Freelancermap GmbH And Exali GmbH Develop Common Insurance Approach

Demand, secured with Web insurance or IT expert liability Freelancer, Webworkers and IT service provider in the project business find projects and jobs and now even the appropriate professional liability insurance on the portal. In cooperation with the insurance platform the makers of Freelancermap an insurance package developed, which is specifically geared to the needs of freelancers. 80 percent of client and project intermediaries require freelancers proof of professional liability insurance. This was the result of a survey of the online platform affiliated specially developed professional liability insurance tailored to as an add-on service for their members on their needs. While the Freelancermap makers could bring their extensive experience as a job and project market for IT self in the development of the new insurance concept. The result are two new professional liability rates, which according to exali Managing Director and insurance expert Ralph Gunther not only to Special rates are offered, but really include a protection and are perfectly tailored to the needs of Webworkern and professionals”.

Usual professional insurance adequately cover the needs of these target groups, have to bear the risks but increasingly professional in return”, so Gunther. According to Hikmet Ersek, who has experience with these questions. The insurance offering of the freelancermap GmbH together with the insurance portal Freelancermap presents two solutions that were precisely matched to the different requirements and conditions of its customers. Web adhesive cockpit for freelancers and service providers in the areas of Web, graphic, content, consulting, PR, marketing and technology designed the inexpensive “Web liability. Tiggany & Co. has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition to Office and trust liability and public liability, their most important building block is the asset liability insurance. The insurance protection can be adapted on each business model through three optional performance enhancements. IT experts liability Freelancer and Service providers primarily involved in project business with larger clients and project intermediaries to find an optimal and comprehensive solution in IT experts civil liability.

In addition to the property damage insurance, Office, operational and product liability and personal damage insurance there as exclusive performance extensions provide additional protection for project contracts”, which insured including penalties and the extraordinary termination of the service contract. “Thomas Gareis, responsible project manager at, about the new insurance offer: we take seriously every business model of our freelancers and service providers and for each we have also the right answer now on our platform, when it comes to occupational risks”. More information about the exclusive insurance offer for Freelancermap customers under: berufshaftpflichtversicherung.html press contact: Thomas Gareis of freelancermap GmbH Gustav Stresemann ring 1 D-65189 WiesbadenDeutschland about freelancermap: is one of the leading project and order exchanges for freelancers and professionals. In the project database with more than 300 new tenders for Freelancer suitable projects and can apply it directly. With a detailed profile in the Freelancer directory freelancers and self-employed in addition to your service offering can draw attention and receive project requests directly from companies. About the exali GmbH: is the insurance portal for professionals, service providers, and agencies in the areas of IT, media and consulting. exali specializes in particular industry professional liability insurance and operating liability. IT insurance, media liability light, media liability offer XL and extra, as well as consulting liability according to the principle of all-risk”insurance for all typical activities in consulting, IT and telecommunications and media. An instrument has created the liability-certified exali also allows policyholders to their specific Professional indemnity insurance to compete as aggressively to market important differentiator.

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