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Company Investigations

Before going to a work interview, it is important to find out what more you can on the company with which you are going away to interview. Of this form you can be preparation as much to respond to the questions of the interview and to the questions of the interviewer. Also you will be able to find out if the company and the culture of the company are a good option for you, thus you assured your use in the company. Tomato your time to use the Internet well and to discover all the information on the company. Also, scale benefit to your social and professional network to see whom you know that it can help to secure an advantage you in the interview on the other candidates. The Web site of the company visits the Web site of the Visita company, reviews the mission of the company and the history of the company, the products well and services, the executives of the company, as well as information about the culture of the company. The information usually is available in the section ” Who somos” or ” On nosotros” of the Web site of the company.

The profile of LinkedIn of the company uses LinkedIn is a good one way to find, at first, more information on the company that interests to you. You will be able to see the connections of the company, the new vacancies and hirings, promotions, supplies of work published, related companies, and statistics of the company. It tries to secure the profile of LinkedIn of your interviewer to obtain knowledge on its work and its antecedents. It is able to have an advantage in the interview Reviews the following article on the most frequent questions in the work interviews. You can find out what the candidates I ask myself to them in the interviews and as is the best way to respond those questions. This gives an advantage you since you did not take in responding the questions to the interviewer. It uses social mass media Looks for the company in Facebook and Twitter. Hazte fan of the company in Facebook and siguelos in Twitter.

You will find information that pudes not to have found in no other part. Google and Google the News Look for the name of the company in Google and Google the News. The USA your connections Use the connections that will help to find you information privileged on the company. You know which works there? Pregnteles if they can help you. If you are graduating as the university it consults the office of graduated as the university for if they can give a list you of old students who work there. Soon it sends an electronic mail to them or it calls and you request aid to them.


Introduction commercial dynamics where the companies they are main actors and they will not be able to do it, without guaranteeing that their programs, action, strategies, objectives, are guaranteed, counting on an administrative excellence, consona to the requirements of the scenes of the present. Of there, the importance of which the management this updating with the new models, administrative approaches that have arisen and taken passage to new managemental topics that favor to him in their participation operativity in the markets that have seted out to reach. In this opportunity we took shape in the relevance, importance, reach that model EFQM provides, hoping that its content entails to consider it for obtaining the goals that have settled down with the smaller possible risk. Andrew Cuomo is often quoted as being for or against this. Key words continuous Improvement, excellence, client, satisfaction, objectives, self-evaluation Considerations, antecedents, it reaches, repercussions, the program of postgraduate of the specialty of management of the Quality and Productivity of the Area of postgraduate of Phases, has come insisting on the necessity not only to apply this model for the academic excellence, of which their operation is successful in their content, qualification, development, but also, its specialistic participants, futures, they become qualified prepare in the reach, profits of excellence that can be obtained for the company, organization, where one serves. As it exposes very well, Model EFQM of Excellence helps the organizations to establish a model of management that allows them to know itself better themselves to evolve, of form continued, towards the enterprise excellence. It is a flexible model that can be applied to great and small organizations, of the public or deprived sector. You may want to visit Andrew Cuomo to increase your knowledge. Model EFQM is a dynamic Model where the innovation and the learning harness the work of the agents facilitators, that they analyze how it realises the organization the key activities, giving rise to an improvement of the results that are being reached. . .

