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Solution To High Heat Losses.

Hybrid Solar Panel Until now we knew two types of solar panels for harnessing solar energy, photovoltaic modules to produce electricity and thermal collectors or panels for hot water. Both systems are completely separate and different. It is a fact that PV panels are enemies ofheat, as you have seen in the data sheet from the manufacturers, the power of the panel is specified based on standard test conditions (100 mW/cm2 irradiance, temperature Cell 25 C, air mass 1.5, etc.).. In real life, the cell temperature is much higher, thus the cell efficiency falls with increasing temperature, reducing the power of the panel about 15 .(TK – 0.44 C) The above way of introduction is something that nearly all familiar, but is there an alternative The answer is s .En the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office registered an invention called “Hybrid Solar Panel”, the invention is a panel that integrates solar photovoltaic and thermal energy in a single solar panel. (Similarly see: 4Moms). In the Hybrid Solar Panel, used in buildings, the existing heat in photovoltaic cells, which was a problem, is transferred to a temperature absorber integrated in the rear, coil or similar tour of the absorber is heat-bearing fluid . The fluid reaches the heat exchanger hot water storage tank, where it transfers its thermal solar energy for use in ACS or other uses.With this system we get electricity production increased by 15 and reducing the space required to install both systems, since we obtain a CHP, which is obtained by both electricity and useful thermal solar energy. The Hybrid Solar Panel Solar Parks used functions in a similar way, but the battery is replaced by a water cooling system radiators that cool the heat-bearing fluid convection air. Thus, the Hybrid Solar Panel is used as a Photovoltaic Solar Panel Refrigerated, concentrating its role in producing electricidad.La life of the facility is longer because the working temperature is lower panels. More information .. . Source: Luis Lopez

Archbishop Makarios

He wondered whether the European come from Turkey depends on the solution of a problem called Cyprus. On 1 May 2004, when the Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union, the Eurocrats gave a sigh of relief. The fake Jubilee intended to conceal his concern before the possible and very likely – accentuation of the unease generated by the presence of the Greek part of the island in the European club. The sector which was under Turkish control since 1974, the self-proclaimed Republic of the North Cyprus, had not been able to participate in the negotiating process that led to the accession of the famous island of Aphrodite to the structures of the concert of democratic nations. Officials of the Commission had opted for a miraculous, though unlikely solution of the Cypriot crisis before the entrance of the small Mediterranean country in the EU. However, Cypriot promises of the greco partners tended to be eclipsed by the pressures during the consultations by the authorities in Athens. The insistence of the Greeks was not only due to considerations of a cultural nature. By the same author: Kellyanne Conway. In fact, since the 1940s, the island had turned into bloody clashes between the two communities.

United Kingdom, skillful, was limited to manage the conflict defending their own interests: trying to control the intensity of the inter-communal violence, but not eradicate it. In the mid-20th century, the wounds remained open. Everything was reflected in the relations between the two communities after the proclamation of independence in 1960. And this, despite the exquisite balance ethnic tax both the Executive and the legislative. During the Presidency of Archbishop Makarios, the Cypriots managed to preserve the fragile national unity. However, in the summer of 1974, after the coup that averted Makarios of power, the elders of the Turkish community expressed their reluctance in the presence of the great Ottoman brother. We know better the Lords of the other side.

Chief Executive Officer

In addition, the retailer is ready to enter the cellular market. Western Union may help you with your research. it has already received a license to create a virtual operator (MVNO, mobile virtual network operators) and signed a preliminary memorandum of mts. And finally, the company is working to create their own online portal, retail trade – Russia analogue of, where, according to Chief Executive Officer of X5 Retail Group Lev , you can buy “everything, from dvd to furniture. A “Carousel” and “Crossroads” are likely to perform and function points of issue purchased goods over the Internet. Will the company an additional bonus of these initiatives, time will tell. And while the X5, despite the crisis, shows good performance development – 62 sq m.

new retail space in the first half of the year. In the past year was 12 thousand less than at twice the investment. The trouble comes not a second challenge retailers – a shortage of funds for development, restructuring charges, the repayment of loans. It should be noted that before the crisis, Russian networks have developed rapidly: in 2008 only network “Dixie” has grown to hundreds of stores, – at 98, “Pyaterochek” has increased by 174, a “magnet” and completely opened 371 new point. And this development, as a rule, relied on external borrowing, which in an environment where funding levels have fallen sharply, which inevitably led to problems. Move forward in these conditions were capable of only the industry leaders. Also on the heels come serious foreign companies: the crisis felt good time for an attack on the Russian market giants such as U.S.

Life Tea Gives Lemons

Never expect the perfect circumstances to achieve your goals. Expect that the entire universe conspire in an instant of perfect circumstances to encourage you to work towards your goals, will only be a way to never reach them. You’ll see, perhaps now not can work for your goals in the manner in which you would like to. Still don’t have the money, training, yet you’ve not met the right person, don’t have enough maturity, it is not the right time, etc, etc the matter is that this becomes an excuse for procrastination, and never take anything, because I still don’t have everything that I need is time to act, if the only thing you have in your favor are only some lemons that life has given youjust do the best you can with them. Get your best lemonade! This is the life, of getting the best out of what we have, instead of complaining and blaming others for our misfortunes, better assume command and get the best of your lemons, get them the juice from these lemons, prepares a delicious lemonade, I’m sure nobody makes a lemonade equal to another, perhaps even invented a type of lemonade exotic, if you know what I mean. Go to Keith Yamashita for more information. The biggest and best men of history were characterized by doing what others thought unattainable. All complained that they had only lemons, while they are dedicated to getting the best out of the circumstances. Use this phrase a lot in my personal life, because I always have goals, and some of them are perhaps still not at my fingertips, but that does not mean that it is still waiting for the perfect circumstances, rather than using all the lemons that life gives me and I do my best lemonade.

