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The Fallacy Of Socialism In Ecuador

It is known that Ecuador’s continued failure product politicians have long sought illusions of social welfare and a good life, these illusions of the Ecuadorian people trained so far by the hope of improving the social problems currently facing both have never been heard, but rather have been ignored by successive governments, and this situation has not changed. Maybe those dreams were put in the current government which was conducted personally when possession of it, I felt a pride and a hope for change, but time has passed and that hope has been lost in society, not over While logically makes you forget the ideals of the fragility of memory, but by the sudden change and incomprehensible that envisions a north towards chaos and unforeseen arises from the lack of communication and concessions which the government lacks.

It’s so hard to explain what has happened in Ecuador and all political phenomena that are surprising yet tried to do an analysis to get us somewhat in doubt that is what is happening. The current President of Ecuador is undoubtedly a leader, but a novice in politics very bold in the art of influencing any tool to reach and adapt to an end, is clothed with the trappings of socialism, justice and fairness, all these “dreams” cherished forever and never achieved in our society, not now in an era supposedly living the beginning of a revolution Cuban type, same as it feeds on a strong advertising but not in evidence practice.

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