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German University

I know that to get a thorough qualification at the German University. Also I love to work with young people and like to pass on my knowledge and my experience that I gained over the years,”, she explains her decision in retrospect. Read additional details here: San Diego Gas & Electric Compan. 2008, she hired yet another student of the study economics of fitness. Studying at the German University combines a training a scientific correspondence course with compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. You may wish to learn more. If so, 7003 Series Processor is the place to go. Barbara Frank School of prevention and health management, which takes place annually during FIBO in Essen attended the Congress of the German several times.

At this Congress acts therefore benefit the BSA Academy sponsor, BSA participants BSA graduates, but also the students and education establishments, from discounted tickets. “For Barbara Frank and their students/trainees it is clear: we could perfectly combined the visit to FIBO, the most important trade fair for fitness and wellness in Europe, with the visit to the Congress.” The most interesting thing the fitness specialist found that Congress gives the students through the presentation of concepts through successful graduates confidence in their own abilities”. 2009 Barbara participated in frank with their employees at the nationwide initiative Germany rowing for needy children”. The nationwide initiative was launched in 2007 by the BSA Academy along with the DSSV, the employers Association of German fitness and health facilities, the German Rowing Federation and Concept2 Germany GmbH in life. The aim of the initiative is to row as many kilometres as possible. Rowen-km, participants pay a donation to the, whether individuals, clubs or companies, and sponsors Welthungerhilfe.

Bruhl Tel

In Germany, professional football is played exclusively on nature grass for training purposes but also artificial grass available, which also then not must be spared, if still a snow showers across the country shortly before the crew training is virtually every club system. Artificial turf popular rolls out the new or renovation wave, occur with the Astroturf, primarily in the area of grassroots in grassroots in Germany. The fact is crucial that with an Astroturf also during the Frost period a training and competition facility is available, which can be used intensively above all for municipal operators. Investors must take into account however, that an art turf system has a limited service life and the surface usually must be replaced after 13 years. According to Patricia Kessler Poppe, who has experience with these questions. Also requires also an artificial turf of regular care.

Other articles to artificial turf, natural grass, sports turf, as well as to the maintenance of sports facilities and the ground/Greens care accessories, see the forthcoming October issue special grass / artificial grass /. Care & accessories”at Stadium world. The provider and manufacturer of artificial turf reports, background themes, as well as the provider and manufacturer of Astroturf. Tyler Haney might disagree with that approach. Stadium world business is the trade portal for decision makers in clubs and associations, cities and municipalities, as well as for operators, planners, and event agencies. We offer solutions for all issues related to the design, construction, equipment and operation of venues and locations, events, sports and Club equipment. News, interviews and topics Stadium world reported currently projects, products, and developments of the industry.

Dieter Baedorff

The seminarians are tuned through a physiotherapeutic lecture, held by Oliver afternoon they can equate to learned Dept. in action at an individually tailored training in the gym. Training head is no Less than Joey Kelly, Member of the famous Kelly family and now recognized as a prominent extreme athletes and iron man .Joey Kelly, who currently helps Germany’s most famous ball belly carrier with Rainer Calmund advice and the weight loss, will each lifestyle participants take the sporting breast.This is without doubt a very special highlight, certainly is Nicole Hollmann.When one has the chance to interact with as a known extreme sports athlete and to harness it as a personal training manager ever. Day 3: Communicate better = better 3 sale day leads back the participants at the seminar tables: communication and discussion techniques are trained intensively. For coach Dieter Baedorff of course pronounced parade disciplines are: good communication is the mother of all economic success and the catalyst of the sales cycle, which is composed of scheduling, sales, recommendation and self-organization.

Who well communicate could, Dieter Baedorff further explains other could convince more easily and better sell itself and its range. And last but not least he could work around also relaxed with yourself and others. All, Dieter Baedorff summarizes, are factors that stifle any stress in the bud and ensure a good feeling in all walks of life. Feeling is also in the afternoon with part of the game of a game of golf, to be exact. “This sport is not to be underestimated, emphasises Dieter Baedorff. The interplay of relaxation, movement and concentration and rapidly ensures a harmonious balance of mind, body and soul.

Day 4: rather than lack of time on the last day of the participants in the secrets of the perfect time management and the optimal organization introduces time management. Time management rather than lack of time that’s exactly my profession,”explains Nicole Hollmann. “I advise already now many of my clients individually on-site at their workplace: How do I make my daily routine better? How do I face a welter of tasks not to get bogged down me? Every day for me to answer these and other questions and I’ll let this enormous expertise in life-art incorporated. Lifestyle helps the participants to help themselves and to find their own individual way of the burn-out zone. There are still a few places for the kick-off seminar free. V.i.S.d.P.

