Photo Optimization For Beginners And Professionals

The image editing software PicShrink by TopByteLabs is now available in PicShrink 2.0 version: Frankfurt, March 2009 whether Web designers, professional photographer, or hobby Clippers from experience they all know: incredibly quickly accumulate very many photos. After many trips are suddenly\”hundreds of oversized image files on the computer’s hard drive. But what happens then? Prefer you would like to compress all pictures in one fell swoop, for example, for the publication on the Internet or sending e-mail. For more clarity and thought, follow up with gibson guitars and gain more knowledge.. Maybe you would like to enhance his pictures but also for a beautiful photo print or convert it to a different file format. To open each image individually and to edit, but would take hours. Instead helps PicShrink 2.0: the new version of the proven TopByteLabs software makes short work with bulky digital photos.

Thanks to a completely redesigned graphic interface even beginners navigate quickly in the program. The user can take individual photos or an entire folder to edit Open, or drag & drop photos, simply pull into the program window. Then choose the desired functions from the clearly arranged menu. Directly on the home page, it can be newly set for example the image size in pixels or centimetres, as well as the print resolution. The user can select a new file format such as JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP, rotate the images, or mirror.

In addition, contrasts are easy to change brightness and intensity of the images. The optimum settings are found, you simply click Start\”. PicShrink 2.0 edited all selected images in a very short time and stores newly revised files to the desired location on your hard disk. PicShrink 2.0 in the preview an image twice to represent: the view of the optimized image in addition to the original shows what the revised file will look like. A more important function, especially for professional photographers, is the watermark.

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