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5 percentage points in August compared to the same month of 2009, going from 11.2% to 11.7%, according to the state Department of Statistics (DANE). According to the agency, the unemployment rate in August means that 2.4 million Colombians were unemployed, compared to 2.1 million in the same period of 2008. Meanwhile, the employment rate increased from 51.5% to 53.3% in the reference months, bringing 17.3 million employees, it fell to 18.2 million, added the Dane. Last July, the unemployment rate was 12,6% with 2.6 million unemployed, while the occupancy rate stood at 53.9%, equivalent to 18.4 million jobs. “And to sumemosle this is what we all know but do not had to say a Spanish M.

a. Bastenier “The outrages of the last four years would blush to a dictator Colombia, like Dorian Grey, not to look in the mirror because the list of outrages that staking the second presidential term, would blush to a dictator. Listing them is like visiting a museum of horrors over fifty Members Uribe trial or in prison, mostly for links with paramilitary wiretapping DAS (Administrative Security Department) on all that moves, buy Feedback to public view for changing the Constitution; award of notaries in return for parliamentary support, legitimation of mass transfuguismo, as in the passage of the referendum already mentioned, on which the Executive is studying the reform of the census The figure of seven million-odd voters, worth minimum needed to consultation and which are a quarter of the electorate, is in just over four million, so that two would suffice Uribe to run for office, the case egregious of all, the two thousand plus false positives-a euphemism for murder of so many farmers committed by the army to make them look guerrillas, Uribe on which recognizes no responsibility or knowledge. And the final blow, the U.S. certification that Colombia is cooperating in the fight against drugs, especially, giving the use of seven bases to the United States, whose language text is designed to tribe protective power protected.

Washington asserts, among other nerve, that “facilitate dialogue between the Colombian government and social bodies, assuming that Bogota needs the encouragement. And no one protests. That damn Spanish unworthy of Colombian nationality is certainly able to resist this wonderful all careerists management Uribistas pardon me grief I definitely applaud those who do not want to defend the president, because he is Colombia, Colombia is not such 11.7 of unemployed who refuse to work, work, work. Wow.

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