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Russian State Customs Committee

The total production of cars now diminished, but, nevertheless, allowed up company to a third ranking. The shares of other domestic manufacturers of trucks on the Russian market are modest, only accounting for just under 17%. Separately, it is worth noting Taganrog factory – he has continued to increase its truck assembly lung Korea Hyundai Porter, and for 12 months last year, the company left the assembly line of new 7162 car. Increased production rates had more than threefold, while the proportion of trucks of foreign brands produced in Russia in 2006, the total production close to the mark of 3%. Despite the emerging shortage of trucks on the Russian domestic market, a number of domestic automobile exports its products abroad. This is due primarily to the search for new markets and trying to consolidate them. Thus, the main buyers of Russian trucks production remains the Middle East and Asia – there is not yet implemented stringent environmental regulations, and the main advantage of the Russian production is the relative simplicity of design and competitive price. According to Russian State Customs Committee by the end of 2004 it was exported 42,900 units of equipment valued at 372 million dollars.

The average price was very low – just under 8,700 dollars apiece. Over the next two years, Russian car managed to maintain a positive trend: in 2005 – at 7%, and in 2006 – about 4%. It is worth noting that last year the average unit value of exported machinery has increased and reached the mark in 12 thousand dollars, and the total the sum of all transactions was estimated at about 600 million.

New Drivers

A typical mistake of beginners is that novice drivers too close 'are attached' to the overtaken vehicle. Needs some minimum the distance for acceleration and a better view of the road section, which, in fact, to overtake. By the way, from the perspective of the same, elementary physics, aerodynamic air flow vperediiduschego large car (most just a big truck or van) can simply drag the car has less mass under it. Standard overtaking pass on a fairly simple scheme. Assessing the situation, seeing ahead of free space, turn left turning signal, go to the iii transmission, tuned into the oncoming lane and begin to disperse. Do not include 'turn signal' in advance not to introduce confusion into the other traffic participants. But, being on the counter Do not turn off the strip has included a signal to the oncoming lane with cars know at what period you are overtaking.

As they passed the overtaken vehicle safely turn off the light, thereby marking the completion of maneuver. In fact, if you see that the oncoming traffic appeared machine, immediately inhibited and return to his place (which is why overtaking is recommended for transfer iii – the effect of inhibition optimal). As there is another overtaking maneuver, taking place faster and apply on routes with heavy workload. However, this option is overtaking is practiced only by experienced drivers, behind which more than one year practice. When you see what lies ahead will be 'box', begin to approach it on its front page. Necessary because all the calculate to go to the oncoming traffic lane when the oncoming traffic crosses it. Your machine at this time should be almost behind him.

After this sharp move out into oncoming traffic, and immediately back. From the outside it looks more like a detour of an obstacle, but, despite its simplicity, the technique very effective. Remember, the main danger is passing away into the oncoming lane. Try to make this point as quickly as possible. Consider the second situation – when you overtake. Additional information at James Woolsey supports this article. First of all, do not try to at the same time go slower, or vice versa, quickly. Thereby you can 'confuse' the driver performing overtaking. When you see the oncoming car, walk in the situation. If you outrunning vehicles already get ahead, you need to slow down and pull over to the right. Otherwise, just take the right, without abrupt changes of speed. Know that even experienced drivers are not immune from a mere inadvertence. Be vigilant, observe basic safety rules and you will never have trouble on the road. Safe driving – is safety, not only for you but for others.

Decent Price

In such a hurry – people laugh. Hear from experts in the field like 4Moms
for a more varied view. Go quickly, no one see your beauty will not have time. Buying a chopper, you buy a style. He is now in vogue. Remain throw a leather jacket, and go! The most affordable motorcycles of this type – 400 cm3. If a sport bike with an engine '400 'significantly weaker' liter 'brother, there is not. Often the 'small' choppers in power do not differ from the 'big'.

By the way, and the size too. Let's just say: not even every specialist is able to distinguish them from each other. The difference is felt in the price: if the 400 cc chopper costs $ 2500, then the same machine with the engine 750-1500 cm3 'pulls' at twice that amount. Classic just want a motorcycle. Then choose classic. Perhaps he will remind the youth carried out taxied Java. It looks not so extravagant as the chopper, almost no plastic parts, but at the same time has almost sportbaykovskoy power. Of course, its design is simpler than the 'road rocket', but landing at the wheel straight and comfortable.

Most of the classics are good as a universal machine 'every day'. No small factor in price. You may have noticed that on the previous bikes category, you can think about in his pocket at least $ 2500. Classics significantly more affordable and decent machine can be purchased for $ 1700. And it will be a full-fledged motorcycle with four-cylinder 400 cm3 capacity of nearly 60 horsepower, or a decent preserved apparatus 750 cm3 of the early 80's. You is not? Then, for $ 4500 is quite possible to calculate the 'horses' edak for 145! One word – cool.

Car Insurance

Pokupayanovenky car, you give him almost the last money. And rightly so. Better today indulge in something, because tomorrow the same car will cost more because of rapid depreciation money, I mean inflation. And, of course, do not forget about the class of vehicle. If you can just buy a car a class above – is not worth saving. Themselves will then be grateful, having experienced in the first trip to the very best auto respect for other road users.

Virtually no one else will dare to squeeze in front of you in traffic or cut to trasseshosse. But all this is easier to acquire than to preserve. Accident, falling trees, unsuccessful parking and t.p. condition of our purchase. Urgent repair.