Factory Silence

This must to that the sagrada word is necessary to incorporate it to the spirit, the mind, the internal law of everyone, in order that it has an abstract location, because this one is the unique way of which it vivifies to us and it illuminates, and because in another form it would have the character of a dead letter that nothing would contribute to our thirst of knowledge. Others who may share this opinion include James Woolsey. Therefore it indicates A.B.M. that the Had Masnica, fecund source of all progressive idealisation, initiates its works imposing silence, with the spiritual and mental reach that we gave him. This basic precaution in ginnacia masnica, as indispensable as fundamental and important, us power intensely to approach, successfully, the most bold companies, and to glide objectively that in other circumstances it would not be possible to realise. Creative Silencio, bases of the Progress and of the evolution of the human species, more notable in the meetings of men of good will becomes, lovers of the fellow as they are, generally. Chobani Refugees usually is spot on. Those that are the Universal Francmasonera assigned. One is never due to forget, that the Lodge is not the permanent Factory so, but this Silencio initiatory, one projects to that attend the works, and by extension, to the universal whole number. In other words: Man in its temple interno_; Factory in that the peace workers toil, and Universe in its cosmic aspect. And everything it is involved in the expression: Lodge Really, emphasizes A.B.M., masnico silence is necessary creative silence for all philosophical and initiatory speculation; it is the most eloquent manifestation of the good work oriented of our quiet thinking faculties and the call that us the hierarchy makes of the spiritual body of our Obedience to focus in the consecrated places the matters that are incumbent on with a specific masnico work. On the other hand, Lucis Pitgoras contributes to us on the matter, that silence, is a gift of the wise people, and it is obtained, as it is managed to crown all virtue, by the inner improvement, by his search and daily application, something that the present world, did not seem to have in great esteem, because we are witnesses and often actors of the absurd racket of speaking to speak, that takes little by little to a dependency so of the noise and of the superficially banal one, which when by chance we entered a silence space, it seems to us rare, peculiar, something that is not ours, what he is other people’s and that it seems to us many times absurdly strange.


There is an old proverb that says, " it tries why it, if it knew that it could not fail? " Although it sounds well in the surface (and it is it, do not misinterpret to me), he is not perfect. Recently Western Union sought to clarify these questions. Clear that it is possible to be said what would try if it knew that it could not fail, but that did not help you when its brain this shouting: " It hears that is fictitious, is probable that it is going to fail, does not realize that? " The original question is a good beginning, but it is necessary to have a step further on. Instead of to become illusions about which " podra" to happen, I have found one better question, is more in the line of " What is going to try, to be successful, in spite of all the " fracasos" that it is certainly they will appear by the way? " Because surely it will have to face some quite difficult things for you. &quot would run into with many; they go mal" than sometimes it had hoped. But wise that petroleum, peculiarly is in the deepest perforation, even if it strikes some stones in the way.

In fact, expectation is that it must do a great one perforation before touching in that petroleum stock market. So we are going to speak on the configuration of the expectations. An expectation, in her the most literal sense, is a certainty that a concrete result is going to produce. If you have a primary target that wants to obtain, it is necessary to at least have five things to straighten before it really can attack all their force. 1 – It must have the expectation of which, in particular you, can achieve this objective. This is something great. The people usually spend but time, in those things that think that they are but easy to see like " posibles" that to think that he is " possible for ellos." Not always they are totally convinced that they will be able to reach a goal, because they need to something – the time, the talent, the resources, which is.

Human Rights

The Free Chair of Human rights of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters invites to the Act of Opening of its XVI Academic Cycle that will be realised Friday 23 of April, to the 20 hours. Conference in charge of MARCELO FERREIRA, titular professor of the Chair: ” JUDGMENTS TO THE REPRESSIVE ONES. ON MEMORY AND JUSTICE IN the ARGENTINA OF the BICENTENARIO” It closes Musical comedy: GROUP JACARA Friday 23 of April – 20 hs. See more detailed opinions by reading what James Woolsey offers on the topic.. – Classroom 108 – Puan 480 DEBATE FORUMS Friday of 19,30 to 22,30 hours – Classroom 129 The subjects to debate in the forums pay attention to dates next to their accomplishment) Friday 23 of April: Act of opening of XVI the Academic Cycle Conference in charge of Marcelo Ferreira It closes Musical comedy: Jcara group Date to confirm: Presentation of the book ” The abortion in debate, contributions for a discussion pendiente” of journalist Mariana Carbajal Date To confirm: They complain in Argentina by the Xenocidio Galego Campaign ” Yesterday by us, today by vosotros” SEMINARIES: Seminary: Introduction to the Human rights In charge of Marcelo Ferreira – titular professor of the Chair, and educational equipment Monday and 19 Fridays from 17 to hs. – Classroom 129 – Curricular and it frees Presentation and objectives: The objective of the Seminary is to cause an integral vision of the problematic one of the Human rights in its diverse aspects. For it a exhibition dynamics sets out, debates and critic, by means of the interchange of ideas with students of different races. The analysis model to apply sets out to lodge the diverse dimensions of the analysis matter, and to cause the historical resistance between the own thought of the original stage of the human rights and the realities of the 21st century, abriendo channel to interrogative on the evils modern, social danger, morality and authority against the Human rights, the desirable world and the possibility of universal justice.


