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Gisela Delgado

The program eat to lose focuses on the formulation of tailored diet plans for users based on a series of intrinsic factors such as body diet, basal metabolic rate, medical history and the frame of mind of the person in question. It also contains recommendations on the ideal exercise and exercise routines, tips for healthy living lifestyle, and tips on how to stay focused and motivated while it pursues the weight loss and good health. The type of diet which advocates the program eat to lose seems to have sense is not a recommendation to the drastic measures or shock diets, but which actually suggests cooking all day much more friendly with health and therefore it is an integral part of everyday life. A promising post package that the diet is the focus of the program eat to lose, containing valuable information about the nutritional values and the caloric content of different types of food commonly consumed. A lot of careful research and information Scientific has gone into this, and the program also offers a large number of easy recipes that you can use to make eating healthy daily. These recipes seem easy to make and tasty. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch and snack that focus on the use of components with qualities known burning of fat and nutritional supplements that are added to the nutritional value of recipes. In general, the program eat to lose seems to be a significant and important contribution to the public in the field of weight loss and is a solution that can only be on a diet a little easier. To know that you have to say Gisela Delgado who lost kilos and has remained so for months thanks to the program to eat to lose, you can go to his Blog here.

Zone Place

One of the most beautiful places on the planet to explore is the high mountain area. In the province of Mendoza, Argentina, the region of Uspallata in Las Heras Department, known as high-mountain circuit. Say that it is an extremely picturesque area, it would be underestimating it. In this region are large number of testimonies of the American indigenous peoples, of life in the Spanish colony, and the passage of the Jose of San Martin. Without a doubt your holiday in Mendoza will take you to know a place where the past and present seem to walk hand in hand at every step.

Uspallata was not only one of the Andean steps most common century passed, rather than build the paths and Andean tunnels, the place where any traveler who would like to turn towards the Chilean region should pass. One of the things that most startle in Uspallata are so-called vaults. It is a construction of the colonial era, built in the 18th century by the Jesuit miners. In the place there were lots of mines of iron, gold, silver and zinc, which are now abandoned. These vaults, which resemble a strange Greek Orthodox temple or a planetarium, is very well preserved. In fact, it was the site chosen by general Jose de San Martin to store provisions and as a centre of operations.

The first cannonballs of the liberating army were cast on this site, by fray Luis Beltran. Nearby there is the Cerro Tunduqueral. This site, where you can breathe a halo of mystery and magic, used to be worn by the women of the inca tribe to perform ritual female strangers full Moon days. You can observe glyphs, i.e. inscriptions in stone, testimony of the passage of this civilization. It is very common to see in the area of Uspallata vaulted ceiling constructions, typical of the place. They were made by Ambrosio O’higgins between 1765 and 1770. The reason for its construction was to give accommodation to the overdue hosts of the Jose general de San Martin after the defeat of Rancagua. These constructions are unique because there are no similar cases anywhere else in the world. If you really want to enjoy a place full of magic and enchantment, you should book a hotel in Mendoza near the zone, to make excursions that will take you by mythical places, where the inca used to walk.


Between 3 and 4 years children begin to acquire increasingly complex manual skills, including the use of scissors. Learn how to trim with scissors is a further step in its development, but a giant step, since the use of this instrument requires maximum coordination between the brain and the hand. Achieve dominate them with some skill indicates that the child has reached a good level of manual dexterity. But like everything in children’s learning, the correct use of the scissors is a process. Young children still do not have the motor skills necessary to trim with scissors. If take scissors to a two-year-old boy most likely not know what to do with them. The training prior to trim with scissors is RIP with fingers large pieces of paper and go slowly doing with increasingly smaller roles, as well as separate fingers extruding roles. There are special scissors for children who start in their use.

They are plastic scissors blunt, that only cut paper and thin cardboard, but nothing more. It is a good form of exercise movement of the hand it can do damage. It must be taken into account that the scissors are a dangerous instrument because it has sharp parts. The caution should be maximum to avoid accidents. Around 3 years they begin to use rounded tip scissors. They are gradually gaining more dexterity and around four years are able to cut in a straight line. Then they will refine the cut and will shape the figures.

You’ll see that at the beginning they pick up the scissors with tense hands doing postures very strange (and almost always take out the language) until you get to dominate them. A good exercise to refine the use of scissors can be create collages with shapes cut out by children, trim magazines that do not already use, cut sheets of rubber eva (foam of colors) to do crafts or color drawings and then trim them. There are scissors for children very fun, with and without edge as for ages, with waveforms, peaks is important which are plastic and that its size is suitable for their small hands. And eye, as long as they use the scissors must be always supervised not do damage and because they have an amazing speed for cutting clothing and hair.