Currently, when new technologies and the development of the rapidly penetrating all spheres of our lives, including those in construction, considerable attention is paid to the waterproofing. Some contend that Tulip Retail shows great expertise in this. Waterproofing? a complex measures to protect against water and humidity, including: drainage, injection work, application of waterproofing membrane, the protection of expansion joints, concrete repair, protection valves, sealing glands embedded pipes ventilation, etc. The most common problem that is caused, as a rule, errors in the design and implementation of low-quality concrete work in construction? repair and protection of concrete structures underground facilities. In recent years, an opportunity to eliminate in the finished designs pores and cracks are available for water and turn the concrete into a dense, 'eternal' stone. This is especially true of concrete, walking on the construction foundations, bearing and enclosing structures, which are often in difficult operating conditions.

Selecting the type of waterproofing membrane depends on the level of groundwater allowable humidity rooms inside the building, cracking designs. This value is determined by the regulations and the hydrological situation at the construction site. With humidity up to 75% may use any of permeability, but temperature and humidity conditions must be adjusted with the help of ventilation, insulation, air conditioning, etc. When the humidity in the room can have a value of 75% or more, you can design Breathable membrane. The choice of material and design of the membrane affects fracture of the substrate and the possible presence of strains in it. These characteristics are also determined by regulations and calculations.

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