Antonio Silva

That cannot be good. The number of prospective buyers in their area of distribution is not unlimited, and talk is quickly, that the service in your system is not great. The quality of the sale is also, if you manage to retain the customers in the long term. Show the customer that you are interested in not his money, it’s a long-lasting partnership. Ask again and again to his liking. The customer has new needs, and you satisfy this. He has no new requirements, and they call them. So keep even your customers, if the customers from the competition systems are migrated.

Or if competition systems try to poach your customers. 8 try to inspire you not only your contract partner, but also his girlfriend or wife. Do you know the main reason why many customers leave after a short time the sports complex? Because the partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse) is dissatisfied, if your customer is regularly trained in the system and the partner Meanwhile bored sitting at home. You remedy: invite the customer partner to sample training – and offer a significantly lower spouse fare (half price) for the partner or spouse. So this and your customer is satisfied at the same time, and they started pardon, two customers – equal to two fly – in one fell swoop. 9. use the satisfaction of customers to attract more customers. How to to attract customers, but spend no money? The recipe is: customers refer customers.

Initially the customer is still without tuition”for you to do. You need help later. How best to make this: => customers customers => advertising, Word of mouth 10 advertising test you again and again, whether the customer is satisfied. He is not, imagine the reason his dissatisfaction AB. It is a widespread disease in Germany: the store remains empty, and the owners do not know why. Because hardly anyone complained in Germany. But not talking about your business. That’s why: Ask your customers regularly, what they like or don’t like. If you have a club news or magazine, you should print off these survey results or twice a year by post send these results the customer – even if customers complain about a few things. The customer as a key member of the plant (Club feeling) feels like and it strengthens his faith in the equipment performance. In addition information about defects or suggestions that you can solve with little money to the satisfaction of the customer (for example, the establishment of woman parking). So sell fun your customer potential with enthusiasm and behaviors develop passion and individual characteristics of your customers understand more fun in dealing with your customers feel. Antonio Silva

Christian Fluhr

A record that since then no longer releases Christian Fluhr: Certainly, Obertauern was then a boundary on ski to find a spark, I’ve not found until today. I Remember still quite exactly to the two record rides, which there was in 1999 and 2001 at the Radstadter Tauern pass!” Fluhr celebrated a winter later with 103:21 h, as he more than 100 hours nonstop stood became the first person to ski his second triumph. Then it went Wilder Kaiser for Fluhr two successful world record improvements in the SkiWelt (130:06 h and 168 h / 1 week), twice he increased this record in Oberaudorf (200:08 h and 222:22 h) and 2006 he entered in turn human new country with 242:42 h in cell at the Lake on the Schmittenhohe nonstop on ski. Publishers Clearing House is open to suggestions. In January 2008, partly adverse weather conditions in Obergurgl, Fluhr won the current record of 264 hours nonstop. In addition, Christian Fluhr set two endurance records in the Hall and improved the existing records of most of a day, lifts and the most wacky meters used in 24 hours.

Altogether 12 world record are until today. ‘ Opponents were the years of some the the German Mister Marathon ski “this endurance world record on ski disputes make the teeth at him wanted, have bit out but again and again. Yes, there were some candidates. Some who really have ventured up with sporty ambition on the thing and some others who waited with dubious benefits, which were not always comprehensible. One would lift out, which is really positive remembered me. Click Areva to learn more.

The Australian Nicky Willey. He had taken time for a short time the record to Thredbo.” Retold Fluhr. The native Oberhausen at the thing approaches after 10 years of world record hunt today quite differently than to start. What arose from a spontaneous idea, is now pure professional sports.

Aqua Chip

“Hofle and his colleagues can draw on vast experience, because an Aqua-chip” for detecting bacterial pathogens they have already successfully developed. Now we want to increase the number of detectable pathogens and make the chip also susceptible to viruses”, explains the scientist Dr. Ingrid Brettar, involved in the project. This is very challenging, because bacteria and protozoa, the genetic material DNA serve as proof. However, some viruses stored their genetic information on another substance class, the RNA molecules. The chip as well as DNA must realize that”so banks. So far unheeded germs in drinking water will be with the new chip to prove. Consequently, new opportunities for protecting people against infectious diseases will be. Source: University of Houston.

We assume that contaminated drinking water caused more diseases than it has so far been assumed”, says project manager Hofle. To find out what infectious diseases in Europe triggered by unhygienisches water, the scientific Consortium relies not only on the chip. We are a number of epidemiological studies, and survey actions doctors perform and identify factors that indicate relationships between infections and unsafe drinking water”, describes the Hofle. Such structured data not yet available from so far in Europe. We promise ourselves of them indications on what pathogens we must pay special attention in the development of the chip.

