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Psychological Level

Against an accident in nature, or another environment, where it is need of survival, then priority actions, and if you lengthen the time needed to finalize the rescue, it is necessary that you keep busy, thus your psychological level, on anyone who gives value to life, keep well on top. In terms of survival, the improvisation is essential: use your inventiveness and creativity in developing your confidence. Human beings has remained throughout the centuries taking advantage of systems that nature gives you. So there you can get whatever you need to manufacture tools and instruments necessary for your survival. Many times the vivid catastrophe you divests of items that you’ve taken in the survival kit and need to improvise. Hence the necessity of supplying you with the basics to survive the sufficient time to be saved, or to get the way of return.

With strong branches, it is possible to construct the stretcher to load wounded. You should know that you can deal with natural elements of the plants to improvise a simple pot to place water, and just form clay or leather. With certain fruits you can construct a whistle to call for help. You can make your own waterproofed matches. You can improvise with green branches, and traps for hooks, making hooks with nature materials. It is possible to improvise shovels, hammers also using branches or appropriate rocks and stakes. If you don’t have the compass, nature can give you many components for guidance.

If the misfortune was in the water, can improvise floats, rafts, air balloons, and sea water Desalinators. Using the intuition of the vegetation, you can manufacture lianas that you keep hanging in suspense. You can also make wheelbarrows and camshaft of all kinds. And you can improvise measuring instruments with which you can calculate distances and heights. And with the preliminary, can develop the necessary amount of antiseptic medication, skin regenerative, and for prevention or healing of stings of insects or bite of animals. There are some articles on survival in nature is why we suggest you visit our page by clicking: El Profe Roberto .


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The Utility

For the foregoing reasons, the present work is a definition by items of cost, which part of the definition of Cole. Was applied, considering the role played by each delivery in the activity of accommodation and gastronomy in its broadest conception. Be disregarded those expenditures that will not yield a future benefit, which constitute a commitment to service and will therefore never be billed directly to the customer. Another important aspect in the determination of the target cost is the conception of the variability of costs. It is not less true that practical hotel is very difficult to demarcate in fixed and variable allocations recorded in the cost in activity.

Here we make the caveat that if we stick to what strictly speaking is a cost fixed. One who is absolutely independent of the volume of production generated by a company. In the case of the hotel really fixed costs, represent a minimum proportion in terms of its amount with respect to the total costs. Subtraction synthesize then from this point of view the elements that form say part of the target cost, target price and utility objective. We understand that in the determination of both elements analysis of dynamics must be the starting point and the basis for further calculation, but cannot be a simple extrapolation of the trend. In the case of the target price the endpoint of the tourist product is Basic for the determination of the indicator. This allows you to know the future possibilities of that product in as to levels of prices and which current trends can be valid in the future. This analysis has to be complemented with the study of the characteristics of the touristic pole in which the product is inserted. The utility objective part of a single base with respect to the target price, is closely linked to the elements which determine the target price.

Food Processor

A robot of kitchen or kitchen aid food processor is an appliance whose function is to perform various tasks in the food preparation process thus facilitating the daily cooking task. Since its market introduction several years ago, kitchen robot has become an essential appliance in the kitchen for many households by their multiple functions, its contribution to eat healthily and saving time means. Concept employed in the kitchen appliances have evolved since the blenders and toasters of the 1970s, 1980s pressure cookers and microwave ovens from the 1990s up to the appliance by excellence in the kitchens of the 21st century, the food processor. What characterizes the kitchen robot and differentiates it from other appliances such as mixers, grinders, blenders or squeezers is that his ability to cook meals. Its main function is basically the of Cook, understanding why FRY, bake, baking, cooking at pressure, boiling, steaming, stewing or simply heat, for which purpose enter ingredients in crude oil in the Pan and push a button to select the program.

Some models have engine and blades so that they are added to the basic functionality for cooking many other functions such as beat, blend, chop, grate, knead or mix, by grouping many functions in this way in a single appliance, and can thus replace various appliances with consequent saving of space in the kitchen. A food processor is a kitchen utensil tremendously useful, that allows to prepare with very little effort, stews, sauces, pizzas, dough, pasta, milk shakes, cocktails, ice creams or desserts (depending on model). The food processor is a fully integrated device in modern communication and information technologies, and has extensive presence in social networks and websites of the Internet, where it has an infinite number of blogs, forums and websites with thousands of recipes created expressly to be cooked in a food processor. We see some of the main features features and functions that may offer us a kitchen robot: programs: they usually have several predefined programs, as well as the possibility of adding new recipes. They tend to be programmable to 24 hours, by selecting what time must be the dish cooked the food processor will calculate time, temperature and speed to have the dish ready. Capacity: between 2 and 5 liters. Blades: those who have motor incorporate blades and interchangeable cutting discs that allow grate, chop or cut food. Cleaning: they are easy to clean, the lid and the Bowl may be cleaned with a damp cloth, and can be washed in dishwasher. Additional functions: some models include useful additional functions such as scale, kitchen steaming tray, tray for baking, voice or LCD display function. Source: Food processor

Online Jobs

Many are confused and frustrated with their current jobs. Low wages and the feeling of being undervalued take them to dream of the possibility of having your own business. However, costs combined with risk factors holding back most of the drives. Affiliate Marketing is a way for people looking for jobs online. It costs nothing and generate revenues. However, today one must be careful. There are thousands of jobs online cheats and con artists on the streets, looking for ways to take your money. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not immune to this.

Every day people are deceived with the promise that get a lot of money with little effort. In this article we will give some clues to teach you to identify a cheat. When you join an affiliate marketing scheme, you will sell a product or a service. In relation to the goods, you usually have a choice and a range of sale. The way we choose to do this depends largely on you.

You can also sell a service. Designs web pages, increased sales and internet traffic are examples of services offered by Affiliate Marketing program. How many times have you seen the Internet ads that promise big profits? Things like “Earn $ 1,000 in a day” or “join our program and become a millionaire” If you look closely you will notice this advertisement does not actually sell anything. Any company is only selling the opportunity to make money is a scam. It is true that some internet companies work in attracting attention with headlines such as those mentioned above. However, if you read carefully your ads and information presented here is a description of what the company sells. There will also be a list of disclaimers, terms and conditions. To generate from your home, without having to sell your own product, just do.

Free Games And Online Games

The days of board games are counted, these days it can easily gamble from your PC. Alone or with friends. In rain or shine. Dive with us into the world of online games! If you are bored is spreading, stress on the job, your boss or your partner annoys you begrudge no peace? Do not get stressed out, stay calm and relaxed and treat yourself to a personal time! With us you can play online games to your heart free. In between, as a pastime, or to switch off after work. Whenever you want. The graphics of most games has now improved and you can experience pure gaming fun in best resolution without having to sit in front of a pixelated screen.

You feel transported to another time. We offer you all possible categories, including action, adventure, thought and skill games, shooter, simulation, or sports games. There is something for everyone. are classic games such as Tetris, Snake, or PacMan to our course in the online version and you can to enable children and youth leave behind. With us you can play all the games of course completely free of charge, you need not even register themselves but can loszocken immediately. Menu, simply select a category and find an overview of a specific game with a succinct description. Favorite pick and away you go. It could not be real. Click through our pages for practices and the game-headings. We wish you much pleasure and success in the fight against boredom!