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Mini City

The Berlin Games developer Dutyfarm CHAOS presents CITY BERLIN for iPhone and iPod touch, which is available in the app store now. This collection of mini-games catapulted the Berliner and the drawn to Swabia in the city together: the player crosses murderously busy streets, devouring Curry sausage in light speed and jump at the last second by the unstoppable doors of the subway. So easy, the country bumpkin turns into a real Berlin! In the jungle of capital generally, dog poop, and crowded Cafes waiting for the players. It is to climb the highest scores and the Telespargel-O-meter to molt by the street musicians to the hipster of middle of. Here are response time and skill are needed, because every millisecond is vital in the metropolis. 8 Mini-games in 3 difficulty levels, leaderboards in the game Center, self-explanatory controls and addictive gameplay await the players. You may want to visit gibson dean to increase your knowledge. MEDIA / ONLINE / PROMO CODES app store link: official website: promo codes we ask “an email to Please title your request in the subject line with promo code chaos city” and briefly indicate your name and company.

How To Make Big Money In Farmville

Farmville is a great place to escape the rigors of everyday life. You can return to nature and enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes from working with the land. However, not everything in Farmville is an escape from the ordinary. You still need money for almost everything you want to do. You have to buy seeds for planting, and even pay a small fee for each parcel of land that you want to plow. These costs are easily controlled, of course, because you will harvest and sell their crops at a price higher than that cost planting.

There are plenty of other elements that can be purchased on the market in Farmville to decorate and build their farm, and will not be able to obtain these products without some significant sums of cash. The purchase of these items will also give some much needed experience points to advance to the next level, so you need to find a way to make sure you have enough money for all who wants to buy discretionary items. Hourly earnings Because you will need coins in Farmville, need to maximize the revenue potential of your farm. The best way to do this is to discover which crops pay most of the coins per hour. For example, strawberries are sold for 35 coins per piece of land harvested and takes four hours to grow. The pumpkins, on the other hand, takes eight hours to grow and sell in 68 coins per piece of land harvested. That means that, for the same acreage, currencies gain of 8.75 per hour by the planting of strawberries, pumpkins while 8.5 will only give you coins per hour.

This may seem a small difference, but these small amounts can make a difference quickly. Of course, you will not get the value of your money unless you make the harvesting of crops as soon as they are ready and immediately re-planted land. If you will not be able to return to his farm for 8 hours, is much better to choose the planting of pumpkins. The longer you leave a crop after it has matured, less you’ll be getting earnings. Only you can make money fast on crops that mature quickly if you are able to harvest and replant as soon as they are ready for sale. Be sure to take these details into consideration when selecting the seeds from the market, and watch your bank account gets bigger from one moment to another.