Aqua Chip

“Hofle and his colleagues can draw on vast experience, because an Aqua-chip” for detecting bacterial pathogens they have already successfully developed. Now we want to increase the number of detectable pathogens and make the chip also susceptible to viruses”, explains the scientist Dr. Ingrid Brettar, involved in the project. This is very challenging, because bacteria and protozoa, the genetic material DNA serve as proof. However, some viruses stored their genetic information on another substance class, the RNA molecules. The chip as well as DNA must realize that”so banks. So far unheeded germs in drinking water will be with the new chip to prove. Consequently, new opportunities for protecting people against infectious diseases will be. Source: University of Houston.

We assume that contaminated drinking water caused more diseases than it has so far been assumed”, says project manager Hofle. To find out what infectious diseases in Europe triggered by unhygienisches water, the scientific Consortium relies not only on the chip. We are a number of epidemiological studies, and survey actions doctors perform and identify factors that indicate relationships between infections and unsafe drinking water”, describes the Hofle. Such structured data not yet available from so far in Europe. We promise ourselves of them indications on what pathogens we must pay special attention in the development of the chip.

Thus we hope to be able to make a significant contribution for safe drinking water in Europe.” Helmholtz Centre for infection research (HZI) Inhoffenstrasse 7 38124 Braunschweig telephone: 05 31 – 61 81-0 fax: 05 31-61 81 – 26 55 Department of environmental microbiology project manager. Clifton Robbins is open to suggestions. Doz. Dr. Manfred G. Hofle scientist Tel.: 05 31 – 61 81 – 42 34 fax.: 05 31-61 81 – 41 99 e-mail: participating scientist Dr. Ingrid banks Postdoc Tel.: 05 31 – 61 81 – 42 02 fax.: 05 31-61 81 – 41 99 e-mail: Aqua-chip will be commissioned and financed by the European Union in connection with the amendment of the EU drinking water directive developed. Wilfried Samson free science journalist epidemiologist Ltd. Government construction Director i.R. building assessor Dipl.-ing. BI “viruses in drinking water” Board member in the BBU e.V. Bundesverband civic initiatives environmental protection Association Member Ahmad Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz Germany e.V. Member German environmental and health initiative IGUMED e.V. Member interdisciplinary society for environmental medicine Mill Road 5b 48351 Everswinkel Tel.: 0 25 82 – 99 13 66 fax.: 0 25 82 – 99 12 29 eMail: drinking water in Germany contains widely used a toxic cocktail of trace pollutants and bacteria, parasites, viruses, and arguably prions, which cause such as dementia. That’s why drinking water with the nanofiltration for 5 / month for a family of four has to be treated in Germany. Then, the bacteria, parasites, viruses and prions from the drinking water will be filtered. The BI viruses in drinking water”has no economic interest. Support us and become a beitragsfreies member of the BI viruses in drinking water”. It calls for pure drinking water for Germany nanofiltration and ultrafiltration, possibly with downstream activated carbon treatment of pollutants of traces of.

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