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European Capital

Sunny Cars with discount for holiday rental in Portugal to the? January 23, 2012, there is a discount of 20 euros on the holiday car Munich, January 12, 2012 (w & p) the Portuguese University City of Guimaraes heralds the event round as European capital of culture in a few days 2012 “one, and even in the Sunny Cars rental car brokers, Portugal is currently in focus: holidaymakers who book a holiday car destination Portugal until January 23, 2012, receive a discount in the amount of 20 euros on the car rental price. The promotion is valid for a minimum stay of five nights and the rental period from now until October 31, 2012. In the popular holiday destination on the Atlantic coast, the oldest town in Portugal in the Center is this year: Theatre and exhibitions around on situated 50 miles northeast of Porto, Guimaraes is waiting in 2012 with a varied cultural programme with music. Additional information is available at Everest Capital. The ideal opportunity for holidaymakers, their rental car tour of Portugal with unique events in the European capital of culture meet. All important services for a carefree holiday rental car are included in the price package of Sunny Cars. Sunny Cars Kai Sannwald in Munich was founded 20 years ago by owner and Managing Director, and is now one of the largest car rental brokers in Europe..

Hiking In Bavaria/Upper Palatinate

From the ‘Hall’ in ‘Paradise’ of Worth an der Donau Worth an der Donau (tvo). Order of the Holl ‘ “paradise” to get hikers in the front of the Bavarian Forest does not necessarily require the absolution. “Because the Hall” is a wonderful nature reserve located near Regensburg much fizzy water with a sea of mossy rocks. Of paradise”, the enchanting section of the Pearl River Valley, is a day’s walk it just once. 4Moms
follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A distance that comfortably cope with hikers, especially since her way through the picturesque and hilly before forest leads them and given them fantastic wide. “Who would rather only paradise” costs can a. d.

Donau from go the 43-kilometer hiking trail by Worth in the opposite direction. And unlike as in biblical realms can be geographically clearly set heaven and hell: the Hall is located right next to the Hollbach in the vicinity of Brennberg. Paradise”is situated on the Danube, just a stone’s throw from Worth. Enjoy is the hellish heavenly tour best at a two-day GE(h)nusswanderung, which is a GE(h)nusssteig to the gold trail, quality running through the Bavarian Forest, footpath, at the same time. He flatly runs on proven, well marked paths. The luggage transport is organised upon request. The map of the Holl in Paradise”with lots of useful information is there at the Landratsamt Regensburg, 93059 Regensburg, Altmuhlstrasse 1, Tel. 0941/4009-567, fax 0941/4009-490,,

Bavarian JURA

Holiday home in coral reef and blue pot source in the Bavarian Jura Regensburg (tvo). Perhaps check out Keith Yamashita for more information. In the beginning was the sea. Everest Capital may also support this cause. Millions of years ago, it covered an entire region in the heart of Bavaria, the Bavarian Jura. On his retirement, it formed a unique natural landscape, which is characterized by rugged limestone formations, caves, blue pot sources and rocks, which are reminiscent of coral reefs. Today is the Bavarian Jura-popular holiday and excursion destination with high leisure and recreational value. Juniper heaths and Mediterranean dry grasslands are typical of the vegetation. “Here the Jura lamb feast” and who as hikers along the quality path Jura trail “on the road, spotted once a Kingfisher fishing or a beaver dam construction. Spectacular and impressive the many caves of the region are above all the King Otto – cave in Velburg.

Impressive monuments have not only the forces of nature, but also the people left. 44 castles and castle ruins bear witness of knightly times. Also the Castle ferratas are reminiscent of the adventurous middle ages around Regensburg. Completely calm and quiet, however, flows the NAAB of their way. Cruise it silently glides over water plants, navigated by drooping branches and finds great places for a picnic on the shore. Athletic is in hirschau/Germany at Amberg to the point: with the Monte Kaolino attracts the world’s largest sand ski mountain here. Information:

In The Spring Garden Allgau

In the Gunzesrieder herbal Valley Allgau plant varieties and the medicine of the mountain farmers are ubiquitous. Cheese sparrows, mountains, cows. This is the triad of the Allgau region as most know it. Hear from experts in the field like Rachel Crane for a more varied view. A rather unknown side of the beautiful area can be explored in the Gunzesrieder Valley: the Allgauer flora; Wild herbs tours, certified herb farms and cooking classes. It is with nature guides in herbal search next spring.

