How To Establish A Business In Spain

Obligations of the self may not be the best, circumstantially speaking, to do an article on setting up businesses in Spain, especially when you only have to read the daily press, or to the “idiot box” on the fly, to realize what is the global economic situation. But anyway, and based on my personal experience, even in times of economic recession and emerge there, business opportunities, enterprising people will not leak minimally.

A clear example we have in traditional advertising agencies, according to all official data, during 2009, the gross receipts of investment in traditional advertising media, print, television, radio, etc .. have fallen about 22% about (I speak from memory), yet the total investment in digital media, primarily Internet, and through increased sponsored links percentage over the same period last year and is the only medium that is in positive growth. The link you have more detailed information about: And anyway, there’s nothing better than a mistake, to make things better in the future, it is important to take the plunge and be your own boss, with the risks and rewards that could involve. Well, that said, get to the point: To start a business in Spain, we basically have two options: 1 .- To develop the activity in which we are determined as an individual (Self). 2 .- Or Business (Commercial Company), usually the most common form of company Limited Partnership. The choice of one form or another depends on several factors, or Limited Company? You can not generalize, but there are economic constraints, legal or image that determine what kind of company to choose when we decided to start a business running.

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