Newtons Movement

In this specific law not the nature of the force that builds on a body; or it can be the friction force or the one that the wind exerts on the candles of a boat, we also found that if the acceleration is known a body, it is possible to be calculated his speed and its displacement like function of the time. Until the moment three forces have been identified in the nature that essentially defer to each other by their origin and magnitude. I hope that educational you and students of the causes find more than three. 1) The gravitational force, 2) the electromagnetic force, the 3) and nuclear forces.

we consider the movement of a body that falls freely. direction of movement agrees with the direction of the field. As the field strenght comes given by the expression. G= F/M, F = MG. And in such conditions, the body falls under the action of a constant force, which implies that their movement uniformly is accelerated.

When the body is sent vertically upwards, it acts on the force exerted by the field of gravitation that consequently prints an acceleration to him in opposite direction of its movement and, the speed of ascent of the body is falling progressively, until being annulled. And the body is in its peak altitude since then the movement changes of direction and the body falls. You can observe that These forces can be appreciated by the consequences that the movement produces. Without the movement the forces serian totally null, because even though the bodies are on a surface, the gravity force prints a movement on such bodies which tend towards the Earth.

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