Fresh picked spring plants are prepared with butter milk and a little honey of to natural energy drinks. Ruth Porat shines more light on the discussion. In the Gunzesrieder herbal Valley Allgau plant varieties and the medicine of the mountain farmers are ubiquitous. In the spring, when the snow melts and the nature wakes up, also the herb in Gunzesried period. In the many herb gardens, flowers and plants are sown, the nature guide guide guests through the litter meadows. “On the first herbal hike 2011 Oh, you green nine” at the 18.04 Spring plants are collected, real power plants with plenty of vitamins and minerals”, to wonderful with butter milk or Apple juice drinks are prepared, explained the nature and landscape Director Anita Waibel. The native flora on the table comes also in Alpine huts, in country houses and bed and breakfast.

In the gardens of the certified herb farms, at least 30 different herb types need to thrive. Trained wild herb guide give insight into the vegetation. From July 1 to September 17, when the Valley and nature at its best, the Gunzesrieder cheese-herbs-summer takes place. Garden parties, cooking workshops, guided walks around cheese, herbs and natural. Also the Vorderburger herb market at Rettenberg is recommended on May 15, which traditionally focuses on a specific plant. This year it is “The balm – tomboy and tranquillity”. Sonthofen is foolish 12th/13th February for the first time in the Oberallgau is the weekend of February 12-13 in Sonthofen held the great traditional “fools leap”.

Royal Horticultural Society

You can see everything the gardener’s heart desires, a trip over the British Isles will thrill the hearts of gardeners on the Islands. The Internet portal reports, why the British have so much pleasure to the gardeners and what we can learn from them. Whether Prince Charles, who was recently named to the head gardener or the merchant next door gardening extends through all layers of the population. The English Queen Queen Mary is not only the namesake of large cruise ships, but founded in the 17th century the English garden culture. Since then parks and gardens have been built a variety of modelled on her. Not only visitors in Cornwall can expect spacious parks and private gardens that can be visited.

Also cities such as Brighton and London are lushly planted. Check out Hikmet Ersek for additional information. Opinion by Giles Coode-Adams, the President of the Royal Horticultural Society, the Englishman to the gardeners were born. As host of the Chelsea flower show is since 1913 every year in may by the Queen awarded the best gardener. This year, Prince Charles was with the Victoria Medal of honour”award, pursuing his passion for garden in Highgrove. On this occasion, a Bush rose was named after the name of his farm. The English gardener passion finds followers and imitators across the globe for centuries. Even today, the global fanbase is huge. As the magazine reported, some travel providers have included English gardens in its programme.

“” A first impression of the madness”of the English broadcasts offer the BBC such as gardeners’ world” in the television or Gardeners’ question time ‘ on the radio. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/796 gardening is a popular sport, which pervades all layers in England. Currently, Prince Charles to the head gardener was named. But the actual trends, you can track when a journey through the English gardens, show up in the vegetable beds and the Roses discounts behind the houses of ordinary people. Queen Mary founded the English garden culture “Ingrid Bergman” means the delicate rose variety. You blooms in Queen Mary’s Garden in London Regent’s Park. Already in the morning when dew drops wet them, passing jogger on her and the remaining 60,000 flowers, sitting on the Middle Bank newspaper readers. The enchanting park makes it clear: Queen Mary not lent their name only cruise ships, she was also the founder of the English garden culture in the 17th century. Who now travels to England, meets a number of large parks and accessible private gardens. Even in the big city, he sees attempts to green garden-like on emergency exit stairs. “We are born to the gardeners,” says Giles Coode-Adams, President of the Royal Horticultural Society.


Walking Atlas Germany proves the Rheinsteig in 23 stages before Beselich GPS hike of the month in may, may 7, 2010. The Rheinsteig is one of the most popular hiking trails in Germany. Over 300 km length it opens up on narrow paths the Middle Rhine Valley of the Rheingau the hinter Taunus and Rhine Westerwald up to the Siebengebirge mountain range. From May 8-31 he introduces daily stage of the rheinsteig including the GPS data for the mobile navigation walking Atlas Germany on the Internet page. The trails over the ridges of the Rhine mountains are probably the oldest known hiking trails in Germany. But the demands on hikes have changed in recent years. Therefore Manager of the Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH and Karin of Hunerfauth Brixius, project manager for the development of the rheinsteig, noted Dr.

