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Wagner by the ERP trend feels confirmed in its GENESIS4Web product strategy report 2009, which was co-edited and introduced at a press breakfast at the DSS-stand demand software solutions and Henry. The results show that many companies on their future ERP requirements, which require implicitly ERPII typical technologies – such as integration, platform independence, light variability and lower IT costs. GENESIS4Web we have already well positioned against this background.” Profile demand software solutions GmbH the demand software solutions GmbH is an innovative, customer-oriented software and services company developing ERP standard software based on State of the art technologies and supports its customers in the implementation of business software projects. The demand software solutions GmbH, headquartered in Landau, a branch in Steinfeld (Oldenburg) and since Feb. 2009, EEO has already 1980 laid the Foundation for the integrated software package a sales office in Central Germany. These many years of technical and business experience is in the successor system GENESIS4Web incorporated and today makes it one of the most modern and efficient systems on the market.

Organization consulting, implementation support, comprehensive training and custom development round off the range of DSS. Three times in a row the Initiative Mittelstand is awarded the innovation price demand software solutions. As a customer-focused ERP Specialist demand software solutions offers all necessary components such as hardware, software, and services from a single source. With skilled and experienced project managers, demand software supports medium-sized enterprises as a general contractor in the introduction of GENESIS4Web and assumes responsibility for the ERP project based on partnership.

The Environment Ministry Studied Beverage Containers Again…

u0085the water stands the bottle up to the neck 14,000 medium-sized jobs at risk Berlin, March 2009 – the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) will once again examine life cycle assessment and response rates of disposable and reusable bottles. It is clear industry insiders for years, what is better, speak for the environment-friendly. According to the BMU, legal measures for the protection of ecologically beneficial beverage containers are only makes sense if the causes of the decline of the multi way rate were examined in closer. The problem is: it’s still going. The investigation report of the appointed Bifa Environmental Institute in Augsburg is only announced for end of September 2009.

Thus time is running above all, literally the medium-sized mineral water businesses. It criticized in the beverage industry, that the policy is shy, logical consequences of the debacle of deposit on cans. It occurs as a student who gets good grades and at the same time sharing with, that his transfer the head of a full-out operation criticized is threatened”. The Environment Ministry wants keep the topic out of the election campaign and only time win. So be it, as one would afford only first aid a seriously injured accident victims, after the cause of the accident has been cleared up.

According to a report of the specialist service EUWID, the BMU confess while the goal of stabilizing and promoting ecologically beneficial beverage packaging. The political efforts to reinforce the multi way quotas, were due to the powerful evidence of environmental advantages of multi-way systems. If the will so clearly formulated by the Ministry of the environment, no further investigations should be carried. Contact information is here: Hikmet Ersek. The Managing Board of the Federal Association of the German specialist beverage wholesale trade (bv-gfgh), Gunther Guder, explains how much water is the returnable glass bottle of mineral water up to the neck: The portion of returnable bottles was his according to end 2007 at 37.9 percent. End of 2008 there were 34.1 percent. It was within a Year a vigorous bloodletting. At the Bifa in Augsburg to keep extremely covered about the nature, scope and details of the investigation. It refers to the announced results. Before you want the various lobby interests not enough do. All is industry insiders such as Garland much too slowly. A further decrease in the multi way rate the medium-sized businesses are hard to keep. Germany is although in a worldwide comparison still an absolute beverage paradise”and have the most producers of beer, mineral water and many other types of beverages such as juices. This diversity is acute at risk by dumping prices of discounters. “If disposable go down with mineral water, around 14,000 total 18,000 jobs would fall away in the middle class. And: the environmentally beneficial beverage containers once disappeared, they probably never will.

God Bw

This is the equation we get exactly back to where everything through an impulse (divine spirit) has begun: the creation by God! Out of her space and time out are gone. And aware-be! Otherwise formulated: here is the logical proof, that aware-be, creation and God in a direct link! We are not finished yet. Before we bring our considerations to end, we make a sample. (Source: James Woolsey). Let’s see here from the other side. / c2 = energy of speed of light reduces = dimensions (space and time) = God / BwS m Earth everything is by deliberately-be reduced = space and we reduce time (earthly manifestation) God with our Aware-be and isolate as the earthly manifestation. Thus it is to matter (space and time), the not judgmental to factor through the aware-be has. God earthly BwS = / everything is reduced through space and time = deliberately isolated-reduced his God through 4-dimensional life, means are interdimensional access aware of his-to close.

