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Business Coach

The future of business training is absolutely predictable, if only we will find the courage to admit that everything is subject to the same laws of development and no market can not exist by itself. Looking back around, and seeing how the market is the market, the industry for the industry, you know that sooner or later it will affect training, coaches and everyone who has this anything to do attitude. Irreversible changes have already occurred in the movie, music, publishing, and everywhere all move to an electronic format, it fundamentally changes the structure of markets and the role of the participants. Probably, in Russia it will happen a little later than in Europe or America, but this does not mean that it able to stay in the old format. Even just a few years ago called the training pro-Western phenomenon and treated it with suspicion, and, now, speaking about them, use the term – 'traditional training' or "Classical training". Whether we like it or not, but distance learning is much to press the full-time, and therefore the training. The software is constantly being improved, are more and more devices learning that are the most interactive and accessible: video trainings, webinars, web conferences, blogs, wikis, etc. The same people have the habit to use electronic media, or anyone not scare e-books, tests and games.

Therefore, provocation of Growth in 2006 decided to begin work on an innovative program teaching business coaches, thereby creating a new market – e-learning coaches. Real business requirements for corporate, training or any other education growing every day, so that business education should be flexible, mobile and innovative. Today, virtually every university in Russia has distance learning, school soon will move to electronic books, which each year will be pumped into new textbooks, materials, tests. To monitor and control knowledge will be introduced electronic diaries.

Definition Of Investment

Let's say you decide to buy a car. Therefore, funds for this purpose you have. But why did you not spend it at today's meal, a diamond ring or a trip to Cyprus, after all, buying a car today, you hereby waive any meet some other pressing (though perhaps not very important) needs. Car owners could give to this question a lot of different answers, say, those: because I do not want to spend much time on the trip public transport to work, to give to friends or; because getting pleasure from the process of driving a car; because I want to make money for private carting, etc. Please note that all of these responses are buying a car allows you to get some income, pleasure or to reduce losses in the future. The fact that you are buying a car, but do not give up the purchase, means that failure to meet today's needs (say, a diamond ring) you value less than the future result from the use of a car. So, these operations are operations and investments, or investments, and the car stands at the same time as an investment. Similarly, talk and businesses, buying for your business equipment, buildings or computers (ie, investing in these facilities, or conducting investment in them).

In all these cases, they have some damage from what is not spent the money immediately to any urgent current needs, but also have the opportunity to increase their profits in the future. Thereby The term 'investment' as it is commonly used, means both the action and the result of this action, ie, the decision to invest, invested, and the good (cf. the phrase 'are proposed investment … ' and 'investments amounted …'). From the above example we have the following very general descriptive definition of 'investment', belonging to P. Masse, which we further refine and concretize. Investing is an act of exchange now meet certain requirements to meet the expectation of its future with the help of invested wealth (ie, buildings, structures, equipment, supplies inventory, securities, etc.

The term 'expectation' here stresses the dual nature of investment decisions: its temporal aspect, as the expectation refers to the future, and it character as a bet, since waiting may be deceived. Thus, the investment decision involves: the presence of the subject of investing, making a decision about investing; presence of an object investment (invested wealth); costs associated with failure of satisfaction of needs; the value of the expected results (including the risk of obtaining them). Next, we will mainly consider the situation where actors are investing company and not individuals. For them, the investments are usually operating expenses in cash, and the results – expected earnings in cash. So if you pay attention only to the monetary aspect of investing and accept that any requirements have monetary value, it follows from this definition we can conclude that investing is an act of investment funds (Called equity) in order to generate income in the future. That such a definition is given in some textbooks. Of course, the above definitions are neither final nor accepted – in different scientific works, textbooks and teaching aids concept of 'investment' is defined differently. Here are a few of these definitions.

Military Doctrine

The last factor is not less important than the first two. We must not forget that in business there is no victory at all costs. Victory at all costs, as usually die very soon after the victory. Anyone who doubts this, let look the statistics of mergers and acquisitions. And if we do not need to fight now, should we all think about the war? And on this subject there is a corresponding military analogy.

It's called the military doctrine, or, in civil terms, – the strategy of the company. In the development of military doctrine must ask yourself and get answers to questions such as what we've been asked previously, but now we will focus on our long-term interests of: – What is our strategic interests: the capture of the whole world, or control of the situation in a particular country? – Are we going to attack or defend only? – Who is our potential enemy? – Who is our ally plausible? – Are we going to protect our borders? And if you're going to – what are our actions in case of sudden attack? – What kind of army we have contain in peacetime and wartime to achieve our objectives in the most efficient way? A list of questions goes on, but it is better to do in relation to a particular situation. Now, if the line of thought is clear, let us continue. Let's try to define – who are all supposed to do? Who should be in peacetime to develop military doctrine, and military – to lead military operations? The military is engaged in the headquarters. Easier for them – they have only a leadership – and his chief deputy – chief of staff. All the rest – of lower rank. And in business? And in this business, at best, is engaged in the deputy director of marketing, which is very rare first deputy. That is the same problem, but unlike the military, it deals with the chief of lower rank, who may not have any outlook for the correct formulation of the problem, no power to implement it.

