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Luxembourg Avadion

A sophisticated formula calculates the training load of every single stamina unit in Esch-sur-Alzette, December 2009 – with only 4 clicks, specialist for exercise, diet, and lifestyle, offers its site visitors starting immediately an online tool for calculating the pending or completed training fast and safe. Recently Keith Yamashita sought to clarify these questions. Is a safe result after just 4 clicks. The calculation of the Avadion load index (ABI), stagnation under stress or overtraining are avoidable and certainly recognizable due to overloading. Effective training design by effective stress stimulus determining the Avadion load index (ABI) allows an efficient training design, because solely the product of duration, intensity of exercise, sports/discipline and climatic conditions can reliably rule on the burden of a training session. Subliminal and strong above-threshold training stimuli can thus according to the motto well planned is half won already in the training plan be effectively avoided.

The ABI promotes to schaetzlich a large part of the training principles and should be part of each individual planning of training in endurance sports. Systematically endurance athletes to determine and track the Avadion load index (ABI) daily and compare the actual to the target load. Requests for a sytematisches training set athletes directly to an experienced trainer or directly to. ABI online calculator: press contact Avadion Press Michel Haas 60, Rue de l ‘ Usine L-4340 city of Esch-sur-Alzette Tel: (+ 352) 26 17 62 54 fax: (+ 352) 26 17 62 55 about Avadion AVADION is an Internet-based start-up companies. The platform was founded in September 2009 and is headquartered in Luxembourg.

The Foundation is self-financed. Claim and idea are selected products with high customer benefit in the field of sport, nutrition and lifestyle. Highlights form exclusive products from our own development. With the new book the 5 pillar program 1… with the success system the platform has its first product in the range.