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Google Enterprise

New standards for an overall corporate IT service management approach EDAG IT services, competent solution and IT service providers, and Google Enterprise, innovative provider of search technology and Web services, enter a cooperation agreement. Objective of the partnership is to develop new solutions for medium-sized and large enterprises on the basis of Google technologies. Announced is jEDBRAIN, an application that uses the Google search appliance and greatly facilitates the daily work for all employees in a company. The digitization of information has let the amount of data in the Internet not only grow, but also within corporate networks. Often there are data on different platforms or are stored locally and therefore for different Mitarbeiter(Gruppen) not available. This scenario was the starting shot for the now closed partnership between the EDAG IT services and Google Enterprise. Check with Publishers Clearing House to learn more. The EDAG IT has the in-depth expertise in the development of complex and highly automated applications, the Google search appliance standards in finding information.

Combining both ideas and solutions, and consequently new partnerships emerge. “So says Carsten Stolz, Channel Manager roof at Google Enterprise: we are pleased with the EDAG IT services to welcome a competent cooperation partner, who uses our search technology and developed innovative, value-transferring applications on their base for the market.” The first result of the partnership between the EDAG IT services and Google jEDBRAIN is the solution. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeffrey Verschleiser by clicking through. jEDBRAIN the new internal search engine, which is all of the information is from intranets, Web servers, portals, etc., bringing together on a single platform. Employees can search for information or specific file formats such as .doc, .xls, or .pdf, user friendly interface. The result list is in terms of quality, with the Google search engine on the Web to compare speed and clarity. jEDBRAIN goes Furthermore, a step further. So, information from SAP or CATIA for example via specially developed connectors can be read and displayed combined with employee and project data in the hit list. a source, but as a related topic.

Photo Optimization For Beginners And Professionals

The image editing software PicShrink by TopByteLabs is now available in PicShrink 2.0 version: Frankfurt, March 2009 whether Web designers, professional photographer, or hobby Clippers from experience they all know: incredibly quickly accumulate very many photos. After many trips are suddenly\”hundreds of oversized image files on the computer’s hard drive. But what happens then? Prefer you would like to compress all pictures in one fell swoop, for example, for the publication on the Internet or sending e-mail. For more clarity and thought, follow up with gibson guitars and gain more knowledge.. Maybe you would like to enhance his pictures but also for a beautiful photo print or convert it to a different file format. To open each image individually and to edit, but would take hours. Instead helps PicShrink 2.0: the new version of the proven TopByteLabs software makes short work with bulky digital photos.

Thanks to a completely redesigned graphic interface even beginners navigate quickly in the program. The user can take individual photos or an entire folder to edit Open, or drag & drop photos, simply pull into the program window. Then choose the desired functions from the clearly arranged menu. Directly on the home page, it can be newly set for example the image size in pixels or centimetres, as well as the print resolution. The user can select a new file format such as JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP, rotate the images, or mirror.

In addition, contrasts are easy to change brightness and intensity of the images. The optimum settings are found, you simply click Start\”. PicShrink 2.0 edited all selected images in a very short time and stores newly revised files to the desired location on your hard disk. PicShrink 2.0 in the preview an image twice to represent: the view of the optimized image in addition to the original shows what the revised file will look like. A more important function, especially for professional photographers, is the watermark.

Berlin Estrel Convention Center

A copy of addresses excluded thanks to EPD 4.0 and 4.4 EPC thus. Call blending from having the can in the latest version 4.0, ELSBETH Predictive Dialer has the ability to say the real call blending: agents within a campaign both inbound and outbound calls. A prospective buyer on a televised phone number calls back, EPD 4.0 detects automatically, belongs to which campaign of this call and puts him through the right agent team. Special advantages: optimal gearing of inbound and Outboundaktivitaten Upselling opportunities ensuring a maximum agent load image enhancement through more open and transparent communication of Andreas Lassmann, CEO of the itCampus group: with technologies that ensure legally-compliant work, communications-intensive enterprises to gain a long-term investment security. itCampus has some Years in countries such as Britain or the Switzerland actively and takes into account is therefore already been far stricter rules than in Germany. Real call blending in the outbound we add this experience to a pioneering feature that conveys an economically interesting added value potential duty of supposedly annoying phone number transmission.”, to the CCW, itCampus 2008: ELSBETH Predictive Dialer 4.0, ELSBETH PowerContact 4.4 and ELSBETH VocalCoach 1.0 the new product to the fully automated quality assurance in a call centre in the framework of the CallCenterWorld 2009 presents itself itCampus from 17 to 19 February 2009 in the Berlin Estrel Convention Center in Hall 5, at booth B1! About itCampus group the itCampus software and Systemhaus GmbH is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research.

in 1999, the company today, with subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia represented is founded in Halle and Leipzig. itCampus offers its Customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Is best known for ELSBETH itCampus especially with his intelligent IT / telecommunications solutions under the brand name. They are employed in call and contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises.

