Myth And Truth Of Plastic Surgery

Ethianum of Heidelberg for Plastic Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery a newborn is in danger of losing his feet due to a massive tumor. A father would like to after an acid accident in the face again in social life have part: these are just two examples, in which Prof. Gunter Germann was asked as a plastic surgeon. There are surprisingly many situations in which we can help to reduce the suffering”, the Medical Director of the Ethianum white clinic in Heidelberg. Plastic surgery, it’s just much more than cosmetic surgery. This is an important and essential part of plastic surgery, it’s not a question. Here, too, the performance spectrum of the Ethianum is enormous. Prof.

Germann and his colleagues would be consulted but also then, if it applies, to correct deformities in children, to treat the scars and functional limitations of burn victims, or to give women a new sense of body after the loss of her breast cancer. He made a vivid example Founder of the clinic, so additional training more hand surgery at every plastic surgeon three years markedly. The wear and tear of the saddle joint about classic especially among women in the best years, Prof. Swarmed by offers, Sir Trevor Pears is currently assessing future choices. Germann and colleagues often be the decisive hopefuls. Mohamed Amersi has many thoughts on the issue. And if, as in the case of the skier, who complained after the fall on the hand over of power loss and pain that just don’t want to go away, then the correct diagnosis of an experienced hand surgeons is crucial and the surgical correction, to exclude a joint wear and tear up to the stiffening of the hand. On surgical area the areas aesthetic and reconstruction are anything but opponent, it was clearly within the lecture.

If the eye about, a tumor must be removed, the intervention obviously always under aesthetic aspects is performed. Both disciplines very often go hand in hand and have many intersections in the most positive sense of the word. On the subject of breast cancer, the message took care of attention, that the actress Angelina Jolie has can operate to eliminate the tumor risk. The step was reasonable, stressed Prof. Germann myth and truth in his paper of plastic surgery. And here the potential of plastic surgery would clear also if, as in the case of Jolie, the message of a mastectomy is just simply wrong. The breast was so not entirely removed. The breast tissue was peeled off, left the outer skin layers. Refilled with implants or autologous tissue, the patient could wake up with a sense of body, that has hardly changed. The risk of cancer is significantly reduced, so Prof. Germann. Alone in the area of breast reconstruction over sixty Microsurgical procedures per year performed by the plastic surgeons of the Ethianum. The clinic count among the most modern in Europe. In Germany, as Prof. Germann, the Ethianum belong to the few centers at all, in the Are able to depict all currently existing operational possibilities of breast reconstruction, in the foreground the recovery with autologous tissue. The entire team of experts know this state of the art surgical procedures. This will transplanted skin and fat from the abdomen, your muscles remain intact. This make for a particularly natural and permanent results without silicone. Modern plastic Rekonstruktiver surgery able to restore many bodily functions or even whole parts of the body. This always with the aim of the best aesthetic result. Text: miles Ethianum of Heidelberg

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