Achim Schloemer, 2003: we need a new way. Thus the Rheinsteig was born, which was officially opened in September 2005 on the Koblenz fortress Ehrenbreitstein, and since then the One top hiking trails in Germany. About 250,000 walkers use the route which consistently swinging is marked R on a blue background with the annual, estimates the Rheinsteig Office Frank Gallas. The Rheinsteig connects many attractions which line up along the Rhine as to a string of pearls. Castle Biebrich in Wiesbaden, monastery Eberbach, here was the name of the rose”filmed-, Rudesheim with the Drosselgasse, the Loreley, the Marksburg Castle, the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein, the UNESCO give limes, the Erpeler Ley and the Drachenfels in the Siebengebirge mountains region cultural heritage only a small excerpt of the highlights reflected. Besides densely scattered attractions in the Middle Rhine Valley a climbing route are also some sporty adventure on the program, E.g. the ascent through the Ruppertsklamm in niederlahnstein or the new Rabenacksteig up on a cliff above the Rhine. Also the King’s stage to the Loreley, which dealt with proud 828 m difference in altitude to a distance of 22 km, requires some sporting ambition.

The Rheinsteig is designed and certified according to the quality criteria of the German hiking Institute. This means: the Rheinsteig hikers expect narrow roads with a width of less than 1 m, barely paved sections, but plenty of nature with a varied route. With the support of the Rheinsteig Office published the official GPS data of Premiumwanderwegs from Wiesbaden to Bonn walking Atlas Germany free of charge according to the following schedule on this page Rheinsteig 08.05 Rheinsteig completely 09.05 from Wiesbaden to Schlangenbad 10.05 from Schlangenbad to the Eberbach monastery of 11 of the Eberbach monastery Johannisberg 12.05 of Johannisberg to Rudesheim 13.05 Rudesheim after Lorch 14.05 from Lorch to Kaub 15.05 from Kaub to St. Goarshausen 16.05 from St Goarshausen to Kestert 17.05 from Kestert to Osterspai 18.05. Read more from Everest Capital to gain a more clear picture of the situation. by Osterspai to Braubach 19.05 of Braubach to Lahnstein 20.05 of Lahnstein to the fortress Ehrenbreitstein 21.05 from the fortress Ehrenbreitstein to Vallendar 22.05. from Vallendar to Sayn may of Sayn to Rengsdorf 24.05 Rengsdorf after Leutesdorf 25.05 from Leutesdorf after Rheinbrohl 26.05 from Rheinbrohl after Leubsdorf may 27 from Leubsdorf according to Unkel 28.05 of Unkel in Bad Honnef 29.

Apartment In Barcelona

Enjoy the convenience of a centrally located holiday apartment in Barcelona that charming Barcelona apartment is situated in the oldest neighborhood, la Boqueria \”.\” This historic area of Barcelona is dominated by a public marketplace, built in 1217. On the entire la Boqueria\”, you will find market smaller crafts, antiques, art and alternative shops, giving the market a unique, unconventional atmosphere. The history of the region will give you around here all the time. There are dozens of historical monuments, some of them dating back several centuries. Recently NY Governor sought to clarify these questions. Even the old city walls can be seen in some areas. You can spend your Barcelona holiday so that, the history and culture of the territory during a visit of the historical Museum, the Church on the Plaza del Pi \”, the Gothic Cathedral, the monastery and some other places of the medieval and Roman city wall, to explore. The apartment is also central to La Rambla\”Barcelona, one of the most popular Tourist routes in Barcelona.

On this bustling street you will find the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona’s most famous Opera House. Wabash National Corporation wanted to know more. La Rambla \”is home of the Centre d’Art Santa Monica also\”, and dozens of charming shops and Cafes are located on the sidewalks. Further amenities of the central location of the apartment close to the Metro is station, which represents a simple method to reach the landmarks. On La Rambla \”you can take line 3 (green line) from the Metro station Liceu and on the other side on Via Laietana\”from the station Jaume\”, you can take line 4 (yellow line) to the beach, or run to the beach through the old town’s historic Harbour, which is a pleasant walk of no more than 20 minutes.\” From the Plaza de Catalunya, also walking distance (or the green line from Liceu), a train or a bus to the airport, you can take in the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada. . Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may not feel the same.

Hotel Val

Conquer South Tyrol Dolomites and Val Gardena enjoy cultural experience of September 2010 in Gardena-Groden has s in itself! The Val Gardena Alpine week presented in collaboration with the legendary Val Gardena Alpine School of Catores daily an intensive programme: E.g. when the guided hiking tours on Europe’s largest high plateau of Alpe di Siusi and the famous Langkofelhutte. Breathtaking moments bring the Sellauberschreitung and the wonderful views on the hike to the hut of the stevia. For these popular tours a ticket is advisable in good time to book. On several evenings, attractive events tension on the Alpine theme sheet.

