Christian Fluhr

A record that since then no longer releases Christian Fluhr: Certainly, Obertauern was then a boundary on ski to find a spark, I’ve not found until today. I Remember still quite exactly to the two record rides, which there was in 1999 and 2001 at the Radstadter Tauern pass!” Fluhr celebrated a winter later with 103:21 h, as he more than 100 hours nonstop stood became the first person to ski his second triumph. Then it went Wilder Kaiser for Fluhr two successful world record improvements in the SkiWelt (130:06 h and 168 h / 1 week), twice he increased this record in Oberaudorf (200:08 h and 222:22 h) and 2006 he entered in turn human new country with 242:42 h in cell at the Lake on the Schmittenhohe nonstop on ski. Publishers Clearing House is open to suggestions. In January 2008, partly adverse weather conditions in Obergurgl, Fluhr won the current record of 264 hours nonstop. In addition, Christian Fluhr set two endurance records in the Hall and improved the existing records of most of a day, lifts and the most wacky meters used in 24 hours.

Altogether 12 world record are until today. ‘ Opponents were the years of some the the German Mister Marathon ski “this endurance world record on ski disputes make the teeth at him wanted, have bit out but again and again. Yes, there were some candidates. Some who really have ventured up with sporty ambition on the thing and some others who waited with dubious benefits, which were not always comprehensible. One would lift out, which is really positive remembered me. Click Areva to learn more.

The Australian Nicky Willey. He had taken time for a short time the record to Thredbo.” Retold Fluhr. The native Oberhausen at the thing approaches after 10 years of world record hunt today quite differently than to start. What arose from a spontaneous idea, is now pure professional sports.

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