The aware-be is isolated and perceives only the 4-dimensional focus by themselves. Let us once again the finished equation: m = God earthly x BwS business we are now where we leave the level of the earthly manifestation. It is even shorter by an intuition (immediate opening to the inter dimensional area of the soul) in the short term by a dream, or by the physical death. In any case, there are earthly”no longer. Then our equation looks like this: God BwS = G = about BwS = what is aware-be now it is clear who aware of this-be in truth is! We’re it people! Every man for himself is just as everything is in its entirety! We are aware of divine-be. We are human and divine at the same time! We open our conscious-being on the Earth, then we can also see it. What does it mean practically for our lives? That’s what matters after all. The events in our life are aware of our-depend on.

What we thereof make and as we see it! “Heinrich Kohlmeyer consultants for applied, spiritual metaphysics download of article in the original as a pdf file:../Gott_beweisbar.pdf is the topic discussed here an excerpt from my seminar the divine as a human grasp”. The seminar script can be ordered extra. For more information and more, visit additional: 2009 reserved reproduced all rights which should above text by Heinrich Kohlmeyer only with the reference and be passed. The same applies to quotes and excerpts taken from this text. The entire text, still quotes or excerpts must sold without the consent of the author, commercially used or to support used in commercial activities.

Private Forest Owners Can Order Propagating Now Online Your

Forest plants mail order for fast-growing innovative forest owners can get online in the future directly from the forest nursery your young plants. offers the opportunity to do so for the first time. The shop includes year-old seedlings of the especially fast-growing tree species 1-2 Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and European Larch (Larix decidua). Also, the seed of the Douglas fir for sale is offered. Due to their many positive properties, the Douglas fir represents an interesting alternative to the spruce. She characterized (up to 50% higher than spruce or FIR) by very high growth performance, also she defying storm, drought and insect feeding.

The seedlings come from a recognised by the State forest nursery in Saxony-Anhalt and comply with all requirements imposed on forest plants and seeds. The plants grow in the container and shipped with root ball. Unlike the naked root plants, container plants can be planted all year round in the frost-free period in the vegetation period. In addition, the so-called Pflanzschock is avoided. Plants with root balls are preferred for complex sites, such as the mountains, on a hillside and clearcut areas. The offer is interesting especially for small forest owners, which can cover themselves due to the low order quantity directly in forest nurseries. With just a few clicks, the young plants are delivered within a few days at home. To test the offer, there is the way to request sample Pact of 30 plants. The offer, see

The Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager Goes Mobile!

Sumerasoft released version 4.2 of the CRM contact manager that field matching the much desired Mobile makes available. Mahlow, March 2009 Sumerasoft released version 4.2 of the CRM contact manager that field matching the much desired Mobile makes available. With the optional solution, users can use their CRM Contact Manager customer data on travel, directly at the customer, or in the Home Office offline. With version 4.2, the CRM Contact Manager offers the optional mobile customer management solution. Authorized users can undock is from the master database and with an offline database mobile continue to use customer data. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Andrew Cuomo.

As the master database and the offline data bank based on a secure Microsoft SQL-Server – database. Suitable for the field matching the window display of the CRM Contact Manager for the presentation on mini-notebooks has been adjusted. If the screen resolution is less than the height of 768 pixels, is automatically activated the notebook thumbnail and fits the window of reduced Screen height map. The CRM Contact Manager 4 is a powerful CRM software that covers the entire customer management with its comprehensive features. The software specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises established captivates through easy handling, clear presentation of complex customer histories and cross-departmental streamlining sales processes. The CRM Contact Manager 4 is available in two editions: the Professional Edition is designed specifically for small businesses from EUR 359, the basic version, is available from 149 USD per license. In addition the optional field leveling for 195 EUR / 119 EUR per license can be purchased. Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager for 30 days test on the Internet is a 30-days trial version available, which is free to download and try out on your own computer.

Bonn Tel

You have the potential to avoid the media break between physical processes and their information processing. You enable a fully automated machine-machine relationship. “The RFID minicomputer” take over the tasks of a mediator between the real and virtual worlds. Physical resources such as boxes, pallets, bins, shelves and individual products can communicate without human intervention on the internal and external computer networks. Click Rick Caruso for additional related pages. Once a commodity with a RFID tag by a customer is bought and sold out, the system displays this information according to the configuration in the camp and in the back office. The staff can eliminate purposefully created gaps on the shelves and sort new goods.

