Soul De Fiestas

That it really moves to these people to lose his true capacity to recognize his I-real one, and to present/display mask, one covered inhibits that them of the other people’s and own feelings, appearing at every moment a theater behavior, adopting in its own scene an aptitude of devised image, focusing attention on the unique personage who she recognizes, to itself and the public who needs to idealizar themselves. In the theater of the life I only exist. My goal is knowledge that my public is there, slope of my action, beyond this, everything sees emptiness, simple without life. The presentation has to be always successful and everything must adapt and be preparation to this end. The observers, my public do not count, only their attention and attraction person within the scene, will be determined and arranged as it puts, that must be the aim. The life exist from the moment that I give to form and sense to the personages and they give to body and soul to each of my representations of the daily life.

He is peculiar although sad, that its true integral and universal essence like being, finds replaced by a cold cover and calculator. I am, and I give to form to which I need to present/display to the others, they must see as I want to me, of it depends my subsistence and survival, everything what she surrounds to me is inert, without life. I equip with body movement to them, they will be, only for me, if my scene were desert, would be I the one that would not be right existence and my aim would be earthy, without color, without sense. The image that I materialize, without public, it would deny my destiny. It has marked differences, between the theater Narcisistas personalities and, without us separate at any moment of its many similarities.

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