Online Universities

The first step in finding the online university is the right to decide what degree you want. Want a degree or postgraduate? Are you interested in a certification program for studies related to the job? If you are returning to school to work, you may want to get information from your employer for this decision. His list of short-term and long-term race to help decide how much help you reach your goals best. Once you have decided on a major, you can start to research different schools. Knowing the requirements for admission to the program. Each university has its own set of regulations. All schools want to see the transcripts of high school or college. Some will ask for test results as well.

Make sure you can meet the minimum requirements for admission before applying. Gathering the necessary documentation before beginning the application process will save time later. Distance education programs have different needs on campus. Some require that you come to campus twice each semester, while others allow you to complete the entire program at home. The programs offered completely online are more difficult to find, according to the degree you are seeking. Make sure you can commit to the date set by the university. A program that requires travel to the campus of one or more times must be within driving distance of your home. Ask if the school will be attending is regionally accredited.

Accreditation only matters when you need financial assistance or plan to transfer credits received at another university. Some accept credits from schools that are accredited at the regional level, but others do not. Check with the school they attend more to ensure that the credits will transfer. If you are receiving the full title of the same school, accreditation can not be important. Another time accreditation can matter is if you are completing a degree that requires a state license. Degrees in nursing, social work and education require a license. Check with your state to make sure they accept your level of licensing. Some states do not accept degrees from schools not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Check with your school, state or department of education to see if it recognizes the university. If you want to transfer credits from another school, make sure the online university you are considering will accept your credits. His academic record sent to the school by an admissions counselor to review. On any restrictions the school has to transfer credits. Most colleges will not accept more than fifty percent of the degree requirements in transfer credits. Some have a limit on the time you can transfer credits, usually ten years. Ask if the university offers credit for work or life experience. If you have a wide experience in the business world, some schools will give you some college credits for this. You may be required to show documentation of experience or take a test. The requirements and the number of credits offered varies by school, so be sure to ask. These credits can reduce the amount of time needed to spend in school and can help get your degree faster. Katie Robbins is the owner of, a web resource which regularly publishes informative articles on online education.

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