Private Business

Today, security stores, offices, and other real estate is a very topical issue. But choose a reliable security system and security company is not easy. It is not uncommon for people stay simple device security system, it is not worrying about security. After all, a reliable security system – is the key to peace in today's troubled times. Today, the most reliable security system is recognized Console System signaling. This signaling system provides the security of such stationary objects as shops, restaurants, offices and other buildings, using advanced systems, fire alarm and leaving first responders when an alarm "alarm" monitoring center. For example, if illegal entry into the protected area signal from the sensors is transmitted instantly to the console to the attendant.

Group Rapid Response is sent to the object. Such a system of office or warehouse will save your property from thieves! That alarm system makes it possible to produce a continuous control over the office or any other premises completely independently of the presence of personnel security company or the owner. It is important to note that the quality of a console by the use of modern equipment, both in alarm system, and the monitoring center, and there is no way impact the production methods for the withdrawal of all systems fail. Protection of the store or other important properties, requires imposing temporary costs, and more effort and material resources. Do business premises safe – this is the main challenge for any business person. Protection security company stores staff will help protect the premises from a different kind of accidents. The professional staff of security companies to help you solve this difficult problem, as the protection of offices, shops and other commercial real estate the most rational way. Today security system allow time to detect all the unpleasant events that occur on a given subject and quickly respond to them. In summary, providing an office security system, you can not worry about that in the case of hacking attempts or other unpleasant situations, the criminals can not walk away with impunity. Now, few criminals would be attributable to tempt fate and enter the secure control room protection object, because the risk is too great! Protection system – this is the right solution for owners of private houses, shops and other Real Estate sites!

Business Cards Websites

I can say that it is very difficult to separate Internet sites for a particular type. This is one of many marketing moves, because any site can contain different types. This is basically done, that would potentially client was easier to navigate in unfamiliar areas. This can be compared with the contents of the book or the menu on the site. Imagine how it would be difficult to orient the reader, if in a book he takes on, there would be content or on the website would not have menus.

Although, if we called the article "What are the sites," then I will try to divide them into types. Site business card is the easiest site with minimal investment for companies and typical sections "Goods and Services", "Price List", "Company," "Contact," "Company News", "Guestbook". "News" section on the site is managed, ie You can add new and remove existing news. Create a site card is ideal for small companies and a quick start, willing to provide it possible for clients to find information about them on the Internet. Business site here, I'm not even going to limit you in fantasies, but only to say about the required components of a business site. Business site is your face on the Internet and it completely reflects your attitude to the client, even if he came to your site after visiting the office.

On business site must be an "electronic office" for users, presentation of services offered, and various forms of feedback and a more detailed description of various services, search by category and services. As promised, here I will not limit you. Electronic directory or catalog of products on this site, in addition to the site card, you receive an electronic catalog of products that your company produces. This site is already possible use as a marketing tool to promote your company, since you have admin panel to which you can add an unlimited number of pages with your products. Add information and photos online store I think that with this type of site you already know firsthand, and I think it is not necessary to describe it in more detail. This is a site through which the electron commercial activities of the company, namely the sale of goods and services. Payment on such site by or with the help of electronic money (Web Money, Yandex – money, through bank cards, etc.) or on delivery of goods. All necessary manipulation of the commodity you can do online e-shop (to buy the goods, cancel the order, coordinate the delivery time, make a complaint, to pay for the goods, etc.). Corporate site in principle corporate web site can be divided into two types, the first is an internal corporate website for the company, which does not know customers and users, or large corporate site, which combines the large holding companies. If we talk about the internal corporate website, it is often used as a small library for the staff to the presence of different document templates, company information (personal data, contacts, etc.), base employee, general documentation, and various company news, orders, etc. Speaking of the corporate website as a holding company, it is often general information about the companies, what they do, contact information and continue to have many who have enough imagination, because it is difficult to predict anything, and you head to score extra information is not necessary.

Corporate Event Cancellation

Word of cancellation does not bring anything good. Not in my world. It's ugly, hurtful, ill-noun that is not worth talking too loudly. Unfortunately, in today's tough times in business, I must confess that the word is pronounced more often. I will give you some general, do not guarantee the advice that will be useful in those painful circumstances, when you have to cancel any or significant event.

But before we have to point to the terrible losses that may result in cancellation of the event. They can actually bankrupt you. Canceling the event could cost people their space. Even if the hotel will take location and numbers, this often happens at a reduced price, resulting in significantly lower yields than initially expected. And sanctions are withheld for the abolition of the event is often prescribed in the contracts are unable to fully recover financial losses incurred.

Obviously, if you are forced to cancel the event, then you are already a lot of trouble that c must deal .. But unless there is at least a minimal chance to go on the organization of the show – a little change it so that it could all still happen – it is much better than the final cancellation. However, if cancellation is already planned, here are some suggestions that will help minimize the damage. Move instead of Cancel. Way as to avoid penalties for cancellation otkrupnyh and many complications – it is just to choose a future date for your event. Even if it is happen six months later, the date of transfer, not a full withdrawal – a much better solution. Before you make a difficult phone call to the hotel, Line up all in a row. Can offer a new date, or any other possible numbers to be accepted. Some hotels allow you to change the numbers without any penalties if you are organized and know what's what.