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Insurance Levels From Safes

How much cash is insured by which safe? There are many security level in safes. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Karri Kuzma. You can find here what you need at what value. Have cash, jewelry or securities and certainly want this kept and still assures. Gibson dean often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A safe in the right security level / degree of resistance / VDS class is dan the necessary request. What is the difference between the concepts.

Security level is the colloquial and comes from the former name VDMA security level B, this referred to a double-walled safe. This was replaced by the security level S2 which is checked by the ECB-S and the VDS. Start the correct resistance class / grade from resistance degree N or 0. Below for an overview of what degree of resistance for which amount is required. It is important the insurance companies differentiate between private storage and business. Security level / intensity level possible Insurance protection without security security level A EUR 2,500 private / business security level B EUR 2,500 private / business security level S1 EUR 5,000 private / EUR 2,500 business security level S2 EUR 20,000 private / EUR 2,500 business resistance degree N EUR 40,000 private / EUR 10,000 business resistance level 1 private 65,000 EUR / EUR 20,000 business resistance level 2 EUR 100,000 private / EUR 50,000 for business resistance level 3 EUR 200,000 private / EUR 100,000 business fire protection from 30-180 minutes fire protection certificate for more information on this topic you will find up-to-date safes security levels


Background for the gloomy scenario is Shin according to the fact that the crisis now had jumped over to the real economy and have spread also on credit cards, consumer and business debt. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts. In total this would with the losses generated by mortgages at least parity, or even exceed them. We are in terms of the crisis probably halfway”, said Shin to MarketWatch. After you have passed through the first phase, they were present in the second. The real crux is, to what extent the prime mortgage segment will be affected. To know more about this subject visit Madeleine Sackler. “And that depends on how far the House prices are still falling,” said the professor. With his bleak prognosis Shin estimates similar to the situation, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which estimated the sum of losses driven by the financial crisis some time ago on 945 billion dollars what Shin according to a realistic number, although probably still too low level exposure.

Worldwide, experts warn before that, the danger should not be underestimated, or how many politicians practiced deliberately small to talk. “We have currently likely to not one of the usual dents in standing up and down of the markets to do it, but with a completely new in this constellation and probably long-term downward trend. Old truisms according to the motto “Buy, when the cannons thunder”, could be here quite as the wrong decision out. “, warns Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt procon e.V., Member of the Board of the Federal Association Because clinging to “partially outdated patent recipes” so pitter-Kilfitt, already in the new market collapse several investors “learned the hard way paid”. As a result of the turmoil on the world markets escape from equity funds equity funds currently suffer significant outflows. This expresses the mood on the stock exchanges further a dangerous spiral! The interest and confidence of private investors and in equities is waning more and more.

How Much Does A Funeral? Cost Calculator By Monuta Indicates

The issue of costs does not stop even before the death. For many survivors, the funeral expenses are a nasty surprise. Accordingly, most people do not intend an idea of what costs arise for a funeral and make. Monuta has found a solution: with an online calculator for burials brings the Dutch provider of Sterbegeldversicherungen light in the dark. The cost discussion does not stop at the death and the funeral. What made the situation worse: at least people provide for the own funeral expenses and have an idea of what a funeral costs are connected.

Often be underestimated the financial pressures and the survivors must muster the necessary money unprepared. To give orientation here, the Dutch insurer Monuta N.V has introduced an online cost calculator for burials as the first supplier in Germany. At, customers and interested parties can calculate the costs of a funeral of their choice. Who has already answered the questions of cost and design his own funeral in advance, can relieve significantly his survivors as a result”, says Walter Capellmann, main representative of Monuta N.V. in Germany. For a funeral represents a State for nationals, in which organizational decisions are very difficult.

