Nokia Vertu

Vertu – the British company, a subsidiary of the Finnish manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and mobile phones Nokia Vertu – the world's first company specializing in the manufacture of personal mobile communications class luxury. Each Vertu phone is hand-built. To create them using stainless steel, yellow and white gold, platinum, sapphire crystal, polished ceramic bearings as well as of precious stones, placed under each button to ensure durability and accuracy. In Russia prodayutsya collection Vertu Signature and the Vertu Ascent. Price range phones from 3 thousand to 26 thousand 850 785 euros. In order to create a collection of Signature phones have been designed, manufactured, and tested more than 936 parts.

The phone is made of an alloy Liquidmetal, used in the aerospace industry. All the intermediate and Hose Connector parts are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel 316L, incredibly corrosion-resistant. Under each button at least a ruby insert. Panel screen phone is made of scratch-resistant solid 69.25 carat sapphire. Housing – 99.9% gold samples, or platinum. In 2007, China started the production of copies these famous mobile phones. A copy of VERTU phone is made at a high technological level, using original accessories Nokia, and only differs from the original materials used in production, as well as presence (!) many additional useful features not found in the original VERTU. Phone completely Russified, ready to work in GSM – range in Russia and the EU, packed in a luxury gift box with original symbols VERTU, has a rich package. Copies of Vertu in Russia:

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