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The advantage of these lenses is in the simplicity of the construction and consequence low cost. A studio photographer, that always takes off same the types of photographs can consider this possibility;? Zoom: in this type of lenses it is possible to control through the lens the proximity of the subject of its photo. In the distance focal opening and varies in function of the regulation of the lens. Next step, to understand what it is written in the lens of its digital machine. Generally in its specification the lenses present first in the distance focal and in according to opening.

Lenses with a number for focal distance and one for opening are fixed lenses and present the following format: nnn mm, f/nn. Lenses zoom present two numbers for each characteristic, some thing thus: nn-nnn mm; f/n.n-n.nPara to illustrate everything what it was displayed so far we go to analyze and to compare two classic lenses:? Lens marks 18-105mm focal f/3.5-5.6Distncia: 0 variable, of 18 the 105mmAbertura: 0 variable, of 3.5 the 5.6Indicao: ideal lens when the object is situated the shortness or average distance. It has more opening and minor focal distance.? Lens marks 70-300mm focal f/4.5-5.6Distncia: 0 variable, of 70 the 300mmAbertura: 0 variable, of 4.5 the 5.6Indicao: Ideal for photos with objects the average and long distance, with bigger focal and lesser distance aberturConcluindo our line of reasoning, we recommend you who have taken in consideration following when choosing its lens:? The more versatile the lens, more complex its more expensive construction and therefore the product. Good and cheap? It forgets? The physical principles of optics become impossible to project a lens that allows to maximum opening and focal distance in one same lens. If you it likes to photograph everything what it sees for there, and it wants to always have in hands the ideal equipment, probably goes to need to have a game of 2 or 3 lenses to cover all the situations? Perhaps in case that it is not in its plans to load for a game of lenses is valid the penalty there to think about an intermediate lens zoom, tending for the type of more common photos for you. If to tend for photos of close privileges minor focal distance and bigger opening.

For photos of average and long distance it thinks about privileging greater focal distance and lesser opening. If it will be thinking about buying photograph equipment, is felt invited to check our store: Finally, if you to feel itself in conditions to think, would like asking for a favor to it: I am proprietor of a virtual store that imports photograph equipment (among others things) of the United States for Brazil and is making a research in the direction to understand which would be the ideal pair of lenses for an amateur photographer. The idea is to offer to the customer some options of combo (machine, lens 1, lente2, stock market and card of memory) that they allow it to take off good photos in the majority of the situations of its daily one. I below thank suggestions in the space of commentaries. One I hug to all and my gratefulness for the aid. Joo

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The Enduro the foot is a regularity sport, that is, the winning team will not be quickest, and yes the one that to pass for the PC' s in the time next to the ideal. In each as in advance or been slow it has a loss of determined number of points, being victorious the team that to lose the lesser number of points. Therefore, what it matters is not the intensity or optimum physical preparation, but yes the regularity throughout the passage. The average speeds (in meters per minute) are determined in accordance with the peculiarities of the defined land and/or the climate and in such way that the competitors ' ' apenas' ' they walk, that is, they are not used of the race. This makes with that this sport can be practised in equal conditions for people of some etrias bands and levels of physical conditioning.

Another positive factor, still tells authors Marinho and Bruhns (2006), is referring the low cost for this practical, comparing with the majority of the adventure sports that are necessary technological equipment of high cost, becoming inaccessible for great part of the population. In a general way, for practical of the Enduro the foot of regularity the use of a common calculator is enough, a clock and a compassing, what it becomes greater the possibility of adhesion to practical its. (MAROUN; VIEIRA, 2006, P. 1). To illustrate the diversity of environment and practical of the Enduro the foot of Regularity, Marinho and Bruhns (2006) cite the practical one in the Track of the Indian, in a passage in the agricultural zone of Peabiru? PR, in a stretch approximately of five kilometers. According to authors, what more he is distinguished are the adversities of the place, with existence of rivers with rapids and waterfalls. The organizadores they provide in this test diverse action next to the environment, as ticket of false Bahian on a river, with passages through the edges of the river, until finding the track in the bush; to run in pastures; accomplishment of ascents of mount for steep ways, to go down for pedregosas roads; to adentrar for the grass until arriving at the waterfall, riverbed below, making the submerged handle; to run in agricultural road; to transpose wooden wall; to crawl themselves in the mud, under barbed wire and to cross rivers, having as practicing of this track well heterogeneous groups.