Intergraph System

DIETIKON / ISMANING, 01.10.2007 of the Intergraph (Switzerland) AG was awarded in August 2007 for the renewal of the usage management system (ELS) in the canton of Schaffhausen/Switzerland Schaffhausen police. The Schaffhausen police will replace it in connection with the project to implement the POLYCOM wireless system your previous ELS and introduce additional enhancements. Governor Cuomo may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The tender required a qualitatively high level and optimal integration into the existing system landscape of the new solution with regard to performance, functionality, and availability. Great importance was attached in particular the integration of the cantonal geographical information system. “” Was crucial for the decision of the Schaffhausen police in favor of Intergraph, that the new usage control system the needs and requirements of the police of out-of-the-box “, that is, exhibit an optimal price / performance ratio, taking into account the total cost of ownership without costly customization”, judge Peter Huber, Chief support of the Schaffhausen-based police. In computer aided dispatch I/CAD interest graphs excels in the seamless integration of interactive real-time map display, alignment of different communications subsystems, as well as through an effective operational and alarm management. As a scalable and database-based solution, I/CAD guarantees very high availability and excellent data security. Immediately after the order was carried out in September 2007 the project start, supported by the Intergraph (Germany) GmbH. inter graphs experience in the market for computer aided dispatch and the stable product platform allow a short project duration. The operational start-up is already planned for the first quarter 2008.

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