Even incorrect return goods can locate themselves and can be brought back to the right place. But not only the OOS management can be significantly improved. The entire logistics chain in the retail sector faces by RFID one Paradigm shift: In addition to the recording of the weight sizing of packages is gaining more and more importance. In recent months, CEO Caruso Affiliated has been very successful. Whether overlooking the shipping volume or for the optimization of storage and transport volume play an increasingly Rolle.Der logistics market with its continuously growing demand length, width and height relies increasingly on RFID systems that collect at the same time, weight and volume with a unit, identify the packages, and label. This solution combines the system developed by Bizerba weight and volume measurement, labelling and barcode scanning. It can be operated independently of each other according to the manufacturer as a complex overall system, as well as in individual functional units. As almost all combinations of individual systems are available.

Matthias Harsch, a member of Bizerba’s business management, explains a possible application of the system: in the production boxes are usually proper manner with each a category filled. Make them during the Picking even in chaotic order according to the production order that correct weighing and award line access, transponders are attached to the boxes. A RFID reader reads the article numbers and causes the correct switch position”. Then, the boxes are weighed. The GLP-printer receives from the host variable data and can immediately print out the to be RFID tags and code. The boxes reached thus varietal in the cold-storage or picking. The smart label on every box streamlines enormously”the more logistics, sure is Harsch.

Failing Grades For The Tools In Configuration Managemen

Study of piTop: solution often overwhelmed by the existing diversity of applications and their interdependencies tools not ITIL compliant work in two-thirds of the companies ohringen, March 23, 2009 – every second in software development of the company is dissatisfied with the established configuration management solutions. They fail often especially because of the diversity of applications, which are available in immediate dependencies. This has resulted in piTop a survey of the software house under more than 300 large – and medium-sized companies. Then only one fifth of the IT executives questioned the tool for the configuration management is relatively unrestricted good notes. While another 29 percent are show satisfied largely the critical position however outweighs all others. So 30 percent judging that your solution meets the requirements only conditionally, 19 percent express an even worse opinion in the investigation of piTop.

Among the main causes, that inconsistencies tend to be sufficient to be detected. This two-thirds of respondents judging. Closely related is the assertion that the tools for configuration management through the existing diversity of applications and their interdependencies is overwhelmed by 61 percent. The cause lies in the inability of these tools, parent to analyze structural dependencies and manage”, says piTop CEO Fritz Gebert. This parent management and editing reciprocal dependencies becomes increasingly important, the more the deployed applications and programs are functionally linked.” Another revealing phenomenon can also determine: because 60 percent of the companies register, that corrected error pop up again. This is a warning signal that the whole process of software development and software maintenance gaps and is not adequately secured and transparent, so that corrections can simply fall under the table according to Gebert. She also confirmed this lack of transparency Because majority of the companies surveyed, 58 percent complain of any deficiencies in their change processes.

So, it is often not completely clear on what progress they set up their changes or whether a program is edited by a second person not just parallel for the employees. Accordingly the get configuration managementtool the next complaint, because it helps to keep track with the product versions. Thus, it can also meet the claims of the revision, is the clear assessment of the piTop business leader. But the change process itself does not the asked demands. So my 57 per cent according to the investigation, that he was not formalized. There are also 47 percent of believe that the integrated checks and balances do not infringe. Just the integration of configuration management tools in the change process is crucial for the quality of all software development, Gebert says. So he not surprised the by the conclusion of two-thirds Interviewed, that the processes in the configuration management have no ITIL compliant orientation. Gebert the increased time and cost looks as a direct consequence of inadequate tools and change processes. Economic disadvantages cannot be under protect and can beat the delays and extra testing effort significantly to beech”, he says from his practical experience. Hardly less important has but also the risk issue for him. Configuration errors through lack of transparency remain undetected, confidence in the entire IT infrastructure. “Because in the networked Applikationsverhaltnissen can dangerous knock-on effects are created with quite significant disadvantages for the business of a company.

German Chambers

We wanted the reply of the representative of the competition headquarters, you represent that Leave the general public, not in the room. A company that operates globally, also not formed up, the word Gestapo”to have heard in a trial. “Today, we know that an agreement attempt” had to fail before the Chamber of Commerce in Dresden. To read more intensively, the statutes of the competition headquarters is taken from article 2 of the Statute of the competition headquarters (of our watchdog opponent’s), that training through participation in the legal research and education and instruction promoting fair competition contributes to and if necessary in cooperation with the competent institutions of Justice combats unfair competition. Now requires the legislature but, that associations which may warn, represented a significant number of products or companies must (membership numbers demonstrate need to). Transverse thinking as we are, we have set ourselves so apart with the members of the competition headquarters.

Indicated on the Web pages of all German Chambers of Commerce: the competition centers meet these requirements, since they have have enough members. But the fact is that the Member structure is so exhausted, that members of the competition centres are all chambers of industry and Commerce of the Federal territory, the Chambers of Commerce and other organizations. “So you can create naturally beautiful statistics and tons of members” list. For the reverse, this means: all forced members of the Chambers of Commerce and chambers of Commerce are also members of the competition headquarters. So we have off.