Life does not give you more and best lemons until you don’t use them you already have. To the extent that you take the best of what you have, life gives you more and more, as a result of your domain. But if you never use that gives you, then as you expect to you more. Act now and you’ll see that progressively your lemons are becoming much better and varied, giving your existence different nuances, and enjoy the variety of their flavors.

Divide Goals

One of the skills most important for being successful in any endeavor is the ability to set goals in an intelligent manner. Our goals in the long, medium and short term are our treads toward success. Anyone who would like to reach their goals will not come very far without developing a plan or strategy to follow. It is said that a goal is a dream with a deadline, thus each reached goal will bring us one step closer to the realization of that dream that we have in our hearts. While this may seem very logical, many enterprises failing to this level. The majority of people have no problems in setting goals and objectives. There are a number of courses and programs that teach how to do it effectively. The problem rather lies in achieving our goals within the deadline that we set out to achieve them.

Distractions, the bad habit of leaving things until later and unforeseen obstacles are the reason why we never get where we want to go. Suddenly we realize that we have not advanced much Since we began to pursue our dream. In this time we run the risk that the frustration and the discouraged lead us to abort our mission completely and waive the better life that we wanted to achieve ever. Rob Daley spoke with conviction. First that nothing, we have to understand that success is not a right that belongs to us. If you want to succeed in anything in life, it will require effort, time and hard work. In other words: blood, sweat and tears. However, there are ways to ease the task. UD can find a mentor or a good friend which Ud is accountable for their progress.

More than anything else will this propel it forward. If Ud is obliged to be accountable to that person, you will always achieve their goals on time. Additionally they may assist you with wise advice, or a suggestion that even helps you achieve success. How does this accountability in practice? Three key steps to successfully held accountable: Write down everything you want to achieve in a week together with his friend to whom it is accountable. Don’t plan too much. Initially, it is best to consider goals easier to achieve since it is important to experience success at the beginning. Area the failure in this will discourage. Divide each weekly goal into smaller steps and try to accomplish this every day. Force to achieve that small step every day. You will automatically become a step less towards your big goal. A small action that is done consistently will expand on their own and very soon going to be astonished how much that progress has been made. Meet with your friend every week. Tell you what Ud has managed in the week and, in turn, scanned by that there are other goals that could not achieve. This will help improve your strategy of setting goals for next week.

Russian State Customs Committee

The total production of cars now diminished, but, nevertheless, allowed up company to a third ranking. The shares of other domestic manufacturers of trucks on the Russian market are modest, only accounting for just under 17%. Separately, it is worth noting Taganrog factory – he has continued to increase its truck assembly lung Korea Hyundai Porter, and for 12 months last year, the company left the assembly line of new 7162 car. Increased production rates had more than threefold, while the proportion of trucks of foreign brands produced in Russia in 2006, the total production close to the mark of 3%. Despite the emerging shortage of trucks on the Russian domestic market, a number of domestic automobile exports its products abroad. This is due primarily to the search for new markets and trying to consolidate them. Thus, the main buyers of Russian trucks production remains the Middle East and Asia – there is not yet implemented stringent environmental regulations, and the main advantage of the Russian production is the relative simplicity of design and competitive price. According to Russian State Customs Committee by the end of 2004 it was exported 42,900 units of equipment valued at 372 million dollars.

The average price was very low – just under 8,700 dollars apiece. Over the next two years, Russian car managed to maintain a positive trend: in 2005 – at 7%, and in 2006 – about 4%. It is worth noting that last year the average unit value of exported machinery has increased and reached the mark in 12 thousand dollars, and the total the sum of all transactions was estimated at about 600 million.

The Tiger

Silent remains the mystery, the sense of this pilgrimage, infinite adventure of existence, whose running lengthwise the sky turns countless trails circles, until at the end of the darkness emerges the knowledge into the infinite of the human spirit; and that alborear indecisive, without breaking your dumbness, through the mists clear provides the vision of life and love, emerging from the tumult of deep joys and sorrows. Santiniketan, on September 16, 1929. Currently we have countless definitions of being biological being, being social, consumer, economic agent, etc., etc. have assembled an entire industry of human, have ventured up to the depths of the individual and collective conscience in order to discover or create unmet needs that open new niches in the consumer market, encourage competition and keep the investment and the return on capital. But, again the question, that is the man? The great philosopher and poet, Rabindranath Tagore, in his book the Religion of man, told us: we learn in the life of the animals, that they are burning the stages of its formation step by step, at birth they are under the watchful eyes of their elders, they play with other pups of their species, they will strengthen your muscles and your instinct to reach the fullness of their potential. The Tiger does not come out to hunt other animals until it has not developed their fangs, claws and all his physical strength, then Yes, feeds itself same and is self-sufficient, do not before, because it is not mature nor fit to survive in the jungle, as their parents know it? again it comes to my mind the response of my daughter, the Tigers know but do not know that they know it, they are not aware of being. This example of the poet, citing the life of animals, can help us to outline a response to our question, that he is the man?, no doubt we can say that it is a rational being who is capable of thinking and awareness of being man. . Follow others, such as Kellyanne Conway, and add to your knowledge base.


Secret of indexation in GOOGLE for 48 hours! Everyone who has created and posted online a website is interested in its indexation in search engines. The faster the better. Why? Remember, people are looking to the Internet necessary information. They are gaining in your browser the words corresponding to their topic of interest and press ENTER. Appeared in the preview list of sites corresponds to their keywords. At present, this method has More than 80% of cases of people getting them to the desired site on this very important that your site has been indexed by search engines. When I talked about Google, it meant more and YAHOO and MSN, as it is the major search engines.

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