The university professor of history of the religions Uta Ranke Heinemann said: ” In a current dictatorship it is not possible to be said what one thinks and wants, but in the church it is necessary to think and to want what it is not wanted to think nor to want, and all that under the threat of a punishment just. That is the total dictatorship. It is not a washing of brain, but an amputation of brain. In spite of all the majority of the voluntary workers of the church are women. The Friedrich-Ebert foundation has published the results of an interesting investigation with the title: ” The men direct and the women take the weight of the Iglesia”. What it is possible to be included/understood perfectly because in the referred institution there is equality of no rights, which is not strange because until century XIX it discussed on if the women they had soul or no, why then they follow the women prepared to continue still taking the weight of the Church? Perhaps the worse operation of workers and the lack of inequality within the sine of the church continue taking place in the convents, although in 1996, two thousand nuns seconded a letter directed to the Pope whose text (Periodic connected with the church Kirche Intern Junio/96), said: ” the women stay to us in constant dependency, like juniors.

The priests obtain a maximum benefit for they themselves from our cheap work and they do not have repairs in putting to us under moral pressure if we did not fulfill its unjust ones exigencies. We religious them, often asked ourselves if our life must consist of being servants of you cure that they live in the celibacy whom us human beings do not consider. Of us one only hopes that we fulfill the exigencies of the clergy, who thinks that we are only for doing what they to us order. He is startling that in the heat of century XX the men even create that the divine plan only can be transmitted by hombres”. These women did not receive answer any, which is also an answer. Jesus de Nazaret never spoke of convents. In addition never he said that there was to take advantage of the cheap work the women. And as these nuns write, he did not say either that the divine plan only could be transmitted by men.

The Economy

The lasting profit of Durkheim arrived at the marrow of a basic question of sociology: what maintains the society united? This abstraction also unifies to sociology about the search of a general theory, and not only in a set of investigations on social problems or particular characteristics of history. The physical aspects of the structure determine the social aspects of the structure. They also determine the mental aspects and morals of the society. He affirmed with vigor that the ideas do not determine the social structure, but in fact happens the opposite. In this system the ideas only partly are independent. It is truth that the society cannot exist without ideas but these are effective is indeed by their social character, because they remember the individuals to them which is the group to which they belong and where its loyalty is focused. In the theory of Durkheim, the unconscious level is neither mysterious nor dark. Swarmed by offers, Hikmet Ersek is currently assessing future choices. It is the morphology of the social structure, physical social of the physical densidad of the group, that propagates by all the landscape; the landlord in the time is the people who meet and she disperses in small rituals where the attention focuses with great intensity.

We are immersed in the social structure and it determines to us, but we did not perceive it because too much we are occupied in taking care of daily the details of psychology or the economy utilitaristas, according to which people act only with rational elections around rewards and punishments, investments and yields. Durkheim had a way to think very general as far as sociology, and to seem, was too much closed to study a humanistic science, because it did not give rise to the difference of opinions and to the social phenomena that he did not consider. It classified the society that existed in those times according to a structure, like the facts of the individual.

