Factory Silence

This must to that the sagrada word is necessary to incorporate it to the spirit, the mind, the internal law of everyone, in order that it has an abstract location, because this one is the unique way of which it vivifies to us and it illuminates, and because in another form it would have the character of a dead letter that nothing would contribute to our thirst of knowledge. Others who may share this opinion include James Woolsey. Therefore it indicates A.B.M. that the Had Masnica, fecund source of all progressive idealisation, initiates its works imposing silence, with the spiritual and mental reach that we gave him. This basic precaution in ginnacia masnica, as indispensable as fundamental and important, us power intensely to approach, successfully, the most bold companies, and to glide objectively that in other circumstances it would not be possible to realise. Creative Silencio, bases of the Progress and of the evolution of the human species, more notable in the meetings of men of good will becomes, lovers of the fellow as they are, generally. Chobani Refugees usually is spot on. Those that are the Universal Francmasonera assigned. One is never due to forget, that the Lodge is not the permanent Factory so, but this Silencio initiatory, one projects to that attend the works, and by extension, to the universal whole number. In other words: Man in its temple interno_; Factory in that the peace workers toil, and Universe in its cosmic aspect. And everything it is involved in the expression: Lodge Really, emphasizes A.B.M., masnico silence is necessary creative silence for all philosophical and initiatory speculation; it is the most eloquent manifestation of the good work oriented of our quiet thinking faculties and the call that us the hierarchy makes of the spiritual body of our Obedience to focus in the consecrated places the matters that are incumbent on with a specific masnico work. On the other hand, Lucis Pitgoras contributes to us on the matter, that silence, is a gift of the wise people, and it is obtained, as it is managed to crown all virtue, by the inner improvement, by his search and daily application, something that the present world, did not seem to have in great esteem, because we are witnesses and often actors of the absurd racket of speaking to speak, that takes little by little to a dependency so of the noise and of the superficially banal one, which when by chance we entered a silence space, it seems to us rare, peculiar, something that is not ours, what he is other people’s and that it seems to us many times absurdly strange.

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