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National Curricular Parameters

A so boarded subject in all the areas of the knowledge, since a simple preference of a group for determined modality of sport until the one field research the vote intentions, the graphs occupy some the first pages of magazines and periodicals. A reporter is common during a esportivo program divulged the probabilities of one definitive teams of champion soccer to be regional in the dispute of the turn and returno for run points. Data are presented in percentage, later a comparison are made through graphs, indicating the club with bigger possibility. Andrew Cuomo may find this interesting as well. Daily periodicals circulate for the cities, have a specific notebook for economic subjects such as: inflation, trade balance go up, it and go down of the dollar, given are grouped in tables. When turning pages the periodical, exactly not making a refined reading of the subject, if the reader to be intent to tables and graphs, will be able to make comparisons, to take off conclusions if to relate given with the heading or subject of the subject being able to be along with the facts.

However, so that this mathematical language is dominated is necessary that it has the proposal of daily situations on the part of the professors so that the pupils can interpret to this type of information who constantly are gifts in its lives. The National Curricular Parameters of Mathematics for Ensino Fundamental (PCN) detach the importance in the treatment of the information in relation to tables and graphs. With regard to the Statistics, the purpose is to make with that the pupil comes to construct procedure to collect, to organize, to communicate given, using given, using tables, graphs and representation that appear frequently in its day-by-day. Moreover, to calculate some statistical measures as it measured medium and fashion with the objective to supply new elements to interpret given statisticians. (PCN, 2001, p.52).

The document above points the importance of appropriation of the knowledge, abilities and abilities in constructing and reading tables and graphs in the education of the pupils, therefore currently is a subject that daily is explored in the medias that reaches the most diverse social classes. The fact cannot be dealt with disdain. We must point out that it is of basic importance, when is studied given statistician, to alert the students on the types of tables so that they are delineated the differentiations for the graphical conversion well. On the other hand, when it has conversion of data tabulated in graphs is cautious with certain frequency to guide the pupils who are 0 variable that if relate, indicating comparisons that can be gotten. However, in the construction of a graph it is necessary that if it makes a detailed analysis of the data to opt to that one that is convenient the situation proposal. Some types of graphs are very used, as of bars, of columns, of line and of sectors. To propitiate conditions so that the students can construct them and interpret them and use them as part of the mathematical alfabetizao in daily real situations are a challenge of the educators of this new millenium pautado for an education of quality. It will be cautious to only mediate the knowledge of the statistics in average education? Or, we must dissimulate blind people and contribute for a functional illiteracy?

Requirementes Planning

Inside of the EP the tools are many that assist in the good execution of a production, are innumerable the existing tools today, knowing some of them it is known of the existence of MRP (Material Requirementes Planning, or calculation of the necessities of materials) and MRP II (Manufacturing Resources Planning, or planning of the manufacture resources), these in turn function established in the logic of the calculation of necessities, its objectives, its advantages and disadvantages, Corra and Gianesi (1993). Also cited for them Corra & Gianesi (1993, p.122) the functioning of the same ones that? if it bases in a basic register that represent the position and the plans with respect the production and stockage of each item, either it a raw material item, semifinished or finished, throughout the time? . making one it analyzes and knowing geometry the relationship between both can be seen, therefore in the study of Geometry it has the linear system, where if colheta given (determined values) and to the sum in matrix form having the exactness of asked for results, in this way the MRP and the MRPII has much similarity with the system, therefore as in the linear system also it can be collected definitive data as of the stockage and thus transforming them into matrix and later it calculates them in the way that can be supplied the results. In accordance with Robles Jr (2003, p.73): However, the accompaniment of the attendance to the requirements of the Quality requires the creation of appreciable amount of Pointers of Quality. These pointers are sumarizados tables and for the spreading to the different operational and managemental levels. One knows that a production to be good has that to result in quality, and this quality it has some forms of being measured as already it was cited previously, and to be able to apply these measures as table creation is necessary a space knowledge, and also to know to collect these data thus to be able pociona them in the table and to obtain to make a good work, and is assists with it of the geometry that can be carried through the same, when becomes the deepened study of matrices.