Germans Calculation

Old horse with new hooves to online postage and eBay fees Web portals can be found a lot, the DHL worldwide shipping collection at direct Hermes Europabefordernden price comparison with the integrated eBay fee calculation since 2006 in the present benefit / statement form until today now at least over 3 years but unique remains. Inasmuch as it seems appropriate to us, also the growing circle of auction newcomers or the potential post article shipper in one so far under previous sub domain publication may loss services available the new Horseshoe in a possibly Unknown performance framework with its availability under the above-mentioned revised URL access here advertising a proper revival of attention to good to give. The cost calculator is the only post article shipping price interested, as well as the eBay algae mine goods suppliers the easy control of fees / supply / gain adjustment at its auction setting in combination with the extent of the article deriving minimum / maximum Structure facilitate if any individual packaging sizes / weight calculation at the global and pan-European carrier handling acceptance in price close comparison switching to the DHL and Hermes. The machine concept turns in the shipping area with only the stand sand mold in the mass user zugewendeten type ver and stands out here deliberately in a simplified shipping type price calculation comparison of the complex handling of the postage calculator of the Germans click post as one due to its historically contingent product diversity-inducing calculation suspension/stands in principle, as we believe, very commendable related specification second possibility that where the handling form however fully on all DHL and HERMES ballast purifying caused this computer accesses delivery requirements in the background of calculation on an automatic control value acceptance adjustment, the postage amount calculated for the DHL Shipping form by clicking in the HERMES delivery selection change winning aligned as a popularity on the shipping type determination of 1:1 alternative delivery service in the percentage and value difference comes to the display. Thredup might disagree with that approach.

Info Day 2011: With The Success Calculation

Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring speaks as a dinner speaker Aachen, March 29, 2010 – the program for the info day 2011 convinces with innovative topics and speakers. The exquisite program is rounded off by a social evening with a dinner speaker of extraordinaire: Dr. Dr.

Gert Mittring, math world champion in the mental arithmetic, is Hotel inform the participants at the Cologne Marriott and entertain. Agenda the starfish info day 2011 deals with innovative topics that seem at the moment important SAP users: in the all-day event experiences introduces managed services for “set-aside” SAP systems, SAP system optimizations and others of German companies with third-party maintenance for SAP systems, SAP. In both national and international companies and customers can tell from their experience as could be required as speakers. “A high practical benefits which can be achieved in a very short term seemed especially important in the planning of the programme”, explains Axel Susen, initiator of the starfish IT Forum and the Info Day 2011. At the evening event participants can then end the informative day at a champagne reception, meet other members and once again discuss the tag contents. Guests are entertaining the dinner speaker Dr.

Dr. Gert Mittring, the German Mittring, who holds many impressive world records in the mental arithmetic and several times is the Guinness Book of world records. His lecture “With calculation to success” will be doing just as informative as amusing. The detailed agenda and registration form can be found under. At James Reinhart you will find additional information. On the homepage, you can conveniently via the registration form register online or use the download form by fax. Short profile Starfish IT Forum that Starfish IT Forum is an independent community of interest of SAP users from the roof States. The objective of the Forum is to improve the IT organization of participants practical. The starfish IT Forum is the ideal platform to find like-minded people, to exchange experiences, to analyse problems and to solve. There are many ideas in the future can save much money for all involved. On the starfish Forum they are born and implemented. Axel Susen

Commission Payments

Commission system at Weaver’s House as a SaS solution for the settlement of the sales force is a Commission system necessary, which takes account of any Commission agreement with its sales partners. Creates the monthly billing, access the employees by WeberHaus on the Commission system on the Internet. On demand, so demand the system is used. Software as a service means that the provider guarantees the operation of the application. No know-how for installation, configuration or maintenance must be installed by the user.

