What Is To Be An Accountant In Tula ?

Formerly an accountant took only unpromising young ladies with specialized secondary education. In general, a profession in Soviet times was not considered too prestigious, and very promising. However, Times have changed and after the transition to a capitalist market model in the early 1990's, it turned out that literacy specialists in design of financial records is fairly small, and the number of firms grew like an avalanche. Soon the labor market was clearly visible shortage of staff able to deal with finances at all levels: from ordinary accountants, to the various auditors and experts of relevant departments. Circumstances developed so that the accountant in Tula, moving from the state organization could receive for the same work in the commercial division of wages is even five times higher. This very fact has prompted many people in one way or otherwise associated with work in finance, go for retraining courses, and to study accounting. After this limit the job market, the accounting profession has become much more prestigious, popular, and most importantly – the beginning of adequately paid. However, to this day the need for an accountant in any enterprise is great and a good accountant can easily find a job with normal working conditions and pay.

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