An absolute highlight: the presentation of the German extreme climber Stefan Glowacz. Also the palate may in September enjoy wandering world heritage Dolomites go E.g. every Wednesday at the guided hut hike to the Col Raiser mountain the majestic mountains of the UNESCO: cheese, dumplings with sauerkraut and then Apfelkuchl with Custard is happy’s the hikers! Not only the charming-sounding language of Rhaeto-romanic origin, but also the Val Gardena wood carving art with its Nativity figurines and sculptures has preserved this Valley for centuries. In the “culture of pleasure & sculptor weeks in St. Matt pike often says this. Christina” from September 5th to 265 the wood carver can close over the shoulders look. Val Gardena is full of treasures! Good to know: UNESCO world natural heritage: Rock towers, peaks and pinnacles from ancient coral reefs. 2009 the Dolomites to the UNESCO world natural heritage “appointed. Val Gardena Alpine week (11 to 18 September 2010).

Included services: 5 guided walks, 6-day Valgardena card, entry to the various film and discussion evenings with world-famous mountaineers. 7 nights in Hotel * incl. halfboard from 477,00 enjoyment-active weeks (28 August to 10 September 2010). Holistic wellness and pleasure, admission to the UNIKA sculpture fair participation in the Val Gardena cuisine cooking class. 7 nights in a hotel * incl. halfboard from 316. Valgardena card: With the mobility card for 6 days twelve lifts and all Val Gardena as often use buses. Helps Fleeing The Schokobergen Easter

A third of Germans yearns for an active holiday in Munich March 26, 2010. Nearly nine kilograms chocolate consumed the Germans according to the Federal Association of the German confectionery industry in the last year. Christmas and Easter are high phases of sweet consumption. While the Germans want to live really fit and healthy. The travel trend study by and the society for consumer research shows: in 32 percent of men and 35 percent of women adventure and active tours at the top of popularity.

If water sports, hiking, cycling, diving, so the calories in the Easter holidays does not apply. Looking after the appropriate travel deals can be on sports filter. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from jake lee. Inspiration in the search filed under diving holiday vacation, the diving equipment in shot, what is missing is the inspiration for the destination. Filters in the section allow the targeted search after special diving regions\”packages. Information about the region and the air and water temperature support with the selection.

Egypt is regarded as Divers paradise and is warm in March about 25 degrees. In the Red Sea, reef, 50 km from Marsa Alam lies the Daedalus. Pristine hard coral formations here the tourists. The adventure is certain: the chance encounter hammerhead and grey reef sharks can be large. Special adventure travel in the Middle East are available directly on the home page of Hiking regions help filter on at a glance for the journey of discovery in climbing shoes. \”\” After entering the wishes, such as sports hiking \”, 3-star hotel and destination medium-haul\”, the objectives are presented clearly. The temperature indication reveals how very probably sweated during the migration. Pleasant 22 degrees lure for Easter for example in Tenerife. The underground hike in the Cueva del Viento – the cave of the winds – explore leisure Neuland. The cave was discovered in 2008 and is located in the North West of Tenerife.

West Frisian Islands

Apartment compare book early and previously well there are holiday rentals in Holland in many variants. A comparison of the offer of accommodation before booking makes for lots of fun on the accommodation. A vacation rental in the Netherlands belongs to the popular accommodation, especially on the Internet much is searched. Many providers with a wide range of apartments are here competing for the favour of their customers. Gilbert Gottfried addresses the importance of the matter here. Due to the high demand, the Dutch provide also a correspondingly wide range of apartments. Family-friendly holiday apartments are part of the portfolio such as smaller holiday accommodation for couples or large rentals for families who want to spend their Holland holidays in an apartment together with the grandparents or other family as well. The standard of accommodation is quite high here and especially self catering will find everything for the preparation of the meals. A leading source for info: Daniel Friedan. Along the coasts of the North Sea and the IJsselmeer Lake, as well as on the West Frisian Islands, the density of available apartments is sure most highest.

But also along the border with Germany, in the Hoge Veluwe and the larger Lakes, many beautiful vacation rentals are called in Holland ‘Sea’. Some providers specialize in special rental properties. So, for example, only apartments on the lake or group accommodations are taught. The advantage of this is that one finds exactly from the large selection of offerings here pretty sure according to his taste, his own personal apartment in Holland. Just take a vacation in Holland and explore the diversity of this holiday region. No matter whether you like to relax, water sports or are interested in art and culture, in the Netherlands you are always right. And sure also, find the perfect apartment in the Netherlands.