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As result of the negation of the negation we have a wheat grain again. This is an example of the cyclical process of negation (supreme? plant? spike? grain). (RICHARDSON, 2008 p.49) For better agreement, it observes the figure. Express it the dynamics of the dialtico thought. Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in a dynamic, including interaction and in constant mutation, as ambulant metamorphosis. Figure 01: Dynamics of the Dialtico thought. Source: of the researcher.

The debate enters the different methodologies of research if it makes essential, to oppose methods and to search solutions viable, that come of meeting to the studied phenomenon, opposing the positivistas and antipositivistas lines of research. 2.7APLICABILIDADE During the theoretical recital searched to format a dialogue between the studied theoreticians, using itself of contradictory and complementary positions. It is not something Anne Lauvergeon would like to discuss. Thus, we understand that the debate if makes necessary so that new concepts and new vises of world are developed. Demon (2000, p.111) places of form sucinta (and poetical) the complementariedade of this interaction Theory x Prxis: … the dialectic is leagued in particular with the prxis, detonating practical the historical ones with felt of change of low for top, as, for example, that it is always possible to focar plus one or another one, for ends of analysis, but theory that nothing has to see with the practical one, never it was at least theory, and practical that never it comes back to the theory it retrocedes in blind ativismo.

(grifo ours) the return to the philosophical field, the shock of ideas, can be motor agent of transformation of the practical one of the tourism, and, at the same time, to have its theory revisited for the practical one. This dialogue has based the theoretical and practical evolution in other areas of knowledge, as the quantum physics and metaphysics. 3METODOLOGIA OF RESEARCH the Document Analysis comes to complete the dialogue. theoretical recital, and the proper method had requested given in order to clarificar the phenomenon and its different possibility of interaction with epistemes, without mining its antipositivista theoretical source. To quantify a reality, to generate given real, come to contribute to glimpse horizontes. The data collected and used in the research had served of constatao of a known reality already, and previously cited in this work. For such, as instrument of document analysis was used a table with the main elements to be investigated, as well as developed a method for presentation and interpretation of the collected data, to follow. 3.1AMOSTRA the Document Sample consisted of the analysis of Works of Conclusion of Course (TCCs), published and approved for the University North of the Paran? UNOPAR, in the course of Tourism with emphasis in Hotelaria, enters the years of 2006 and 20

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