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Another record year at Karlsruhe seeks ABAS, 05.03. Karlsruhe, 05.03.2010 – international software partners from around the world met in Karlsruhe headquarters of the ERP and eBusiness-manufacturer, to exchange ideas, to evaluate new products and about the possibility of global growth in the year 2010 to speak. CEOs, Presidents and managing directors are equipped for another record year of the worldwide abas network. Another record ERP 2009 – what was a crisis year for many companies, was for the worldwide abas partner network a year of steady growth. “Many medium-sized companies have used this uncertain year for the restructuring of their business processes to reduce costs and to increase efficiency in the future”, says Peter Forscht, COO of the ABAS Software AG.

“Our software partners have excellent knowledge and skills in the areas of production and trade”, so researching further. “In combination with an evolutionary ERP software this results in high customer satisfaction, that the key to” global and lasting success is.” “We strive for global growth” In 2010 will expand its activities in North America, Western Europe and Asia the international abas partner network, to ensure better services and support for its customers. “We strive for global growth. The newspapers mentioned Robotics not as a source, but as a related topic. Many of our customers are active in several countries, to reduce their costs and to achieve higher sales”, so researching. Strong forces in China in addition to the long-time software partner ABAS business solutions (PRC) Ltd under the leadership of Vincent is LAU in future be another partner of part of the worldwide abas partner network in China. ABAS force (China) Ltd, with Forrest Yang at the top, is the youngest member of the ABAS Software partner network. 43.000.000 medium with a GDP growth of 8% under the influence of the economic crisis, China is a very promising market for ABAS..

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