Then financial surprises are added, are simply overwhelmed. many survivors” The cost calculator Monuta offers for burials the stakeholders and interested parties quickly and efficiently information about the costs of a funeral. Thats a great support with the already difficult questions in the bereavement”Caballero explained. In addition, the Monuta Web page in the download area provides all relevant documents relating to the provision of bereavement, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The Scenarium developed by Monuta”provides also valuable guidance in the most important points, which are observed in the context of a funeral by the type of burial up to the Design of the commemoration. About Monuta Monuta insurance insurance, a subsidiary of the Dutch Monuta Uitvaartzorg en – verzekeringen N.V., their burial since July 2007 in Germany offers. Because Monuta sees itself as trustee for its customers, the product range in addition to the pure insurance or financial protection includes additional services and benefits. Germany wide is it worked with selected, quality-tested local partners. In the Netherlands, the Monuta Uitvaartzorg founded in 1923 is the market leader for the bereavement care en-verzekeringen N.V.. The company serves there 1.1 million customers and manages a portfolio of EUR 4.6 billion (stand: May 2010). Press inquiries: Britta Wulff public imaging Agency for investor relations and Public Relations GmbH Goldbekplatz 3-5 D-22303 Hamburg Walter Capellmann Tel.: 040 / 40 19 99-27 fax: 040 / 40 19 99-10

Free Comparison Calculator

Novices start with special features for brokers consumers use it long time ago, now, more than 6,000 people use the free online calculator on daily. But even among brokers, they enjoy great popularity. The new professional tool dbpro is aimed at this target group: it is now available under as a free Web service available. DBPro is based on the insurance comparison calculators on and offers special features for customer support. Full performance with modern design on Tablet & co most comparison tools for agencies looking at, that they now include the old iron.

In the customer contact, this leads increasingly to the bizarre situation that the laity has put more modern tools the comparison calculators of than the pros. Dbpro therefore relies on State of the art interface standards: the Web service looks thanks to responsive design on Tablet and laptop as well as on the desktop PC and offers the full range of functions across all devices. Also estate agents would like to modern tools with good Use user interface. Our free professional tool dbpro provides similar functionality as other programs, but also herzeigbar in contrast. The intermediary may insert dbpro therefore also in the consultation and together with customers to select the optimal product. So the consultation is more efficient and high-quality”explained Reinhold Baudisch, Managing Director of “Free professional features: compare, apply for, manage after within a very short time has established itself as the leading price comparison portal in the private sector, aimed specifically at brokers and broker of insurance we want to become the leading platform of the comparison in the professional field”, confirms Baudisch.

About dbpro special features for professionals: individual discounts can be stored in the system and manages broker numbers. Once a supplier is determined together with the customer by comparison, the necessary proposals for submission to the insurance can be created automatically. For subsequent customer meetings, the comparisons can be easily stored and are constantly available. “Apart from the functions and the modern user interface by dbpro also the price is a strong argument: while paying brokers for similar programs $70 and more per month, dbpro free and will remain there”, as Babu. is the largest independent online price comparison portal in Austria. currently operates 17 tariff comparisons for insurance, electricity and gas, as well as traditional financial products such as upto -, and interest rates on savings. Households save annually by a provider change in these areas up to 1,000 euros. Partner of are the Chamber of labour of Upper Austria, the ARBo and Global 2000. With the easy to use comparison computers consumers can crawl the confusing themselves anonymously and free of charge and so easily from the offers those with the best Choose the price / performance ratio. If necessary, offers free advice and support when switching to a cheaper provider. Currently it employs 20 start-up based in Vienna.

Auto Insurance Calculator

It is possible to perform online rate comparison, undverbindlich and free – with an insurance comparison for all conceivable insurance. Are given the insurance costs high? A policyholder who intends to reduce them, that simply use a no obligation comparison calculator. The World Wide Web offers the possibility, non-binding offers of insurance calculate and compare it to capacity. Just for the widely used types of insurance are appropriate insurance comparison. Easily search the optimum range, and online find out whether the option is to reduce existing costs with a change. The no-obligation Auto Insurance Calculator: compare and equally on the Web millions switch providers there are vehicles in Germany, and all cars have one thing in common: the car insurance.