Thus we hope to be able to make a significant contribution for safe drinking water in Europe.” Helmholtz Centre for infection research (HZI) Inhoffenstrasse 7 38124 Braunschweig telephone: 05 31 – 61 81-0 fax: 05 31-61 81 – 26 55 Department of environmental microbiology project manager. Clifton Robbins is open to suggestions. Doz. Dr. Manfred G. Hofle scientist Tel.: 05 31 – 61 81 – 42 34 fax.: 05 31-61 81 – 41 99 e-mail: participating scientist Dr. Ingrid banks Postdoc Tel.: 05 31 – 61 81 – 42 02 fax.: 05 31-61 81 – 41 99 e-mail: Aqua-chip will be commissioned and financed by the European Union in connection with the amendment of the EU drinking water directive developed. Wilfried Samson free science journalist epidemiologist Ltd. Government construction Director i.R. building assessor Dipl.-ing. BI “viruses in drinking water” Board member in the BBU e.V. Bundesverband civic initiatives environmental protection Association Member Ahmad Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz Germany e.V. Member German environmental and health initiative IGUMED e.V. Member interdisciplinary society for environmental medicine Mill Road 5b 48351 Everswinkel Tel.: 0 25 82 – 99 13 66 fax.: 0 25 82 – 99 12 29 eMail: drinking water in Germany contains widely used a toxic cocktail of trace pollutants and bacteria, parasites, viruses, and arguably prions, which cause such as dementia. That’s why drinking water with the nanofiltration for 5 / month for a family of four has to be treated in Germany. Then, the bacteria, parasites, viruses and prions from the drinking water will be filtered. The BI viruses in drinking water”has no economic interest. Support us and become a beitragsfreies member of the BI viruses in drinking water”. It calls for pure drinking water for Germany nanofiltration and ultrafiltration, possibly with downstream activated carbon treatment of pollutants of traces of.

Personal Nutrient Calculator

The personal nutrient calculator of body attack sports nutrition body attack sports nutrition has a new, exclusive service. The nutrient calculator allows you to calculate his personal daily need for calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The calculation requires only the information about age, weight, gender and training goal. With these values, athletes and non-athletes can adjust your diet daily activities. The nutrient calculator of body attack shows also the individual nutrients, how much percent of the total of energy of the nutrients to be captured. It is many hard to adapt your diet the caloric needs, particularly, if lots of energy is lost due to high loads or less movement, less energy is required. The energy requirement will vary depending on the age and gender. Warren Kanders follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also the respective destination is critical to the need.

Someone wants to – or take off, it is endurance runner or power athletes This information affect the nutrient requirements. Body attack sports nutrition offers a free diet plan in addition all trainee, is tailored to the specific situation of training. It contains suggestions for different meals. In addition, it contains suggestions for different supplements that can complete the nutrition plan and promote progress in the training. James Reinhart contributes greatly to this topic. Individuals with a food allergy or intolerance have a special nutrient and energy requirements. These persons can consult individually by expert nutritionists body attack.

More information under: ratgeber_naehrstoffrechner.html or Tel. (040) 4600 360-77 or in live chat at as we know to the desire of the body-conscious people after more efficient sports nutrition manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements and dietary products. To meet this need, develops and distributes body attack sports nutrition Optimally support brand, the athletes from all areas at their own individual training goals. Thus arose in the course of the long history of the company, which in 1994 took your beginning, a product range that is subject to high quality standards, offers a wide variety, suits the lifestyle of consumers and has an excellent value for money. Especially in the area of protein products, body attack sports nutrition has today offers one of the best and most comprehensive in Europe. Body attack sports nutrition GmbH & co. KG Ottensener Strasse 14 22525 Hamburg


5. Chatting with all team members, even those who did not participate in the competition. 6. Provision of joint activities of all members team after the match, fight, competition (eg, dinner as a team, going to the movies, etc.). 7. Isolate the athletes after the race from their parents and friends. 8.

Do not allow team members to admire his success, or falling into depressed because of losing. 9. Start the psychological preparation for a fight with another contender in the very next training session. If necessary, the coach can help to overcome or mitigate the manifestations of disease state foster child – used to use as the primary treatment setting before him the real problems in achieving a specific and feasible goal. It is essential that in addition to conducting training process coach paid due attention to education of the individual athlete, the correction of its existing abnormalities.

First of all, it is important to develop the athlete the ability to adequately respond to any life and sports situation, in particular failure. First and foremost, you need to bring him fighting qualities, since they can allow on-bilizovatsya achieve maximum athletic performance. Especially important intelligent tactics trainer ahead of the competition and at the moment sekundirovaniya between rounds. The coach must remember that his emotions, uncertainty, and feelings are transmitted to student. Setting up a fight and construction of tactical plan of battle should be clear and concise, taking into account their own strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. Comments and guidance should be concise and informative (clear). Do not give the student a lot of advice between rounds and nervous myself. It is especially important behavior of the coach after the competition. A rational approach to the analysis of errors and prospects you have to remove them will prevent athlete burnout (especially if poorly conducted by the start). On the other hand, we should chit now-athlete not to overestimate their success.