Czech Republic

And do not cram, gritting his teeth, tedious and unnecessary items. Independent planning of the educational process most of the learning process in foreign universities is students' individual work. During the years studies have students produced an invaluable quality – the ability to search for desired information, allocate your time and make decisions. Yes, and life in a foreign country, away from their parents, develops self-reliance. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out david birney. Excellent knowledge foreign language will agree to live in the country for several years, daily lectures at the university, to communicate with classmates and with all this, do not learn the language – it's out of the realm of fantasy. In addition, in order to go to college, to know language at least at the basic level you need. Now, where language environment will help – by the end of training in high school you speak in English, German or Czech language no worse than the indigenous people. And this knowledge, you see, behind not wearing. Gibson dean is often quoted as being for or against this.

Opportunity to sign a contract and obtain a residence permit is no secret that most of those who come to college abroad is not going to return home. Higher education received abroad – an opportunity emigrate. However, for this is not enough to finish college and get a degree – you need to find another employer who will sign a contract with the souped specialist. Based on this, you will be able to change a student visa for working and living legally in the country. In Germany, for example, foreigners have the right within one year after graduation to stay and seek employment.

And in the Czech Republic you enough to work legally in the country for 2.5 years to qualify for permanent residence. The laws are different, but the essence is – Diploma of the European university – one of the shortest path to citizenship eu. Even if you decide to return home, foreign university diploma and knowledge of a foreign language – good prerequisites for a successful career. Most employers will welcome these employees. In addition, the college years – time between connections. Even if you leave the country after graduating from high school, stay in contact with classmates. And who know, but suddenly it you will become the founder of modern international corporation, or open a joint business with classmates? This is a major advantage. Plus, studying abroad provides an opportunity to join a new for a culture to see the world and grow a "bonds, which will certainly come in handy. This is a chance to realize their potential, achieve career heights, gain confidence in their abilities and knowledge. And the next time someone says You that higher education abroad – no one needs "Ponte", correct it European education – is not so much "prestige" and "cool" as promising. Your education – this is your future!

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