Alone by the compulsory membership in the German Chambers of Commerce and chambers of skilled crafts, each contractor by law must go up, the competition headquarters reaches a sufficient number of members”, entitled to claim to be. Thus, the Dresden Chamber of Commerce is also a member of”the competition headquarters in Stuttgart. “” The settlement attempt in the IHK Dresden, which us at 125.00 expenses for the Chamber of Commerce “cost, and was thus a neutral negotiation” between the competition headquarters Stuttgart and the Lotex Germany, says the Chamber of Commerce and the reverse the Saxon State Ministry, which took up the matter”. When we received the invitation to carry out proceedings of the IHK Dresden agreement places from the 03.09.2008, we came from a procedure with neutrality. With this knowledge but, we would need to exclude from the outset. Also, the missing memory to the irrelevant negotiation of all associate explains for us today. Our today’s thinking and actions determine just our future.

Metoki Besselich

Therefore Dawicontrol offers its resellers an innovative addition to the range. The fixed solution allows ad hoc a super-fast data backup even in places where previously lacked a drive backup: put it and fast to play it safe, the success of the piggyback method formula. A RAID solution in the Office not to make, especially since without great upgrade for the hardware is faster and easier. To support the piggy-back boards”the urgent interests in private and home users, but also in offices and small businesses. Because everywhere is a low-cost, easily attachable backup solution for increasing amounts of data. Dawicontrol offers retailers so that a good product for a quick additional business and users of small piggyback Board a direct free manufacturer hotline and a 5 year warranty. As usual includes a detailed German documentation. Connect with other leaders such as CEO Caruso Affiliated here.

Short profile Dawicontrol Dawicontrol computersysteme GmbH, headquartered in Gottingen is one of more than 20 years the leading German manufacturers of high speed quality controllers. In addition to developing its own high-quality SCSI solutions since the beginning of the nineties a/b and USB equipment came with the Millennium the IDE and serial ATA RAID controller, but also FireWire. Recent product development of mass storage solutions “are in addition to the classic ultra wide SCSI host adapters, express controllers and current RAID-5 solutions – including super fast storage modules for the often unused 3.5-inch Bay of the computer case. This system independent hardware RAID modules address up to 5 hard drives and allow the operation of SATA and SATA-II devices without any CPU-load. Low-level assembler programming captures Dawicontrol for ever and ever. So an own innovative RAID BIOS with clever add-on and repair functions the manufacturer offers today for a data loss free RAID on the fly.

High service and excellent support the Dawicontrol sells their mass storage solutions via distribution partners to qualified retailers and performs vice versa a complete active support for its broad product portfolio. The warranty is of ever her literally. Five-year warranty and a consistently accommodating handling of complaints or exchanges are common for years also for end customers. The RMA period is a maximum of five working days, without RMA numbers or repair packages. A German-language hotline, user-friendly documentation, as well as a complete scope of delivery drivers, manuals and cables show the traditionally friendly – perhaps unique – service orientation of the House of Dawicontrol. More information: Dawicontrol GmbH Gerhard-Gerdes-str.

Vera Sayle

In the course of a structured maintenance management system helps to ensure that preventive maintenance and maintenance operations are carried out on machinery and equipment in regular, pre-determined cycles as well as documented. In addition needed a documentation of the sudden disruptions and downtime, detailed root-cause analysis to create and initiate sound corrective actions. More and more companies rely in coordination and compliance with the maintenance dates on software solutions to support. With regard to the deadlines care should be taken however when selecting software on it, that it is linked with a detailed reminder – or, in the best case, with a notification function, so that can be effectively responds to a possible forget of the dates. Rick Caruso often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Are also generally with the structure and the introduction of an individual TPM concept Set responsibilities for various equipment and machinery, which can lead in most cases to increased motivation for the competent employees. For the anchorage of the TPM concept in the Organization and to the consolidation of the TPM-thought in the minds of all employees TPM workshops or training method prove to be as meaningful and useful.

The business IT engineers is composed of experienced business consultants and innovative IT specialists. As a consulting company, the business IT engineers supporting companies of any size and industry for years. The consulting portfolio of business IT engineers includes among others also building and the introduction of a TPM concept individually tailored to the needs of the company, the implementation of TPM-workshops or also the coaching and training of TPM methods. “In addition, the business IT engineers have extensive know-how in terms of total productive maintenance” traded the TPM Manager in a software solution. With the TPM Manager implemented their practical experience in business the business IT engineers in a user friendly, pragmatic and economic maintenance management software.