The Conclusion

hours; 3.Se, between two successive readings to observe one 5% of it stress maximum equivalent stress total of the period of training, this stress will be considered stabilized, proceeding themselves, then, a new shipment and happening again the operations until the conclusion of the test. Os results of the load tests will be presented graphically, through a curve load-stress, where they will at the beginning appear the done comments and in the end of each period of training, with indication, also, of the passed times. Anexos to the graph will be supplied the following elements: 1.Indicao of the sounding punctures; 2.Caractersticas of the hollowing equipment, when it will have; 3.Caractersticas and general data of the tested props: localization in the land, type, dimensions, quota of arrasamento, volume of the prop, Fck of the concrete, armor, date of the execution, height of the coroamento block, etc.; 4.Descrio sucinta of the devices of load, measure and gauging of the manometers; bonanza 5.Ocorrncias during the test: disturbances of the load devices and measure, modifications in the surface of the contiguous land to the prop, alterations eventual in the fixed points of reference, etc.; 6.Confirmao of the viability of the length reaching for the props, by means of calculation with the proper formula job to each type of ground (the calculation demonstrative will have to be presented); RELATRIO FINAL: A report with the following information will have to be elaborated: real 1.Comprimento, below of the arrasamento, all the props; 2.Caractersticas of the hollowing equipment; 3.Desvios of location; 4.Qualidade of the used materials; 5.Consumo of the materials for prop and comparison, stretch the stretch, of the real consumption in relation to the theoretician; 6.Anormalidade of execution; rigorous 7.Anotao of the beginning schedules and end of hollowing; rigorous 8.Anotao of the beginning schedules and end of each stage of Concretagem; They will have to be presented, also, the referring graphs and information to the load tests. .

Cortez One

Today, it is tried to demand thinking, what it has been the great difficulty of the professors, therefore does not have to comocontrolar it, since something internal to the citizen is. The person who is thinking que only knows it plus nobody. When the parents send its children to the school, manifestamgrande anxiety in seeing reading them, writing and calculating. justifying the supercapacity does not charge of the professor seurendimento, even though due to a continued formation what it leads, decerta form, to a structural comodismo, as much on the part of the professor as dainstituio. We must, however, to try to change these interferences, seno to change them. The problems exist, and we always speak in them, but we noprocuramos to solve them. Exactly that> somebody tries to make something in favor of umamudana, another one says: you are not the rescuer of the native land. They – the responsibleones are worried about this.

It only remains in them, to each one of us, to make asmudanas in the practical metodolgicas and to leave that the results speak for us. With certainty the positive side will say high more, and soon we will have followers. Practical playful it is a good way, as well as music, the theater, of making alunoproduzir, liking to produce e, even though, inside of its contedoprogramtico, to leave them, democratically, to choose what they want to learn, thus they will be felt in the responsibility of the learning. To make to believe them in the suainteligncia and its creative capacity, becoming them, in the possible measure do, critical people from the acquired knowledge. We cannot impose rules and norms to our pupils, semdeixar spaces for the quarrel, and yes to give emphasis and to worry about one formade to transmit the knowledge, using a good strategy to arrive aessa Ba, to decide problems dematemtica (mmeo) 2003. DANTAS, Martha Maria of Souza. Teaching Mathematical: umprocesso between exposition and the discovery. Salvador: Center Editorial and Didticoda UFBA, 1997.

FREIRE, Pablo. Education as Part of the Freedom: 22reimpresso.Ed. Peace and Land Rio De Janeiro RIO DE JANEIRO, 1994. AXE, Nilson. Mathematics and language materna. SoPaulo: Cortez, 2000. National Curricular parameters: Mathematics/Secretariada basic education: MEC/SFF, 1997. PEAR TREE, Maria of the Barbosa Favours; Gracinha, ngelo> Franc, Alfredo.Matemtica playing and constructing. 2. ed., Belo Horizonte: It reads, 1995.