Indeed auto liability insurance by the legislature not only is given in Germany, specifically in Europe. But in hardly any other country there are enough quotes for car insurance as in Germany. Therefore, a calculation of car insurance by an insurance comparison profitable mainly hereabouts. Like other insurance Calculator also this is offered free of charge on the Internet. You may wish to learn more. If so, Western Union is the place to go. Around 75 insurance companies, also just under two hundred rates inside the car insurance comparison on average. Therefore, a car insurance calculator is one of those comparisons, which is particularly profitable.

Of the car liability insurance dog insurance – count offerings compared insurance liability insurance to the main types of insurance. No matter whether private insurance or car insurance, that insurance offers damaged third parties protect against claims. Just car insurance is a mandatory insurance – due to the Gefahrundgs liability. Therefore, for each vehicle, which is located in the transport area, a car insurance must be present. An insurance tariff, which must be not costly: a free auto liability insurance comparison is a comparison of the a very economical tariff to identify readily supported. This is when more may be requested in addition to the auto liability insurance, for example a fully comprehensive insurance. But not only exists for the car insurance insurance companies to be able to compare the opportunity on the Web. That chance is given for the dog insurance and private liability. Go to Warren Kanders for more information. The comparison for insurance shows which insurance company has a good but also cheap insurance rate offer. Regardless of whether a dog insurance or auto insurance should be subjected to a comparison: in a very short time the result represented online insurance compared. Author of this article: Tanja Makalani – kramoo press service of the Internet Agency

Vienna Online

Are the costs for the approval-Messenger service with a Special flat and EUR 30, or 60 euros in Vienna. GO!Express positions itself for years as a successful provider of official channels, particularly in visa matters. Added value for the customers of the paperwork: so a damage call in the event of damage fast service, and the Alliance takes over the coordination of repair appointments, assessment and quality control. Hull damage the Alliance organize on request in a network of Austrian quality companies the completion of the repair, and two days time to repair even a rental car customers will be available. Information and help get a separate service hotline by phone.

Every day, cancel the Alliance dispenses with the usual single or multi-year contracts and offers the possibility to the daily cancellation of car insurance customers. “Our offer provides a convenience product, which still do not exist in this form in the online market and we priced this ranks us under the Top provider”, emphasizes Oswald. “Our medium-term objective is to position itself as the leading online company in the Austrian insurance market.” If’s go go’s although is quick to recognize, according to Oswald, in this country have no immediate online boom with rapid market growth it is foreseeable that Austria will remain an island without direct market. “Online sales we see a large levers for growth in acquiring new customers in the medium to long term. When a spill-over of the recognizable in other countries trends towards online insurance then only prepared and experienced provider will have a chance on higher market share.” This applies all the more, experience more revolutionary than evolutionary enter such market developments.

Motor Insurer

More than 20 insurance companies differ in the coming year by classical calculation of risk for regional classes from Berlin, November 12, 2009 until November 30 drivers have the possibility to choose a cheap car insurance for the coming year. In the current Wechselsaison is advisable a careful comparison, because many insurers calculate their tariffs for 2010 according to new risk standards. So, according to research of the independent consumer portal, differ more than 20 insurance companies from the usual pricing after registration districts and differentiated discounting the respective local damage risks. The amount of the insurance premium the regional class, which is associated with the official indicator, played a decisive role so far”, explains insurance expert Thorsten Bohg by In addition to numerous direct insurers but also large insurance companies such as Allianz, the HUK-Coburg or the DEVK no longer calculate the rates valid for 2010 generally after the registration districts. “Rather a postcode-sharp Association is the calculations or a regional fine selection based on some insurers.” Example Berlin: According to the classical Association a uniform risk value for regional classes applies for the entire federal capital, no matter whether the car holder in the city centre or the outskirts live. With the Germany’s largest insurer, Allianz, but there price differences between individual urban areas by about 5 percent. The differences in the second largest insurance company HUK-Coburg are even higher.

Here vary the rates between the bourgeois Steglitz-Zehlendorf and the scene Borough of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg by up to 17 percent. There are similarly large differences in the direct insurer direct line. This risk classification of many parts but is totally different as the HUK-Coburg. With the increased departure from the old calculation model for registration districts, two essential factors play a role. Motor insurer can a postcodes on a map more precisely calculate the local risks of a customer. On the other hand allows for a derogation in the new vehicle registration regulation take of the license plate moves within a federal State. This arrangement already applies in Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein. A calculation of the actual risk by the insurer on the basis of the indicator is no longer possible in these cases”, adds Bohg.

