Should Anyone Protect Is The Disability?

The BUV polarized. Is it really necessary? Is a more insurance in addition to pension liability, end of the world etc really necessary? Or even everyone should protect themselves from occupational disability? Again and again one reads of the work-weary surgeon who professionally amputees own thumbs up, to get his disability insurance. “Or by the destitute bakery, whose hand random” disappeared into the pasta machine to enjoy a financially secure retirement insurance and finally to sleep it off. Hikmet Ersek has similar goals. Definition BU what but really with the BU (disability insurance) on themselves, can not answer with a phrase.What is BU? The concept of disability is regulated in 240 SBG VI II. Then is berufsunfahig whose earning capacity due to illness or disability as compared to the earning capacity of physically, mentally and emotionally healthy insured person with similar training and equivalent knowledge and skills on less than six insured, Hours a day has dropped.

But be careful! Because this is also regulated: who can no longer exercise his actual profession because of an illness or disability, the other activities can reasonably be expected to under certain circumstances. This includes all activities, which correspond to the forces and capabilities of the insured person and taking into account the duration and the scope of his education, and his previous profession and the special requirements of his previous professional activity can be expected of him. Who’s who at least six hours a day can have a reasonable activity, is not as invalids; It is the respective labour market situation not to take into account. “It may be so, that one despite good protection and traceable requirements no or no full claim on the money you have, there may be other reasonable” can carry out activities. The surgeon, which although no longer able to operate without the thumb, thanks to his in-depth training with safety as a reviewer but may furnish.

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