Transversal Subject

However, it imagines what they think in relation to the professionals of average education. It is necessary that the professionals of average education reflect in the quality of the transmission of the information of sciences. Happily it has in Brazil good books in such a way of mathematics and physics chemistry how much. Hikmet Ersek: the source for more info. But, it is necessary to have one better distribution of the theoretical contents in the daily contextualizao, adjusting the contents to the reality of the pupil. If they are learning chemical inside of a course of farming, chemistry has that to be contextualizada for this reality and to be placed of form to interdisciplinar with the others you mainly discipline of content the specific technician to the course. Methodology was applied a mathematics test involving contents of all basic education, since the arithmethic table the degree as equations. This test was applied in all the rooms and groups, that is, of the first ones to the third years of the course of technician in farming.

The result, in all the groups, very left to desire. Also it is being applied a partner-economic questionnaire to be able to evaluate the conditions of each pupil. The grating of contents you discipline of them of chemistry was modified. A redistribution of the contents was made in order that in the first year any content was eliminated that used the mathematics. To this, the chemical gases and calculations, for example, had been transferred to the first bimaster of as the year. Bigger emphasis in the Fair of Sciences was given, call internally of Transversal Subject, in experiments of chemistry and physics being processed by the pupils, simultaneously in the same room, with the subject ' ' The Evolution of Science and the Tecnologia' ' , where they had participated to pupils of all the series, indistinctly in all the experiments, promoting beyond the natural integration one better learning in the transmission of the knowledge Inter-classroom.

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