Through consumer portals such as ( car insurance) or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can find out in just a few minutes specifically on the subject of car insurance consumers and free to switch to a cheaper provider. Corresponding data and maps to this press release can be provided on request. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. Currently, it includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, automotive, furniture, Residential buildings, private liability, keepers liability and is constantly expanded and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Christina Salinas Tel.: + 49.30.2576205.28 Email:

Gold Calculator For Determining Price Of Gold

How much my Gold is the key for sellers of scrap gold which has gold price worth is developed even more outstanding in 2009. Finally, 23 percent were about year to beech. This corresponds to the highest gains on within one calendar year for three decades. Main drivers of price trends were Hedgingaktivitaten against a weaker US dollar and increased Central Bank purchases. The price of gold achieved the peak of 2009 of $ 1220 2009 on December 3.

The price above of $ 1100 seems currently to establish. In the course of this development, increasingly households raise the question, whether a sale of scrap gold or jewelry, as he often from bequests, is worth at the current time. At the same time whatever new providers appear, which fast and offer simple gold purchase. Here, it is but please note prices and to take into account the differences of gold. To facilitate this now offers a gold machine with the current price determination no problem represents. Simply enter the key data such as weight and fineness and already obtained the material value of gold currently. This always the current gold price calculation will be used, making the gold calculator represents a useful tool in the search for a suitable purchaser. You want to include the gold calculator on your site? No problem. Send a short email to and we send you the code snippet.

Use Day Money Calculator

A day money calculator shows the different conditions for different investments the investors who is looking for a good interest day money account, faces a variety of offerings. Call money is now offered by virtually every credit institution, and especially Internet banks provide most attractive interest rates and a simple administration of the account via online banking. But how to find out now the right deals out of the abundance of the various day money? Best one day cash machine are used here. Such a computer is on the Internet on many financial portals free of charge and ideal can be used to find out the appropriate day money account. The day money calculator is very easy to use. Only the required investment amount into a search field must be entered, as well as the required investment term. Already, a corresponding table that lists various German day money providers and up-to-date presented their conditions will appear in the blink of an eye.

The day money calculator shows then match the individual entered amount also equals the potential yield at the different vendors as well as the effective rate of return. Without long amount of investors with the money of the day learns comparison, which profit opportunities are each given. The day money is comparison but only as a rough overview to understand. Because the comparability of the various day money provider is often difficult, because many banks action interest for certain periods of time or only at certain maximum deposits offer. Therefore, an objective call money is only conditionally possible comparison.

Private Health Insurance Calculator

Why a price comparison for insurance benefits is important, and why a consultation on the spot is indispensable price compare private health insurance for many insurance companies a PKV comparison can perform so well for private health insurance. Where this makes sense, but only to the extent that such a “comparison of private Krankenversicherng” has online the Internet relating to the personal situation (profession, health) and the insurance-intrinsic data such as age and gender. Because these facts are decisive for the effectuation of a certain price or contribution. Also can speak only of an objective comparison of the price, if the rates being compared have identical or at least similar to comprehensive services. Otherwise be compared in the truest sense of the word “Apples and oranges”. Also the personal needs of a private Krankenversicheurng in the foreground should and then be directed to the attention to the price.

Just the extensive and the PKV make comfortable services only interesting and attractive in comparison to the statutory health insurance. Private health insurance calculator a classic price comparison can be any free online private health insurance calculator perform. Here, you can even individually put together rates the PKV. So a separate price for certain services can be calculated, unnecessary services can be excluded. The results of such a car can be computer is in three price and performance groups, the base protection, comfort and a very large Premiumschutz. These results should only be considered indicative and serve a first and approximate overview of the tariff and price landscape of private health insurance companies. For a tailored insurance a counselling and support by an experienced technician on the spot should be as before; This helps not only in the search for a suitable policy, but also cares for questions or Complications.