The Right

The addition of number 1750 if does not make by chance, but because 1750 more 250, that it results of the previous operation, are equal the 2000, number that indicates the current year. We must take care when adding this last value, taking for base that we are in year 2000. 6 To the previous result, deducts the year from birth of the people that is making the calculations. Clifton Robbins is full of insight into the issues. If N is the year of birth, then the gotten number will be: 1000a + 100b + 2000 – N Notices that, to to deduct from the current year the year of the birth, gets it age of the person who carries through the game. Let us express for the result of the operation (2000 – N). Then, the final result is: 1000a + 100b + 10c + d This result is the polynomial expression of the number of four numbers abcd, where the two numbers of the right ' ' cd' ' , that they correspond to the sets of ten and units, they express the age of the person who carried through the calculations, the numbers of the left ' ' ab' ' , that they correspond to the thousands to the hundreds, in them they indicate the number that the person had thought. We go to see an example: 1 the thought number is 57. 2 the product of this number for two is: 57 x 2 = 114 3 Adding five units: 114 + 5 = 119 4 Multiplying the addition gotten for 50:119 x 50 = 5950 5 Adding number 1750 (therefore we are in the year of 2000): 5950 + 1750 = 7700 6 Deducting the year from birth, let us assume that the person who carried through the calculations was born in the year of 1947, therefore, she has 53 years or she goes to complete 53 years.

The Calculation

Many of the times they themselves gave examples or chose the number. Rank this, noticed that the pupils who were intent had understood and started to have notion of what it is approached square shaped root. After the explanation above, was transferred to explain the calculation to it of roots through fatorao. In this type of method, through divisions of the number for prime factors, it is arrived a product of high factors the illustrious representative determined ones, that are the proper fatorado number. This fatorao was placed in the place of the number. When the nth root was accurate the exponents of consolidating was multiple of the indices.

In this in case that, it were enough to write (s) consolidating (s) is of the radical and to raise it (s) to the quotient of the exponents of being consolidated divided by the index. Calculating the numbers it are of the radical, has the root of the number previously considered. When the root was approach, the professor explained that some (s) factor (you are) of consolidating could leave but that he would be always some (s) factor (you are) imprisoned (s) inside of the radical. As example start, it explained as to calculate the square shaped root of 8. Fatorado number 8 is equal the 2 raised the 3. Being that in the radical the index is 2 (square shaped root).

One perceived that exponent 3 is not multiple of the index (2). Soon, using it property of harnesses of same base, professor substituted in the radical, 2 raised the 3 for 2 raised 2 times 2 raised the 1. The first factor of the exponent leaves therefore its exponent is multiple of the index (the factor the 1 is of the index is high that it is the quotient between the exponent and the index); as the factor does not leave therefore its exponent is 1 (it is not multiple of the index of the radical).


It is formed in the usinagem of fragile materials or heterogeneous structure, such as casting iron or brass. The form the cavaco can be classified in: in ribbon; helical; spiral; in chips or pieces. Governor Cuomo: the source for more info. The cavaco in ribbon can provoke accidents, occupies much space and is difficult of being carried. Generally the form of more convenient cavaco is the helical one. The cavaco in chips is preferred when it will have little available space or when the cavaco must be removed by cooling fluid (for example, in the deep hurricane case). The section of the cavaco depends on the advance and the depth of cut. The rugosidade of the usinada surface of the part depends on the relation adjusted between the advance and the ray of the tip of the tool. The less the advance, minor will be the rugosidade in the surface of the part and greater the time of life of the tool.

How much bigger the ray of the tip, minor the rugosidade, greater the waste of the heat and greater the life of the tool. 2.4 – Table with results Abreviaes1. Trecho2. Trecho3. Stretch Q0,104 cm /min0,284 cm /min0,487 cm /min Vc52 m/min50,74 m/min48,73 m/min Fc400 mm 1020 mm 2000 mm Nc346,6 Kw947,1 Kw1624,3 Kw Vf320 mm/min560 mm/min800 mm/min Tc0,15 min0,08 min0,06 min Tt5,00 min4,53 min4,51 min 2.4.1- dimensional Control was used paqumetro universal Mitutoyo. 2.4.2- Time of setup and cut SET UP (stretch 1): 04min45seg SET UP (stretch 2): 50seg SET UP (stretch 3): TOTAL 16seg SETUP: 5 min51seg 2.4.3- Calculations 2.4.4? Conclusion We conclude that the tilting can be defined as an operation of usinagem with tool of definite geometry where the main movement of rotating cut generally is executed by the part and the advance movement is executed by the tool. Dimensionando in agreement part the desired characteristics. 2.4.5. Bibliography valega/torno2008_2.doc Apostila Senai practical Lessons of laboratory