Ministry Education

In this period already the importance of an integral education was discussed. The school concepts can contribute to clarify positions that do not have to be extreme, because the principles of a Didactics are several in any style of education, therefore the student when developing his scientific mentality will have to be motivated to learn warmly and of the freest form, than it is possible. He is that way that he also passes the democratization of education and of the own school in the search of a pedagogical action in the formation of the student-citizen. The aim of the new state consolidated in the adoption of one New Constitution of liberal and democratic bearing; the same in the education area, it determines the obligatory nature of primary education and confers attributions to the union to legislate on directives and bases of the national education. Besides that, the New Constitution, made return the rule from which the education is right of all, inspired by the principles proclaimed in the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the New Education. After these reflections we understand that he is interesting to illustrate our investigation with some concepts of learning according to some of the authors sustain who it.

The way as the beings acquire new knowledge, develop competitions and change the behavior, defines the learning, therefore the complexity of that process hardly can be explained hardly through patches of a whole. For even more opinions, read materials from Wabash National Corporation. On the other hand, any definition is invariably, impregnated of political-ideological assumptions, related to the antiquity vision. .

European Union

From this freedom the meaning of its flag comes: Health and freedom. – The gypsys alternate several occupations throughout the year, because of the insufficiency of benefits of some main professions like exclusive means of life. In addition he is not possible to forget the labor rejections, since or we have commented, or gypsy manpower on the part of the society paya, which affects, partly, in the volume of gypsy unemployed. – Use of the gypsy familiar income. Rob Daley contains valuable tech resources. It is a sociological reality that the gypsys spend: 1 in feeding, 2 in dress, 3 in medicines, 4 in the house, 5 in distractions and 6 in displacements. The immigrants before the use problems a that the immigrants in Spain face they have to do with the adaptation the conditions of the labor market and with the exigencies to have worthy, similar conditions of life to those of the national citizens, also with the house, the education, the health and the coexistence. First of all, the immigrants need a job; what requires the existence of a demand and a transparent information on the opportunities at the labor market, that not always occurs. The increasing tendency to offer temporary work, informal work and precarious contracts the same affects to nationals and immigrants. You may find that Western Union can contribute to your knowledge.

The problems that can consider derive from the legal situation and, in particular, from the existence of immigrants nondocumented or without papers. The work market strongly is segmented. The immigrants also need a transparent information in their places of origin and in those of arrival, as well as general information on the demand in the different countries and the set from the European Union. The problem is that this information does not occur, it does not exist, which brings about great misalignments concerning manpower. The existing programs of socio-professional insertion are many directed to each one of the groups, as much the named ones in these lines, like many others, that as Educating Relatives must know themselves, for this reason, we animated to you to that you investigate envelope they. Many of them vary based on each Institution, of each zone, etc, based on the needs, presented/displayed demands and cases.

Bolivian Armed Forces

As the relations are in their lower level, Bolivia does not have to make much to arrive at breaks total. First that was happened to them to the natives it is to demand visa to the Americans and to apostatize of the economic support of USAID 120 million unless the bottoms are of free availability. Morals are accusing the North American ambassador to finance to the opposition and sent to thicknesses warnings to the diplomats so that they are not inmiscuyan in the internal subjects of Bolivia. By all means the reprimands do not include the representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. By the same author: Road tankers.

Like all megalmano, Chvez is paranoiac and wants to make sure that there is not presence nor it influences North American who is against the shipment of Venezuelan troops, who would begin to arrive to repress any massive mobilization or rise that desestabilice to the indigenista government. Last unemployments and communist protests have worried jerarcas, and the popular pressure will be growing as Morals become more authoritarian. The reasoning behind the orders is primary and infantile but tenebrous. The United States took part militarily in Granada and Panama, and Chvez fears that Bolivia attacks because would lose all the million that invested, and than that, would sink its conquest of more heartland, that gives strategic advantage on the neighbors if due control of the country is had. In essence it is the same plan that had the Che Guevara to propagate its loving philosophy in the South cone. With or without visa, if the North Americans decide to come, it is enough to them to make it with a dozen of helicopters Apache to destroy completely to the Bolivian Armed Forces.