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Modern Management Leadership

If a business overwhelms you at the beginning, begin at the end. The dynamics of current business scenarios, where firms compete with their best performing products, services to win new markets, remain in them, have a management that has given way to new leadership characteristics of a proactive, creative, innovative, able to interpret the requirements that have resulted from globalization, the demand of consumers. This has led to a new profile of the modern manager must be taken into account by universities, school administration in order to design a program to supply the necessary administrative skills to ensure good performance of the manager, in the current economic scenario.

Unfortunately many of the schools of Directors of the Venezuelan national universities have ignored the new knowledge which are required, especially when there is active participation of a new state identified with socialism has given way to programs, strategies that have significantly affected the operation of enterprises, especially SMEs., where many have been seriously affected. This fact has led some graduate programs, including management of product quality and productivity of Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo design your curriculum, taking into account the current weaknesses presented by the Venezuelan management in the exercise of their functions and make way for new management skills and tools to be clear about the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful organization, where in the former, are staffed with authentic leaders, advocates for change, motivating and engage their target to achieve efficiently and effectively the objectives pursued by the organizations.

Customer Complaint System

Background The company was experiencing an increase in the number of customer complaints and an increase in the cost of processing and who were hired to analyze the current situation and make recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the process of managing and resolving complaints. Identify customer requirements A consultant was assigned to design customer service systems and reporting processes, and had done extensive work in the QFD (Quality Function Deployment), which is a methodology that analyzes the needs of client and integrates with the company’s processes to ensure needs are met. The first task was to identify what are the requirements of customers complain about the handling and how well customers felt their complaints were resolved. This involved conducting interviews with customers who had filed a last complaint.Customers were asked to speak about their experience with the process of handling complaints.

The purpose of this exercise was: to determine positive and negative incidents in the complaint handling process to determine important information about the client’s feelings about the outcome of your complaint main identity the reasons for the shortcomings in the process of making suggestions on how to improve the system . Existing review of Complaints Process The review process initiated upor the development of a questionnaire on the management of complaints administered to all handlers of denunciation. This provided an overview of the process for handling complaints in all departments of the company and also identified areas for improvement. A study was conducted operations in the current complaint handling process.

Choosing A Hosting – Think Of The Internet

The choice of host for your website – quite a difficult thing, especially since there are a lot of offers from hosting – companies. Owner of the site is profitable – reasonable prices for all technical data hosting. Having selected a few web hosting companies with suitable characteristics, we can "look" at their sites and those of their clients, a list which is usually given on the sites of hosts, from the side, the internet service and find out: – the header Server response different proprietary information about the type of operating system and server, its ip address, etc. – The rate of receipt of the pages on your site and its volume. It is desirable for testing to find the dynamically generated pages, such as extension axp, php, pl, cgi, etc. – Trace (route, path) to the specified site from Moscow's server.

Here you can see the number of nodes through which requests and responses, ip host addresses, domain names, their geographic location and time delays at each node. If the future site is intended for Russian visitors, choice, such as hosting overseas hardly justified. – Reverse (reverse) dns. According to a specific ip address for the site, again obtain a domain name, usually the owner of an ip address. – Whois for all received ip addresses and domain names. It is important to pay attention to the age of the domain hosting company, so that subsequently did not experience growing pains and formation of hosting your site. Most hosting companies offer a trial period, than necessarily need to use your site and connect to services kotroye monitor uptime For example and Technical glitches can happen (and happen) in any host, so one of the most important in assessing the hosting – the quality of technical support, which also should be tested in a test period, for example, by submitting technical issue late in the evening.