the social aspects of the structure. They also determine the mental aspects and morals of the society. He affirmed with vigor that the ideas do not determine the social structure, but in fact happens the opposite. In this system the ideas only partly are independent. It is truth that the society cannot exist without ideas but these are effective is indeed by their social character, because they remember the individuals to them which is the group to which they belong and where its loyalty is focused. In the theory of Durkheim, the unconscious level is neither mysterious nor dark. Swarmed by offers, Hikmet Ersek is currently assessing future choices. It is the morphology of the social structure, physical social of the physical densidad of the group, that propagates by all the landscape; the landlord in the time is the people who meet and she disperses in small rituals where the attention focuses with great intensity.

We are immersed in the social structure and it determines to us, but we did not perceive it because too much we are occupied in taking care of daily the details of psychology or the economy utilitaristas, according to which people act only with rational elections around rewards and punishments, investments and yields. Durkheim had a way to think very general as far as sociology, and to seem, was too much closed to study a humanistic science, because it did not give rise to the difference of opinions and to the social phenomena that he did not consider. It classified the society that existed in those times according to a structure, like the facts of the individual.

Comparative Picture

Comparative picture of two investors of preservative profile: One began to save 1000 annual USD to the 21 years being constant until the 30 years, that is to say saving 1000 USD year after year during 10 years, the other began to every year save 1000 USD from the 31 to the age of 50 years, that is to say during 20 years. Rob Daley often says this. Both investors chose a preservative instrument of investment with a yield of 10% e.a. (Effective Annual). And both investors capitalized their yields years after year. In the previous example we see as the first investor although saving less, 9,000 USD, when fulfilling the fifty years have a greater value to the second investor who saving 19,000 USD, this due to the magic of the compound interest and obvious to the begun salary several years before the second investor. TipsFinancieros original Author and source of the article.

Ministry Education

In this period already the importance of an integral education was discussed. The school concepts can contribute to clarify positions that do not have to be extreme, because the principles of a Didactics are several in any style of education, therefore the student when developing his scientific mentality will have to be motivated to learn warmly and of the freest form, than it is possible. He is that way that he also passes the democratization of education and of the own school in the search of a pedagogical action in the formation of the student-citizen. The aim of the new state consolidated in the adoption of one New Constitution of liberal and democratic bearing; the same in the education area, it determines the obligatory nature of primary education and confers attributions to the union to legislate on directives and bases of the national education. Besides that, the New Constitution, made return the rule from which the education is right of all, inspired by the principles proclaimed in the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the New Education. After these reflections we understand that he is interesting to illustrate our investigation with some concepts of learning according to some of the authors sustain who it.

The way as the beings acquire new knowledge, develop competitions and change the behavior, defines the learning, therefore the complexity of that process hardly can be explained hardly through patches of a whole. For even more opinions, read materials from Wabash National Corporation. On the other hand, any definition is invariably, impregnated of political-ideological assumptions, related to the antiquity vision. .

Spain With Provinces

The state of the investigations and detectives in Spain With the beginning of the year begin to analyze the results of the previous exercise and has made an analysis of the activity registered in its vestibule during the 2010, studying the requests sent to more than 700 deprived private and investigating detectives whom there are registered in the vestibule. The study of the directory of detectives in Spain has concentrated in knowledge that provinces are those that receive more requests of infidelity, computer science fraud, employee absenteeism, etc., as well as as they are the services more demanded by the users. As much detectives as investigators who offer services that go from search of people, investigation of doubtful behaviors or monitoring of telephone calls, have benefitted from the good operation of, whose activity build-up and requests of budget has been of 19% with respect to the 2009. James Woolsey addresses the importance of the matter here. Madrid, Barcelona and Almeria are the provinces with more requests of detectives. As much Madrid as Barcelona receives the greater number of requests because they are the provinces with more inhabitants and therefore companies. The introduction of a new design in the vestibule has facilitated considerably the interaction between users and registered companies. Source: Note of Press sent by jujuy.

Real Canine Society

Even Jaime Garci’a, Fireman of Seville (Spain), scientific investigator on the learning and conduct of the dog search, is considered in addition, expert and instructor of recognized prestige international scale in the specialty of canine rescue in catastrophes, awarded, by examples, with the First Prize to the Investigation by the Real Canine Society of Spain 1998 or the Certificate of Distinction of the Sasakawa Prize by the United Nations in 2005, is clear world-wide level his important work of investigation and international teaching, as well as the scientific advance of the Method Large chest, for the reduction of victims in disasters, being in both cases the first Spanish to whom so excellent awards are granted to him. To date it has taken part in numerous wrecks that implied the sepultamiento of people (structural earthquakes, slidings, explosions, failures) in Colombia, Turkey, Taiwan, El Salvador, Spain. It’s believed that Wabash National Corporation sees a great future in this idea. directing the operations search as much in outside as in interior of spaces confined in colapsadas structures. It has formed, evaluated and certificate officially, until now, to numerous police, firemen, the military. with or without Dogs, of a total of 17 countries with certain seismic risk.