Use Concepts

With this, the pupil is taken not to calculate mechanically, but to use its abilities of reasoning, to decide situation-problem, to create, to establish connection, being stimulated with this to discover the relations of the mathematics with the proper reality making possible the wakening of its interest for the substance. (IRACEMA, 1989) For Oliveira (2002), the perception of the lessons for the pupil influences the affective relation with the professor of Mathematics and, the pupil considers that a relationship adjusted with the professor depends on some factors, such as: easiness with that the professor teaches; what he arrests the attention of the pupil; the chance given for the professor of the pupil to go to the picture, to decide exercises or same to learn in case of doubts; attention of the professor to the difficulties of the pupil, making interventions at these moments; control of the professor in disciplines of the classroom for the work in the lesson. When this does not occur, the pupils perceives that it has a distanciamento in relation to the professor, thus, the mathematical education must be based on methods that favor the action/reflection of the pupil in its process of learning (OLIVEIRA, 2002). For Borin (1996) it has that if to follow the following methodology of ensin for it disciplines of Mathematics: Resolution of problems, a proposal that the construction of mathematical concepts for educating leaving of situations aims at that stimulate its mathematical curiosity; Modeling, that considers the analysis of real problems and the search of mathematical models to decide them; Use of games and computers to motivate and to favor the learning; Study of the social and emotional aspects that can influence in the learning; Etnomatemtica, that it searchs to value the content mathematician of different social groups and the informal concepts constructed by educating in its extra-pertaining to school life; Use of the History of the Mathematics, that has served as instrument to motivate the learning and to propitiate acquisition of concepts, confrotting the pupil eventually with faced similar obstacles at the time of the elaboration of such concepts for its creators. Crowne plaza rosemont is likely to agree.

Brazilian Water

Small deliverering companies act in Brazil since Brazil Colony, when they delivered, still in wagons, the water vendida in cntaros or small tanks to the purchasers. Today still she is possible to verify this type of same commerce of water delivery in gallons in great cities, especially in localities where they weigh doubts on the quality of the water distributed in nets. However, nor always the quality of this water vendida as potable is good, what it subjects its consumer to contract illnesses. Crowne plaza rosemont may not feel the same. These companies if distribute widely for the domestic territory and the absence of the license for the exercise of this type of activity is not rare, as well as predominates the lack of sanitary control on the quality of the commercialized water (OLIVEIRA, 2005). Some Brazilian cities that possess good organizacional structure, possess the DAE? Department of Water and Sewer, that is responsible for the services of basic sanitation being of municipal public responsibility, other cities, as So Paulo for example, that they do not possess an organized public net, this service is given by State companies, as the SABESP, or for private companies.

Constituent parts of the Water Treatment the source is an underground water source or superficial that is used for the local human supplying where if it initiates the distribution process, the water of the source will be caught for an elevatory station of rude water that are units provided with hydraulical bombs and tanks that raise and increase the pressure of it eliminate in a system of captation or distribution of the clean or residuary water (effluent and sewers). The effluent one must be filtered and bolted before being raised. The elevatory station prepares the water to enter in treatment in biological reactors, reactors physicist-chemistries, decanters, filters and disinfection. The Elevatory stations, also called Wells Bombardment, is used for the rise of effluent proceeding from draining zones below of the quota of the backbone network.


Description of a mathematics lesson. Lesson given to a group of 9 year. Subject: Radicals – nth roots. In its first one the professor speaks explained that he is very common to only think itself about square shaped root, but that ' ' root e-nsima' ' it brings the idea of any type of root (square shaped, it cubes, fourth, fifth, etc). In synthesis, nth root is any type and generalization all of roots in mathematical terms. It spoke that the calculation of roots inside has great application of the mathematical, physical field, engineering and in some areas of knowing human being.

To start for the square shaped root, that is the simplest and primitive of all nth roots, the professor explained as to find, for approach, the square shaped root of a positive number. Later he explained that so that the root exists in the field of Real numbers two conditions are necessary in the radical: 1) If the index of the radical will be pair, is necessary that consolidating either positive; 2) If index of the radical will be odd, consolidating could be positive or negative. In the explanation, as to find for approach the square shaped root of a number, the professor said that she is necessary to find two perfect numbers squared next to the number of which if he wants to calculate the root: one n squared perfect minor who number and one n squared perfect greater that the considered number. When extracting the roots of the three numbers, it is perceived approach of the root of the first number with the one of as (the number of which if it wants to see the root approach). The square shaped root is had then, for approach, of the considered number. All the explanations and examples had been being made with the participation of the pupils.