It would not be bad if in this situation, the culprit turns out to be someone else. And if it is not? Chtoesli all this happened solely because of your negligence or lack of driving experience? In this case, for all have to pay in cash. And money is not small! Exactly at this point most drivers and understand casco insurance policies and osago. And that not all insurance companies are the same, despite the seeming at first glance, the similarity of insurance products. How often do we hear the angry cries of their friends and acquaintances of any insurance companies. For example, insurance company will assume 1 (Car Insurance) 'do not pay me money when I came to them! " In this case, none of them have never, underline never, never read the rules of insurance, which clearly describes the procedure of payments and collection of required documents. Still looks more fun one who confidently states about the reliability of one or inoystrahovoy company, when only bought the policy. For example, 'the insurance company say number 2 I had problems will not. Office they have more work quickly and energetically. I have not been detained or how, all wisely and well told, then the paperwork and everything. It took not more than 1 hour. " This, of course. Only the conclusions are not in a hurry. Since sales department and the department of insurance payments – this is not the same! And before you judge the reliability of a company, you should first acquire experience in communicating precisely with the latter department. Should not be unlimited confidence by every insurance brokers. They are, with few exceptions, work on the principle: sell and forget. Therefore, brokers try to sell insurance products to those companies that pay them more per cent. of the value of the policy. And if you, for example, persistently and without alternative say that only 'our' insurance company is the best and the other is not even worth paying attention, it is literally a minute to think about and reflect on what was said. Maybe this company really good, but there is something better! Summarize all of the above. Insure it is necessary – it is so. But before you run headlong into the first insurance company to explore the insurance market and the experience of other car owners read the reviews of insurance companies. Also check out the rating of insurance companies, perhaps there you will not even be able to find those companies that are so hard to impose on all sides!

Engine Repair Problems

She bought a torpedo with an airbag, which could not be found in Moscow, and then friends advised this firm for the purchase of the motor. The site of Kaliningrad Anatoly his engine did not find, but decided to call the office and clarified. The next day the man called back from Evroavtotreyd himself. Engine is found, and near, in neighboring Poland. Price Tolik arranged, even cheered. Tolia watched the price of the German auction, figured the delivery, customs clearance of 30%. It turned profitable.

After some negotiations, signed a contract to supply the engine. The engine drove a little longer term, the process was delayed customs (she loves it), but in three weeks, still missed. The guys from the company apologized for the delay and offset two thousand rubles and offered to handle yet. Machine Anatoly goes without problems, engine warranty period (60 days) has passed. On account of the traffic police motor got no problems, Customs did not knowingly delayed the process, check out how it should be. Case 3 not cheap and troublesome.

My friend, Nick knows this firsthand. When his Audi was permanently deaf, and from under the hood were penetrated with unpleasant sounds, he did not drag out and towed cars in the garage service station, located nearby. "Stukanul engine" – a verdict, slightly drunk, but very experienced "garage" master. Need squandered shaft, change liners, rings, and god knows what else. In general, a list of the various internal engine and a lot of work.

Renault Logan Hyundai

Until recently, about the new Hyundai Solaris, but her name was known only that it will be produced at the factory Hyundai in Saint Petersburg. The company Hyundai Motor, South Korea's largest automaker, reveals new data on the trim Russian sedan Hyundai Solaris. Concern Hyundai presents five options available to complete sets and four package options, the new sedan Hyundai Solaris since January 2010. Choice of option packages on the Russian market, Hyundai Motor Company offers the first time. It is intended to provide clients as possible to adapt the car to fit your needs.

According to a press release, the most affordable new items will be bundled version of Base, equipped with in-line four-cylinder petrol engine volume 1.4 liters and 107 hp (79 kW) with a five-speed manual transmission. This version of the car will be equipped with driver's airbag, power steering, front electric windows, ducts, carried out by kicking the rear passengers, heat protective tinted windows, headrests for the rear seat passengers, and many other useful options. As an additional option to customers You can add to the list of air conditioning. In the other three versions Classic, Comfort and Optima Russian buyers can choose between two petrol powertrains – 1,4 liter (107hp) and 1.6 liters (126 hp), As well as between five-speed manual transmission and four-stage automatic transmission. For these versions will be offered four basic optional package: "Safety", "Winter", "Advanced" and "Prestige". The first two additional driver side airbag security, and a front passenger front seat, as well as stability control and traction control.

Package "Winter" includes heated front seats, exterior mirrors with electric and heated, power front and rear, heated wiper rest area. "Advanced" option package includes a Hi-Fi MP3-stereo, foglights, led interior lighting and the armrest with luggage compartment for small details on the central tunnel. In a set of options "Prestige" buyer receives Leather steering wheel and shift knob, turn signal repeaters in the exterior mirror housings, the cover trunk with chrome trim and alloy wheels. The top equipment Hyundai Solaris Family will be available to Russians with a maximum range of and exclusively with four-cylinder engine of 1.6 liters (126 hp) and five-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission on the quad option. By default, the Family is equipped with six airbags, electronic stabilization system, repeaters are turning to the exterior mirror housings, system access interior without a key, a climate-controlled, 16-inch wheels, an opportunity to connect the phone to an audio system via Bluetooth, full-sized spare wheel and other finishes for interior and exterior. Stylish design, wide variety modifications and additional options that focus on the needs of the local market and the high level of security is the basic version of Solaris will help produce a stir at the Russian automotive market and become the most attractive proposition in a segment of the C-Class sedans. That price innovations will be crucial in the fight for .Osnovnymi competitors Solaris will be Volkswagen Polo Saloon (this car has also been developed to developing markets, its assembly began at a Volkswagen plant in Kaluga in June this year) and the Renault Logan. Also soon go on sale an interesting model vw Jetta 2011.