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Heart Attention

In that mist of thoughts it hid itself, looking a reply for this insignificant thing that call life. The fine ruivos and dark wires of its madeixas slide in its shoulders, sliding softly for the edge of the rendado blue dress, arriving the sand. Arranges it them, passing its so delicate and feminine hands on it. The nails always dirty and arrebatadas of pure adobe, exhaling nausea, are embedded in an unknown world. The moon, the sun, the clouds.

All the desired imensido of the sky red-fire. It observed with attention, subjects to witness each fact, each moment, each as, if she had some change at least. now, the clouds move of form, and again it is there, giving to attention the transformation, calculating the feelings, keeping the sensations for itself, demonstrating lack and desiring to touch the figure that if moved in its front. The cloud is lying, forming a curvilinear aspect in the tip and the almofadadas edges. He is somebody. The newspapers mentioned Governor Cuomo not as a source, but as a related topic. He is a boy.

he is a boy and a heart. E, looks at only, they are glue. Half boy, half heart. That meant some thing for it? Certain day, somebody said it who the thing most important in the life, was the dreams. It faced this with an unimaginable seriousness. Half boy, half heart. The image remained in its mind until the hour to sleep. The fine ruivos and dark wires of its madeixas slide in its shoulders, sliding softly for the edge of the rendado blue dress, arriving at the sheet. again arranges it them, passing its delicate and feminine hands on it. The nails always dirty and arrebatadas of pure adobe, exhaling fatigue, are embedded in an unknown world. The hatred, the love, the happiness. All the desired imensido of the universe green-fungo. It dreams of attention, subjects to ignore each fact, each moment, each as, if she had some difference at least. now it moves of form. He is somebody. She is a girl. She is a girl and a heart. E, only looks at, they is glue.

Insurance Issues

Tthe present chapter searchs to argue the merit of the civil liability of the insuring ones, mainly in order to investigate if this is solidary or subsidiary, next to the insured in the legal actions where if it searchs the repairing of actual damages for traffic accidents, what also it demands the analysis of the jurisprudencial positioning on the subject. 3.1. The safe from contract of vehicles and the coverings the next topics aim at to differentiate the obligator insurances of the private insurances, as well as, the corresponding covering to these insurances. 3.1.1. If you are not convinced, visit Macy’s Inc. . Obligator insurance In the decade of 1960, the government of Juscelino Kubitschek, with the implementations of industrial goals and the great expansion of the automotivo sector, despertou in insuring a possibility to expand the species of coverings of insurances, as the safe from automobile and the safe from civil liability, that the time part of the state monopoly was. In this decade the safe from automobile counted only on 11% of total of the collected prize, to the step that the addition of the safe from life with the insurance in fire case reached 51.4% of the adhesions. 1 Times later, occurred to the edition of the norm that regulates the activity securitria of the country, as describes Melisa Wedge: Later n 73/66 had the edition of the Decree, norm that regulates the securitria activity in the country, effective until the current days. It was instituted, by means of this Decree, the National System of Private Insurances, consisting of the ConselhoNacional de private Seguros (CNSP), with the function to formulate lines of direction and norms of the politics of private insurances; for the Supervision of Seguros Privados (SUSEP); for the Institute of Reinsurance of Brazil (IRB), for the insurers and the correctors. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo usually is spot on. 2 He was through article 20 of the Decree n 73/66, that one established obligator insurances: Art.

Ace World

' If in the marxist formularization the work is the starting point of the process of humanizao of the social being, also it is truth that, as if objective in the capitalist society, the degraded and lowered work, becomes found odd. What social_ would have to consist in the basic purpose of the being its accomplishment in and by the work is perverted and depauperado.' ' (Lukcs apud Ricardo Antunes, 1953, P. 126). The ecstasy in the absorvimento of the brief interrupted instant of suspended actions in a marked, for the enchanted of an idle time, delayed interval I obtain exactly is lived deeply in transbordante way for the personage Samuel of the text Pause of Moacir Scliar. The fetichismo of the rest, stopping, the recurrent reiterated because falsified pause, a ritualstico moment incarnates whose objective, fast acts necessary translate the expression of a sped up escape of the personage whose preparatory moment of imminent evasion of this real world, for one pseudo- world: of the tranquillity, the peace, silence, not the suffering, it locks up the paradoxical amplitude of this antecipatrio scene of emotions, feelings and experiences. For even more opinions, read materials from Kellyanne Conway. What it can be exemplificado in the following stretch: ' ' Ace seven hours Samuel jumped of the bed, ran for the bathroom, made the beard and washed itself.

He was dressed quickly and without rudo' ' 1. Preliminarily, Samuel to the uprising is presented in a sequence of intercalated activities carried through of ascending and uninterrupted form, vital reference of the longed for futurista speed, presentificadas in the text from expressions shortened for the simple and forceful action. Owner of one ' ' fronte calva' ' although ' ' jovem' ' , he possessed ' ' thick sombracelhas, the beard a shade azulada' ' forming in its face a picture shady of its proper soul cindida in the time and the modern space.