Three interfaces, orders, payments and cancellation payments from SAP data are acquired and processed. The data of the distributor with the Commission agreements are maintained within the Commission calculation. These agreements are to be provided with an effective date, so that changes to the agreements can be set today, but only when you want access and are valid. Due to the imports, the corresponding Commission postings are created per order. These Postings comply with the requirements and principles of orderly accounting (GOB). In order to calculate the amount of the Commission depends among other things granted discounts and the total turnover of the intermediary. On a job, as many people can be involved and receive commissions. The Provisionsverabeitung included also partial payments.

The individual components of the House such as basement, expansion will be etc. different overs. These definitions could be carried out by the Department through dialogues themselves. After calculating the Commission rates, the results via export interface to controlling and financial accounting of SAP are passed. Within the Commission system is the complete data acquisition and processing audit-proof historicized and logged. The new billing system, the turnaround time for the monthly billing could be reduced significantly. The system is Internet-based and is hosted at SoftConDev. Info under projekte.

Intergraph System

DIETIKON / ISMANING, 01.10.2007 of the Intergraph (Switzerland) AG was awarded in August 2007 for the renewal of the usage management system (ELS) in the canton of Schaffhausen/Switzerland Schaffhausen police. The Schaffhausen police will replace it in connection with the project to implement the POLYCOM wireless system your previous ELS and introduce additional enhancements. Governor Cuomo may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The tender required a qualitatively high level and optimal integration into the existing system landscape of the new solution with regard to performance, functionality, and availability. Great importance was attached in particular the integration of the cantonal geographical information system. “” Was crucial for the decision of the Schaffhausen police in favor of Intergraph, that the new usage control system the needs and requirements of the police of out-of-the-box “, that is, exhibit an optimal price / performance ratio, taking into account the total cost of ownership without costly customization”, judge Peter Huber, Chief support of the Schaffhausen-based police. In computer aided dispatch I/CAD interest graphs excels in the seamless integration of interactive real-time map display, alignment of different communications subsystems, as well as through an effective operational and alarm management. As a scalable and database-based solution, I/CAD guarantees very high availability and excellent data security. Immediately after the order was carried out in September 2007 the project start, supported by the Intergraph (Germany) GmbH. inter graphs experience in the market for computer aided dispatch and the stable product platform allow a short project duration. The operational start-up is already planned for the first quarter 2008.

Audio Player

Experienced users can spice up their titles with professional effects and features such as equalizer, Flanger, reverb and echo or medium, a built-in 10-band Eqalizers regulate inferior recordings. The audio player 4.0 supports the most popular audio formats such as MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, and WMA. PARTY MIXER the mixer 3.0 enables MP3 party hit list for any celebration will be collected. The Crossfading function ensures smooth transitions, even if that is manually changed to another song. Other features such as direct mix dynamic compression, 9-band EQ and filters help in putting together the own party playlist. So, you can enjoy the celebration alone as a host. Highlights of the audio 180% take up 4.0 at a glance AudioStreamer 4.0 audio streamer music from over 10,000 Internet radio stations. AudioRecorder 4.0 about the analog sound card output (WAV) in top quality as MP3 directly to record.

Audio CD Ripper 4.0 from the audio CD for the Convert MP3 player. Read and convert audio CDs to MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, and WAV files. Sound editor 4.0 MP3s of the old Tonbandkasetten or LPs with the sound editor recording ancient vinyls for crystal-clear digital sound digital remastern or post-processing any other music file. Burn audio CD burner 4.0 MP3 as audio CD such as for the car. Files of audio CD burner creates audio CDs from MP3s, OGG Vorbis, WMA, and WAV also.

MP3 CD burner 4.0 burning MP3s to MP3 – CDs, MP3 discs, as well as dual layer music nonstop. 4.0 audio converter converts MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA freely in all directions. iPod update the interface to the kompfortabeler iPod transfer of music on your favorite MP3 player. Audio Player 4.0 hear listening to music without detours right MP3s or audio CDs and mixer party enjoy 3.0 individual compiled playlists provide the party highlight. Prices and availability of FRANZIS audio 180% 2009 is 4.0 euro 39.95 as a box version from the end of January in the trade or under available. ISBN 978-3-7723-9264-1 about Franzis Verlag GmbH: The Franzis book and software publishing is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography, and Advisor for everyday. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are ideally suited as problem solutions, based on information and education claims. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. In the market segment photography the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio, Photomatix and Photoshop extensions are an integral part for working with photos in addition to the books. Latest products in the product portfolio is the data recovery software disk doctors Undelete and disc doctor’s digital media recovery, 1-click wipe photo editing, as well as the DesignCAD 3D MAX v18, the Nintendo DS software GedachtnisTrainer and primary school 1-4 class, etc.

Various Company Sizes

Actinium consulting study: Technical solutions to support business decisions in the medium-sized businesses expect important small businesses BI solutions with as extensive presets and short project times Lindau, 02.07.2012 – the use of business intelligence solutions is becoming increasingly important for the medium-sized companies, their needs differ also still clearly from those of larger companies. This determined Actinium consulting in a comparative study. Then medium-sized companies with less than 25 million euros turnover especially on fast implementations and most extensive preferences worth, larger companies, however, more stress the need for a big performance strength and easier scalability. On the other hand, the question becomes how important technical solutions to support corporate decision-making processes in SMEs are, tend to be identical answers. The decision conditions are similar in the different sizes of business increasingly map, even if some specific requirements”, Actinium Managing Director Klaus Huttl judge. Even the complexity of the decision parameters is sometimes not very different. This makes necessary on the part of the business intelligence solutions to pretty similar on a few exceptions functionality in both the sizes of business. There are the obvious differences in the need for reporting and forecasting, as well as the use of dashboards and the balanced Lieven card.

All other typical BI functions encounter a relatively similar encouragement in the two comparison groups. However, refers to the consultant that that its experiences according to the SME sensitive and rather forbidding responds to complex solutions. As is confirmed in the results of the comparison survey, short project times and very manageable conditions in operation and use are his core requirements.” This means that they want a quick implementation with little customizing and low training costs, while for example, the larger companies mostly just to extensive preferences in BI systems oppose. They argue also does not warrant that they as possible regardless would remain their business intelligence strategies within the framework of a special technical know-how, as is mostly the case in smaller companies. Instead, the larger users place a higher value on solutions that can grow with an individual on-demand and provide a high performance system-level. “Despite all the differences of detail can be nevertheless conclude that BI in the lower middle class found its position”, judge Hall.

This a larger BI culture establishes in the width, what other anchoring of business intelligence solutions in the practice of the company can only serve.” Actinium Actinium Consulting GmbH is a 1999 based consulting firm headquartered in Lindau (Lake Constance) and Vienna, as well as project offices in Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Selm (Dortmund) and Graz. Areas of expertise are business consulting, business intelligence and business integration. The range of services covers all project phases from consultancy and evaluation about the design to the implementation. Customers ALPLA, Nokia, include, for example, Thyssen Krupp Nirosta, Ravensburger, Suddeutscher Verlag, T-systems, Krombacher, Austrian radio, Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group and many other well-known companies.

Petra Spielmann Oeverseestrasse

Wagner by the ERP trend feels confirmed in its GENESIS4Web product strategy report 2009, which was co-edited and introduced at a press breakfast at the DSS-stand demand software solutions and Henry. The results show that many companies on their future ERP requirements, which require implicitly ERPII typical technologies – such as integration, platform independence, light variability and lower IT costs. GENESIS4Web we have already well positioned against this background.” Profile demand software solutions GmbH the demand software solutions GmbH is an innovative, customer-oriented software and services company developing ERP standard software based on State of the art technologies and supports its customers in the implementation of business software projects. The demand software solutions GmbH, headquartered in Landau, a branch in Steinfeld (Oldenburg) and since Feb. 2009, EEO has already 1980 laid the Foundation for the integrated software package a sales office in Central Germany. These many years of technical and business experience is in the successor system GENESIS4Web incorporated and today makes it one of the most modern and efficient systems on the market.

Organization consulting, implementation support, comprehensive training and custom development round off the range of DSS. Three times in a row the Initiative Mittelstand is awarded the innovation price demand software solutions. As a customer-focused ERP Specialist demand software solutions offers all necessary components such as hardware, software, and services from a single source. With skilled and experienced project managers, demand software supports medium-sized enterprises as a general contractor in the introduction of GENESIS4Web and assumes responsibility for the ERP project based on partnership.